News review for week ending Friday 30th November 2018

“No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon,” Matthew 6:24.

Gerry Adams can appeal against prison escape convictions to UK Supreme Court

It is more than Mrs Jean McConville can do regarding her imprisonment and subsequent murder, reportedly at the command of Gerry Adams. The question is, does he recognise the BRITISH court???!!

Legacy Scandal: The IRA was able to wage terrorism on Castlederg because it was near the safe haven of the Irish Republic

PSNI drew prosecutors’ attention to SF suspect’s senior Stormont role

Varadkar questions how much ‘senior republicans’ dictate to Sinn Fein’s elected politicians

Sinn Fein ‘hypocritical’ over Tony Taylor support: DUP MLA

Sinn Fein has as many faces as ‘Big Ben’ but at least the clock faces all tell the same story!!

Woman (44) arrested after Newry war memorial wreaths and crosses thrown into river

Let’s make it simple: backstop would mean NI under EU rules, probably for good

Why would she humiliate Britain like this? Lawyer savages Theresa May’s Brexit deal

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: EU27 draw up tough new demands to lock UK into joint fisheries deal

Brexit – live: Theresa May refuses to say her deal is better than staying in EU, during live radio phone-in

Third of Brexit voters believe Muslim immigration is part of a secret plot to Islamicise Britain, study suggests

A large portion of the remaining 2/3 were too scared to give their opinions because of their neighbours!!!!

Leaked EU draft text warns UK over fishing access

Government and DUP will ‘sort out’ Irish border dispute, Chancellor claims

That’s the cue for compromise and deceit!!

Three-quarters of Belfast Telegraph readers reject May’s draft deal in snap poll

My, my, my! That’s a kick in the teeth for the ‘Belfast Bellylaugh’!!

Peter Robinson in eve of conference warning to DUP on state of the Union

Brexit deal a double disaster for Northern Ireland unionists — first the deal itself, second the muted opposition to it

RHI: DUP leader Arlene Foster says party ‘deeply sorry’ over handling of scheme

Boris Johnson says Brexit deal ‘would be historic mistake’

Nigel Dodds tells PM: It’s not too late to bin Brexit deal

EU leaders set to back May’s Brexit plan as she appeals for public support

‘It’s not a good deal’: Email blunder reveals doubts within the CBI about Theresa May’s draft Brexit agreement

Why May’s Brexit deal is set to be defeated in Parliament

Dear Britain: Theresa May pens desperate letter for Brexit backing as deal on brink

‘I’m ASHAMED of UK’ Ann Widdecombe FURIOUS at Brexit Britain ‘running up white flag’ to EU

EU leaders agree UK’s Brexit deal at Brussels summit

Can that which entails a desecration of the Christian Sabbath and the violation of God’s law ever bring good????

Brexit EU summit LIVE: EU leaders issue ultimatum to MPs — back May’s deal or get nothing

Alex Kane: Foster’s leadership career hangs by a thread

Sam McBride: Arlene Foster is seeking to reinvent herself as a reformist

Under-fire Tory political donor Moran is front row guest at DUP conference

Rees-Mogg reveals he is ‘SUSPICIOUS’ of Theresa May’s ultimate agenda

Little-noted Brexit deal clause could halt Irish extraditions to UK

Brexit: Orange Order says Theresa May deal a ‘betrayal of unionist community’

Theresa May’s Brexit deal is doomed – Sir Michael Fallon

May’s Brexit deal is worst of all worlds and doomed to fail – Sir Michael Fallon

DUP’s Foster hits out at May’s Brexit ‘propaganda’ tour

Brexit border backstop is only meant to be temporary, Theresa May says in Belfast — but DUP is not convinced

May and Foster’s Brexit war of words as PM lobbies for deal in Northern Ireland

Brexit LIVE: ‘POWER is with us!’ Utter disbelief as Brussels chief GLOATS at May’s deal

The UK does NOT NEED the EU to have free trade with Europe, says Iceland foreign minister

Is Theresa May teetering on the brink of resigning over Commons hostility?

May REFUSES to publish Brexit deal legal advice, sparking claims she HOODWINKED Parliament

Convicted IRA terrorist certainly doesn’t speak for me, says UUP man

Bank of England issues stark recession warning over no-deal Brexit

Another disgraceful attempt at panicking the British public into backing Mrs May’s Brexit deal!!!

May denies being too ‘feart’ to debate Sturgeon over Brexit

DUP accuses No 10 of ‘hiding’ over Brexit

The ‘chickens are coming home to roost’ for the DUP back in 2007 hid many of the details of their dirty deal with Sinn Fein/IRA!!!

Brexit: Sammy Wilson says government will fight dirty to get deal passed

You cannot expect anything from a pig but a grunt!!!

Belfast Agreement’s promise of consent broken by PM’s Brexit deal

Asylum seeker ‘schoolboy’ is grown man, Home Office concludes

Islamic tutor jailed for sexually abusing young students as police urge victims to come forward

Friends of Israel banned from speaking at Northern Ireland council event

‘NO DETERRENT!’ Police furious as zombie knife road rage attacker WALKS FREE

British soldier’s damning letter to Theresa May every MP must read

UUP’s Rodgers urges caution over £30k spend for Belfast City Hall LGBT+ stain glass window

It must be noticed that there is no mention of the immorality that such a window celebrates. It is just a matter of money about which they must be ‘cautious’. Shame on those gutless Belfast politicians!!

Hundreds of babies born in Scotland addicted to drugs

(Ballymoney councillor, Ian Stevenson) Expulsion from DUP imminent?

‘A smaller man than me would have crumbled’ – Ian Paisley on his return to Westminster

DUP’s Paisley attacked over ‘arrogant remarks’ after Commons return – ‘smaller man would have crumbled’

Murphy dismisses Varadkar call for abstentionist Sinn Fein MPs to resign

Similar numbers speak Irish or Ulster-Scots languages

Revealed: Almost half of Irish speakers only know basic terms

So much for the value and usefulness of this ‘precious Irish cultural heritage’!!!!

(Former SDLP) Councillor resigns after losing appeal against sexual assault conviction

Female thief punches woman at cash machine to steal her money as witnesses walk by unperturbed

This is the ‘ecumenical, liberal society’ – robbery or murder is ignored. The parable of the ‘Good Samaritan’ illustrated [Luke 10:30]!!

Oxford Union rejects Irish unity motion

Voters in Taiwan reject same-sex marriages in advisory ballot

84 new cases of HIV diagnosed in Northern Ireland last year

Survey: Dramatic shift in Northern Ireland public opinion on same sex marriage and abortion

The survey merely records the harvest of ecumenical and liberal theology taught in churches ands schools over the last generation. Sodom is being reborn before our eyes even as predicted by the Saviour, Luke 17:28-30.

Scientists puzzled by mysterious earthquake that rumbled around the world

“Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth,” Luke 21:26