Questions for Carla Lockhart, MP

I am compelled to send out this article in response to what is reported in the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ today!

I have two questions for Carla Lockhart, a Free Presbyterian, as a result of what she is here reported to have said.

“Wherein was she ‘honoured’ to escort the man guilty of forcing upon the children attending state schools here, the abominable, ungodly and perverted ‘Statutory guidance on relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education’ and did she, as a professed follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, while she had ‘some very direct conversations with him in recent days about a perceived lack of understanding of Unionism and our culture’, take time to rebuke him for his defiance of God and his lack of understanding of His Holy Law by his action on RSE?”.

Praise for Twelfth and Thirteenth displays in Lurgan, Loughbrickland, Banbridge, Portadown and Scarva

DUP MP Carla Lockhart said she was honoured to bring the Secretary of State to Lurgan for the Twelfth and give him a “baptism of culture”.

By Graeme Cousins

Published 14th Jul 2023

The Belfast Newsletter

The Upper Bann representative believes that the region excelled over the past few days in terms of Orange Order and Royal Black Preceptory parades.

She said: “What a display of culture – Lurgan, Loughbrickland, Portadown, Scarva, Banbridge and every town and village in between excelled.

It was an honour to host the Secretary of State Chris Heaton-Harris at the Co Armagh parade in Lurgan. With over 50,000 spectators, 70 bands and hundreds of Orangemen he got a baptism of culture .

Carla Lockhart gave Chris Heaton-Harris a tour of Brownlow House during the Co Armagh Twelfth in Lurgan

We have had some very direct conversations with him in recent days about a perceived lack of understanding of Unionism and our culture. Yesterday was a great opportunity for him to see first hand the rich fabric of pageantry, colour and faith that makes our Twelfth of July so special.

It is important that he continues to be receptive to both our concerns and aspirations as we move forward in Northern Ireland.

She added: “Well done to Lurgan District Loyal Orange Lodge No 6 for an exceptional day. The day could not have happened without the super team of organisers. District Master David Martin and his officers went over and above when hosting this exceptional Twelfth demonstration.”

Of the Co Down Twelfth in Loughbrickland she said: “Thousands lined the streets, a great display of bands, lodges and Lambeg drums could be seen by all.

“A massive well done to all involved in the organisation – it was a great day out.”

And of the Thirteenth celebrations she said: “100,000 spectators, 75 bands, hundreds of men amongst the Black lodges descended on Scarva for an exceptional display of culture and pageantry. Well done to the superb RBP 1000 for organising another hugely successful day. It’s hard to believe but it is getting bigger and better every year.

“It was great to meet Lurgan Royal Black District Chapter No. 2 on their return parade from Bangor. As always exceptionally turned out with the Scottish links as strong as ever!

(Our underlining for emphasis)