The Christian, public worship and government health orders

An article by Rev. Andy Foster, Penticton Free Presbyterian Church

The Covid-19 crisis that has shaken the world for many months now has had a profound impact on the life of the Church of Christ. Christians have wrestled particularly with the restrictions that government authorities at various levels in society have placed upon their public assemblies for worship.

The interface between political and spiritual affairs is particularly controversial. However, the child of God must learn to distinguish between a Biblical, spiritual response and a political reaction to these things. The Christian will find that there are legislative issues they can oppose from a political perspective but must submit to for spiritual reasons. It is easy to confuse these two reactions. I fear that many have adopted a political position with regard to the government’s public health orders but have presented it as being a spiritual response. I am concerned that many Christians who defy their government’s health orders do so out of a carnal rebellious spirit that simply indicates they resent being told what to do. Read more