Police in Northern Ireland Biased and Partial

Bobby Story funeral parade

It has been headlined in the ‘Belfast Telegraph’ of today (17/8/21)

PSNI to refund fines handed out to Black Lives Matter protesters

This is the second time within a few days that the leadership of the police here in Northern Ireland  has been shown up as being utterly biased and pro-Irish Republicans!

On 10th August, police arrested a man for preaching in the open-air in Larne, Co. Antrim. A short time after his arrest he was de-arrested because the arresting officers had obviously made a mistake. The video of the arrest made the arresting officers to appear stupid and thick. It would appear they acted upon the complaint of one person because the preacher had made a brief mention of ‘homosexuality’.

This attitude stands in very stark contrast to the PSNI’s decision to ignore that defiance of the law by the entire Sinn Fein leadership and thousands of its members when they paraded at the funeral of convicted IRA terrorist, Bobby Storey on 30th June 2020.

Now it has shown its bias in another case by declaring that it will pay the fines imposed upon those who took part in a pro ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest in Belfast on June of last year. It was clear that the protest took place in defiance of Covid-19 guidelines. On June 2nd this year, it was reported that “The Chief Constable has apologised for the anger, upset and frustration caused by our policing operation, and I would like to repeat that apology today, said deputy chief constable Mark Hamilton.” The protesters in Belfast and Londonderry were undoubtedly mostly made up of nationalists and republicans.

This attitude contrasts greatly with the very obvious frame of mind existing within the higher ranks of the PSNI toward the Protestant and Unionist community.

No policeman or woman may dare take part in any church Protestant parade such as those organised by the Orange or Black Orders or the Apprentice Boys of Derry.

Yet much is made of the perverts within the police ranks who brazenly flaunt their ‘orientation’ by taking part in sodomite ‘Pride Parades’!

Such participation is trumpeted as wonderful displays of the ‘advanced thinking’ of the PSNI!

In truth it is but evidence of the discriminatory attitude of the PSNI leadership!

The rejoicing took something of a knock when Republicans demanded that the PNSI sodomite-sympathisers be removed from the parade in Omagh next month.

Headlines in the ‘BelfastLive’ news site proclaimed:— “Sinn Fein MP denies objecting to PSNI attending Omagh LGBT Pride parade”.

We will see if that happens.

In 2019, then  Irish prime minister, Leo Varadkar poses for a photo with PSNI officers ahead of the start of the Pride parade in Dublin (BBC News)

Such links to ‘Gay parades” was evidenced by Uniformed PSNI officers walking in the annual Belfast Pride parade for the first time in 2017 and in 2019 they also joined their counterparts in An Garda Síochána at the ‘Dublin Pride’ parade.