The kettle calling the pot black!

Editor’s note: I have sent this letter to the Editor of the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ this morning.


The article headlined : “Sammy Wilson launches broadside at Sinn Fein after MPs support Northern Ireland powersharing legislation” (23rd June 2021) should really have been entitled: “The kettle calling the pot black!”

Surely Sammy hasn’t forgotten that in 2007 his party, the DUP, embraced Sinn Fein with all their lies and deceit, in the infamous ‘power-sharing deal’ which without question lies at the root of today’s disastrous circumstances.

Sadly, there is a stubborn determination on the part of Sammy (a good friend in former times) and the total membership of the DUP, to refuse to acknowledge their grievous error in 2007.

Ulster has been paying for it ever since and, sadly, will continue paying a high price for there is just no sign of any awareness of the follies of the past within the DUP!

So another chapter of tragedy is about to begin!

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)
Kilskeery, Co Tyrone.