Stonewall funding challenged

In a day when ‘gender transitioning’ has taken hold of those beguiled by the notion that a human being can alter their gender, the following report in the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ makes refreshing reading. Such are in outright rebellion against the order the Lord established at the creation of the world (Genesis 1:27) and it is good to see the beginnings of a challenge of the Sinn Fein Stormont minister, Conor Murphy, squandering and misusing public funds on an organisation dedicated to the promotion of all things evil.

May good come of this legal challenge mounted against Murphy and his Stormont department, and a stop put to this profligate wastage of public funds and the promotion of such a reprehensible mania!

Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster

Jamie Bryson claims that the Department of Finance has ‘acted unlawfully’ with its cash award to Stonewall

Stonewall funding: Stormont issued with writ for judicial review by Jamie Bryson

A legal writ for a judicial review has been lodged to challenge the Department of Finance’s continued funding of the controversial pro-trans charity Stonewall.

By The Newsroom

Wednesday, 31st August 2022, 6:00 am

The department confirmed this week that it has given a further £2,500 to the LGBTQI lobby group on top of almost £12,000 granted to it between 2019 and this year.

Sinn Fein Finance Minister Conor Murphy and his department received the proposed claim by the applicant, the loyalist activist Jamie Bryson, yesterday.

In his proposed claim for judicial review, Mr Bryson charges that the Department of Finance “has acted unlawfully in directing expenditure in relation to membership of Stonewall, in circumstances whereby this is a significant and/or controversial matter within the meaning of section 20(4) of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 and therefore absent Executive approval the Minister is deprived of authority to take such a decision.”

In his submission, Mr Bryson has given the department until September 28 to respond to his application.