News review for week ending Friday 29th March 2019

 “…. but so did not I, because of the fear of God,” Nehemiah 5:15.


The Home Office’s shameful treatment of a Christian asylum-seeker

Nine charged after loyalist paramilitary raids

IRA bomber names ‘four men behind Birmingham pub bombings’ at inquest

Police must take action over Birmingham inquest ‘IRA leader’ claims

What are you doing about the “current head” of IRA still operating in your jurisdiction, Mr Varadkar?

Northern Ireland teachers assaulted and abused in classrooms, union boss tells conference

Abandon the ultimate rule of law and order, the BIBLE, and this is the result!!!

Alex Kane: After saying unionist identity would be protected in ‘New Ireland’ Mary Lou McDonald walks behind banner calling for citizens like me to be kicked out of the country

Republican overtures of ‘friendliness and peace’ are as false as a rope of sand!!!

The Great Escape remembered 75 years on

Great Escape 75th anniversary: Orangeman played key role in German POW camp break out

Isis plot to direct new terror attacks in Europe uncovered after group loses last Syrian stronghold

New York’s mayor silent for year over Gerry Adams honour protest letter

Anger as Parachute Regiment flags flown in Belfast

The SDLP have not objected to the flying of the flags of terrorist organisations and that of a foreign state, the Irish Republic, in many parts of Northern Ireland which vexes many who have lost loved one at the hands of these terrorists which use the Irish Republic as a haven!!

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Shared future a long way off if republicans refer to a great man of peace as ‘the likes of you’

This story illustrates the futility and folly of seeking to pursue peace with those who are solely bent on the destruction of Northern Ireland and its British subjects. Maybe other deleted ‘do-gooders’ will take note!!!

Smacking ban legislation announced in Wales

Corporal punishment is advised by the Bible, Proverbs 12:34, 22:15. It is employed by the Lord when dealing with His erring children, Psalm 89:32. The abandoning of this means of discipline is one of the causes of today’s lawlessness in the nation!!!

Cookstown disco crush: Police response investigated

Initial police response to fatal hotel disco crush in Cookstown investigated

Just why the police had to withdraw is likely never to be fully told for it would not be ‘politically correct’ to let the public know that they may have been facing a hostile Republican mob at this ‘party’!!!!

Calls for senior police officer Raymond Murray to step aside from Greenvale Hotel probe

And so the republican ‘anti-police’ campaign begins!!!!

Cookstown disco crush: Police identify 619 people outside

It is little wonder people died in the crush!!!

Is apathy putting the Sunday service at risk

The question which forms the title of this silly, ill-informed article, can be answered very simply: ‘It is the abandoning of the Bible by the churches which has turned people away’!!”

Sinn Fein leader to civic unionist: ‘As a new and united Ireland emerges, we need to work together and be truthful’

Truthful is impossible for anyone from Sinn Fein. Lies are their stock and trade and always have been!!!

Scottish Orangemen scrap rule stopping members from entering Catholic churches

Poll: Should Orange Order lift ban on members entering Catholic churches as the Scottish has done?

Ex-unionist MP open to review of Orange Order rules on Catholic services

The Scottish OO decision shows the dominance of ‘Ecumenical’ thinking within its ranks. It is likely Ulster will follow suit for there are many like Tom Elliott within its ranks. When that decision is taken then we will see where the loyalty of professing Christians truly lies !!!!

Gangs fly in and out of Northern Ireland on ‘street begging shifts’ – judge issues warning as woman jailed

To think we would lose such a benefit if we left the EU!!!!

Transgender: Methodist College launches review of uniform rules

What an abominable decision for any college bearing the name ‘Methodist’!!!! For more Information see here.

Top Belfast’s school’s transgender uniform review, welcomed by campaigner

Parent protests against relationship lessons in primary schools spread across the country

Sadly, it appears to be non-Christians who are leading the objections. Further evidence of England’s rejection of its Christian heritage!!

Coveney’s legacy vow stirs anger

Alleged IRA man found guilty of raping two teenage boys

There are few atrocities the IRA has not been guilty of!!!

Campaign to repeal Northern Ireland ‘archaic’ blasphemy laws

Campaign to get rid of NI blasphemy laws

Only ‘blasphemers’ want such laws removed! Eternity will reveal that they are not ‘archaic’! This is more of the Republic of Ireland’s views being imposed upon Northern Ireland!!

Ex-DUP Lord Mayor is hoping to win Belfast council seat for TUV

NIO ‘absolutely ready’ for direct rule, says Karen Bradley


George Clooney calls for hotel boycott over Brunei LGBT laws

What an evil blight upon society these so-called ‘stars’ have been!! They are like the ‘stars’ Jude mentions. ‘Wandering stars, – by which no one can set a course- to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness for ever,’ Jude 13

Concerns over NI Police Ombudsman’s Office raised at Westminster

Brexit: Vote on Theresa May’s deal may not happen next week

Tusk: ‘Hell is still empty’

Papist Tusk and his spiritual guru, the Pope, are both wrong. Hell is not empty (Luke 16:22-23, 2 Peter 2:4) and the last laugh will be on them and the millions who share their folly!!!

PM coup plot speculation reaches fever pitch amid ‘all over’ tweet

DUP fails to back May as party tries to silence talk of Tory coup

Theresa May battles for premiership as MPs seek to seize control of Commons business

No-deal Brexit increasingly likely, says Brussels

Theresa May dismays the DUP as she blames Northern Ireland for Brexit delay

Was the DUP really so naive to expect honesty and honourableness from Theresa May!!!

DUP prefers one-year delay over May’s ‘toxic Brexit deal’, says Wilson as Rees-Mogg signals shift

The DUP’s Brexit spokesman backs a long delay to Brexit – but does the DUP?

Brexit: DUP backs two motions ahead of vote

May faces 20 ministerial resignations if they are not allowed free vote on solving Brexit mess

Brexit SHOCK: Kate Hoey forces Bercow to admit EU law still OVERRULES British Parliament

EU CIVIL WAR: Austria IGNORES EU demands to increase benefits paid to immigrants

Brexit: DUP confirms it will not back withdrawal deal

Brexit deadlock: Will the DUP hold out on PM’s deal?

Brexit: DUP not backing deal ‘disappointing’ says Lidington

I love to see ‘wimps’ disappointed!!!

Brexit: MPs reject May’s EU withdrawal agreement

‘Should have left WITHOUT a deal’ Rees-Mogg FURIOUS at ‘great failure’ to deliver Brexit

Why did he not say this earlier!!!