Resisting the dominion of Rome

“And the Philistines came up yet again, and spread themselves in the valley of Rephaim,” 2 Samuel 5:22.

The struggles of Israel against her enemies and the tactics of the enemies against Israel provide us with much needed instruction and guidance as we battle with the enemies of God. The devil never sleeps nor does he change his tactics. That is a great benefit to us if we but to take heed of this truth.

Today we are recalling the wonderful mercy of God to our forefathers and the victory given to them over the evil system of Romanism back some 500 years ago. We face the same enemy today, the exact same enemy today!

Note the words “yet again” in our text. Previously, God had given David a great victory over the Philistines. 2 Samuel 5:19-21. God swept away the forces of the Philistines as a mighty dam bursting sweeps all before it!

And “yet again” the enemy came back to fight!

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