News review for week ending Friday 7th September 2018

“To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them,” Isaiah 8:20.

Loughinisland: Journalists arrested over documents investigation

Journalists connected to Loughinisland Massacre documentary arrested – confidential documents allegedly stolen from Police Ombudsman office

Loughinisland: Arrest of journalists is ‘attack on press’

Journalists held in Loughinisland ‘theft’ probe released

Legacy Scandal: ‘Republicans relentlessly blacken security forces to re-write history,’ says Orange chief

We won’t forget our murdered members or loved ones

Victims of terrorism are facing a trap in legacy proposals, says lawyer

Legacy Scandal: ‘It’s inherently unfair that police can be shamed but not terrorists,’ says lawyer

Ex-head of Army: I was interviewed by PSNI over Troubles killing

Ombudsman to release file on 2005 Robert McCartney murder

We don’t want a church here!’ Christian persecution as mob surrounds church a SECOND time

“We have often warned that the use of the term ‘Christian’ by the press does not necessarily mean a believer of the Bible and all it teaches. 

However, stories such as this do serve to indicate the utter lack of tolerance by Islam!”

Pope Francis faces civil war in Catholic Church over child sex abuse scandal

Paedophile priest who abused boy 20 years ago won’t apologise to victim

“This unapologetic priest is the true face of Romanism!!”

Poll: Northern Ireland voters will back united Ireland after Brexit

DUP pours cold water on ‘strongest pro-unity opinion poll in history’

“We have long stated that God’s Word declares that the kingdom of Antichrist will comprise the territories of the old Roman Empire which would exclude Scotland and Ireland. Christians should watch for the unfolding of God’s purpose in this part of the world without fear.”

Belfast Primark fire was ‘act of God’ for LGBT window display – pastor defiant over claims

“The sodomite ‘community’ takes great offence whenever they are reminded of the anger that their wicked lifestyle generates in Heaven. 

But they must understand that the full measure of that anger awaits them in eternity if they defiantly reject the warnings of Holy Scripture.

Raging at Christians and dismissing their remonstrations as ‘mindless’ will not alter God’s judgment against sodomy!!”

RHI: (DUP’s) Jonathan Bell had ‘dysfunctional’ relationship with adviser

DUP’s bitter divisions laid bare by top civil servant: Bell’s late night, alleged bullying and travel row

RHI inquiry: Claim that Jonathan Bell swung punch and tried to break finger of DUP special adviser

Arlene Foster and Jonathan Bell disputed who should get to meet Boris

Arlene Foster’s Spad (special advisor) privately said RHI cash should be ‘maximised’

RHI: Rampant jealousies and jockeying at top of DUP laid bare for all to see

RHI inquiry told of civil servant’s unease at DUP minister Bell’s ‘secret recordings’

Jonathan Bell’s friend had a spiritual ‘prophecy’ the DUP man would be cleared by the RHI Inquiry

RHI inquiry: ‘No resistance’ from DUP spads to RHI scheme on agenda

Live RHI inquiry: Jonathan Bell rowed with Spad at breakfast meeting

RHI Inquiry: Bell denies swinging punch at adviser

RHI: Read former DUP minister Jonathan Bell’s evidence to inquiry

RHI Inquiry: Advisor ‘tried to limit my power’ – Jonathan Bell

Bell tells inquiry his side of RHI story

DUP’s Jonathan Bell alleges ‘massive smear campaign’ against him

RHI: Jonathan Bell admits letter for £76k post was false

Suzanne Breen: Bell’s extraordinary allegations make for compelling viewing

“There is just about every form of idiocy, vulgarity and dishonesty displayed by the DUP members and SPADs involved in this scandal!!”

Anti-Catholic Basil Brooke speech was ‘public expression of unionism’s private view’

“This article, printed in a Nationalist newspaper, goes some way to explaining WHY Unionists were suspicious of their Roman Catholic neighbours! 

It ought to be remembered that police officers always felt themselves in greater danger living amongst Roman Catholic neighbours, even if the officer himself was a Roman Catholic. The reason being that it was from the Roman Catholic community that the IRA recruited its ‘volunteers’ and received votes, support and sympathy!!”

Boris Johnson offers ‘no new ideas’ on Brexit, Downing Street says

Tory row ERUPTS as May fires back at Boris – ‘you have NO new ideas!’

Ian Paisley (Jr) begins House of Commons suspension

Paisley’s 30-day suspension over holiday furore begins

DUP MP Ian Paisley begins 30-day suspension over over freebie luxury holiday

Kingsmills: Errors blamed for failure to trace palm print

Iranian currency crash sparks rising fears on streets of Tehran

Belfast City Council money used to fund group with alleged dissident ties

Northern Ireland Assembly members’ pay to be cut

Salisbury Novichok attack: Putin ultimately responsible – minister

Church in crisis as only 2% of young adults identify as C of E

“This is hardly surprising given the C of E’s departure from the Bible and utter apostasy from God!!”

Police fail to identify suspects in 80% of burglary cases (in England)

Family of Official IRA man to take legal action against MoD

“This man informed me back in 1966 that if ordered to he would murder me!!!” See the details here.