News review for week ending Friday 9th November 2018

“So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. And the Redeemer shall come to Zion, and unto them that turn from transgression in Jacob, saith the LORD,” Isaiah 59:19-20.

Remembrance Day 2018: Services and events in Northern Ireland

Sinn Féin will not take part in Remembrance Sunday events in Northern Ireland

(Roman) Catholic Primate to preach at Armistice service for first time

Ireland backed Hitler but such hypocrisy is no difficulty for the pliable Church of Rome!!

Brexit deal will not jeopardise UK integrity, vows Raab

The UK is again reported to be about to crumble to Dublin and Brussels on the Irish border backstop

So much for London’s assurances to Ulster!!

We need to know if attorney-general thinks backstop could tear Northern Ireland out of UK, says David Davis

Prime minister under pressure from all sides over legal advice

Theresa May attempts to defuse tension with Varadkar on border issue

Nothing else matters to her it appears!!!

New letter to Varadkar ‘missed opportunity to reach out to unionism’

Leo Varadkar responds to civic nationalism letter by vowing that Irish citizens in north are a ‘priority’ in Brexit talks

In truth, the rights of Unionists count for nothing!!

May to face pressure from cabinet over Brexit talks

Cabinet FIGHTS BACK against May and demands she ‘stare down’ EU or see Brexit DESTROYED

DUP: We are heading for no deal Brexit

Wilson: the Irish cannot be given veto over border backstop plan

Wilson: Irish reunification report ‘no more compelling than Grimm’s Fairy Tales’

Sinn Fein’s Chris Hazzard brands Irish Justice Minister ‘unionist’ in unity row

Brexit deal ‘done’ – but EU fears May can’t get it over line at home

‘Throw DUP OVERBOARD to get Brexit deal!’ Expert warns Theresa May as deadline LOOMS

Arlene Foster says May ‘wedded’ to idea of Irish Sea border

Brexit: DUP and UK government not on the same page

Planet would be a better term!!

We hope to turn Prime Minister around: Sammy Wilson warns Theresa May DUP will not support ‘insurance policy’ backstop

Brexit: DUP accuses May of breaking promises on Irish border

Does that really surprise them after nearly 50 years of Westminster’s deceptions, chicanery and broken promises???? She was always going to heed ‘the enemy’ before her friends!!!

Scottish unionists cannot accept an Irish Sea border or let Brexit divide our nation, says Tory MP

Brexit: ‘We wouldn’t accept a deal incorporating a border in the Irish Sea’

We share DUP Irish Sea border concern: Cabinet Secretary says backstop proposal unacceptable

Brexit is the ‘biggest FARCE in history’ claims former Finnish PM in EU showdown

Give that man a medal!!

Omagh victim ‘sickened’ by Sinn Fein lobbying against extradition of bomber

The actions of Sinn Fein have been ’sickening’ for a long time!!!

Ex-Hyde Park bomb suspect John Downey held over double murder

Former IRA man Downey held on suspicion of murdering UDR soldiers in 1972 bomb attack

John Downey: Hyde Park bomb accused appears at court

John Downey arrest: UDR men were both fathers-of-three

Furious row over arrest of John Downey in relation to soldiers’ murder probe

Gerry Kelly, a convicted IRA murderer, is but defending one of his own!!!

Editor’s Viewpoint: Sinn Fein can’t have it both ways on past

Sean ‘Spike’ Murray: No weapons charges for former IRA inmate

Another Gift Card for Sinn Fein/IRA

IRA Army Council does not exist as it is no longer needed: Murray

Of course it is! And the moon is made of blue cheese!!!

PSNI’s role in panel with guns probe ex-Provo wrong: Beattie

Yes, police must act on KKK clowns, but focus should be thugs who shot dad in front of his teenage daughter

Fewer than 1 in 100 theft offences are being solved by police (in England), analysis shows as police criticised over priorities

Border trails show IRA’s campaign of ‘ethnic cleansing’

Unionists: community will not accept UDA mob rule

Troubles soldiers sent 1,300 letters sparking fresh claims of ‘witch-hunt’

No clear paper trail for millions awarded by Stormont ‘slush fund’

DUP Speaker was director of charity given £1m by social fund… and he also sat on body that made the award

No ‘audit trail’ to explain how church hall jumped up the funding rankings

Church of Ireland hall benefits to the tune of £870,000!!!

Damming Audit Office Report Confirms Fears Over SIF Slush Fund

Why did Presbyterian leader not answer on gay sin question?

‘World first’ as Scottish schools set to teach LGBTI issues