The harvest

“The harvest is the end of the world,” Matt 13:39.

Kilskeery Evening Service on Harvest Thanksgiving Sabbath

Preacher: Rev. Ivan Foster (Rtr)

At this time of the year, perhaps more than any other, we are presented with the glorious fact that nature is God’s book of illustrations.

I have often stressed to the children in our school that the gospel is first of all presented to us in the Bible but it is also presented in picture form in the fields around us and in the skies above us and the seas about us.

The Lord Jesus delighted to teach the truth of God by illustrating its truth from what was happening around Him.

Here in this passage He is doing just that verses 37-43.

Our text is the words: “The harvest is the end of the world.”

Three things will occupies our thoughts tonight.
1. Just what is meant by the end of the ‘world’?
2. We are here reminded that as we have lived here on earth so will be our eternity.
3. How inexcusable is man!

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