September 2011

Five claims that must be answered on McGuinness

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Presbyterian ‘double standards’ on Rev Latimer and his praise for McGuinness

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Gibson to meet Watts over parades body letter

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Catholic pupils dominate NW integrated schools

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Jim Allister banned over McGuinness dig

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Jim Allister Responds to Hay’s Gagging Order

 “In the Stormont Assembly you can be a convicted terrorist, a bomber, a killer, and have unhindered speaking rights, but dare to challenge the cosy political consensus and it seems you will be denied even the right to speak. More…

SF will use presidency to legitimise IRA campaign

OPINION: THE QUESTION for Martin McGuinness is not so much his relationship with the IRA in the past but his relationship with the truth in the present. The bottom line is McGuinness would make for a disingenuous president, writes NOEL WHELAN. More…

If McGuinness told the truth he’d end up in jail

There is a simple reason why Martin McGuinness doesn’t come clean about his past: he’d end up in jail and not the Aras or Stormont if he was entirely open and stood over his comments. The fact is that no general amnesty has been granted for offences committed during the Troubles. More…

Martin McGuinness: past and presidency

 As a former member of Óglaigh na hÉireann makes a bid for Áras an Úachtaráin, ED MOLONEY examines Martin McGuinness’s paramilitary past and how it has informed his political success and role in the peace process. More…

Republic’s minister of justice lambasts McGuinness as unfit to be president

The Irish presidential election has hotted up with a Dail minister launching a personal attack on Martin McGuinness as an “inappropriate” head of state. More…

Two Church of Ireland rectors break ranks to reject Archbishop appeal for an end to discussion of the church’s first same-sex union involving a minister

 TWO Church of Ireland rectors have broken ranks to reject Archbishop Alan Harper’s appeal for an end to discussion of the church’s first same-sex union involving a minister. More…

Jim Allister notes how McGuinness tamed the DUP lion

“I trust the people of the Republic will have more wit than the unionist politicians who ushered him (McGuinness) into the highest office in the land in Northern Ireland.” Read more

Irish TV veteran broadcaster, Gay Byrne fires astonishing broadside at McGuinness

“Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams . . . . . . . are so well disciplined and so well honed that no interviewer gets anywhere with them. You get nowhere with them because they lie. They lie all the time. They don’t mind lying and they’ve rehearsed their lies and they’ve been trained to lie, and that’s what they’re doing.” Read more.

‘Rugby is not what fuels my happiness,’ says Euan Murray

Scotland prop Euan Murray on why he refuses to play on Sundays and will not watch their first match. Read more.

IRA atrocities ‘should stop SF presidential bid’

McGuinness is too tainted by IRA crimes for President’s office but not for Deputy First minister – Irish columnist’s double standards!! Click here for more.

Public cash for Church of Ireland lobbyists

First Minister’s office caught out again in lying about its funding of sodomite organisations!! Read more.

As McGuinness begins his presidential election campaign he is challenged on his membership of the IRA

A RETIRED senior PSNI officer has expressed scepticism about Martin McGuinness’s claims to have left the IRA by 1990 – and intelligence from the Irish and US governments strongly supports his case.

See also: Don’t let McGuinness fool you – he’s a fanatic with hands drenched in blood.

Martin McGuinness warns republicans who collaborate with security forces

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Martin McGuinness’s remarkable transformation – and his brutal past

An article on Martin McGuinness which shows just a little of the terrorism he espoused.

Over £200, 000 in further payments to sodomites

  • Southern Health & Social Care Trust pays out over £20,000 to sodomite groups.
  • Over the last five years, the Western Health & Social Care Trust has paid out over £153, 000 as was stated in a communication from it.
  • Figures released by the Belfast Health & Social Care Trust indicate that over £36,000 was paid out to sodomite organisations since 2008.