News review for week ending Friday 6th July 2018

News review for week ending Friday 6th July 2018.

Malachi O’Doherty: So, Mary Lou, the RUC was disbanded? the Provos have gone away? and Gerry was never in the IRA?

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Protestors lose bid to overturn abortion clinic buffer zone

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Ex-Moderator reveals anguish over Presbyterian’s same-sex row

“Asked if he saw a parallel with the way in which Christian Churches eventually had to revise their long-held – but ultimately false – position on the issue of slavery, the distinguished clergyman said: ‘I struggle with precisely that question.’ ”

This learned ‘doctor’ seems to forget that the change in the Christian view referred to was a getting into step with the Bible not, as he would wish, a defying of the Scriptures!!! Read the Belfast Telegraph article.

BT apologise after Michael Conlan shown fighting under British flag for Homecoming

This lad enjoyed British welfare and health benefits, profited from a free education at the expense of the British taxpayer but oh, please don’t link him with the Union Jack.

It was well said long ago that Irish republicans were always happy to grab the ‘half crown’ while cursing the crown!!!! Read the Belfast Telegraph article.

Sinn Fein absent from Somme anniversary event in Belfast

Sinn Fein’s undying hatred of all things British again demonstrated. Read the Belfast Telegraph report.

May must deliver promised Brexit or risk Government’s collapse – Rees-Mogg

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Merkel faces fresh ELECTIONS: Second vote in just nine months as Germany falls APART

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Shankill Butchers author brands republicans ‘delusional’ over RUC

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Sammy Wilson: Time for PM to play hard ball with EU over customs deal

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Minister for women and equalities, Penny Mordaunt: Same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland is in my in tray

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Tory ‘coup’ warning as Brexit tensions mount ahead of Cabinet showdown

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Australian archbishop sentenced for concealing child abuse

Deceitful defence claims in an attempt to have the case quashed indicates just what duplicity and trickery pervades at the highest levels within Romanism!!! Read the RTE news report.

Unionist politicians out of touch on LGBT rights, says Beattie

Sadly, Doug Beattie is out of touch with the teaching of the Bible, which is a dangerous position to be in!!! Read the Belfast Telegraph article.

Top Presbyterian members sign letter criticising same-sex ruling

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More than 200 top Presbyterians reveal their ‘hurt, dismay and anger’

Whether they are ‘top’ or ‘bottom’ is a matter of opinion!!

No one ever seems to consider the Lord’s ‘sensitivity’ regarding to these wickednesses!
We can well conceive of the Saviour responding these Presbyterians and others like as He did to Peter’s folly. “But when he had turned about and looked on his disciples, he rebuked Peter, saying, Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men,” Mark 8:33. Read the report.

Call for transparency over poll showing strong united Ireland support

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Defence Secretary ‘backs IRA amnesty if it ends Troubles soldiers prosecution’ – report

What price justice????

One must believe that the prosecution of soldiers was but part of a scheme to bring about an amnesty for terrorist murderers as a ‘trade off’ for soldiers not being improperly prosecuted for doing their duty in the most dangerous circumstances!! Read the Belfast Telegraph report.

DUP councillor Poots denies wrongdoing in planning case and reports BBC man to police

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