News review for week ending Friday 28th September 2018

“But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death,” Revelation 21:8.

Archaeologists to unearth Siege of Derry secrets

“Protestants should do a little digging into their history. Were they to, they would be less inclined to listen to the Ecumenists  and such detractors of what Protestantism has done for our land and reject their singing of the praises of popery!!”

UKIP leader Gerard Batten links sexual grooming of girls to Islam

Michael Portillo warns May must FORGET her plan and accept one of THESE two options

Don’t be bullied by Brussels into a compromise on the border, DUP’s Dodds urges Prime Minister

Theresa May’s FINEST HOUR: Furious PM goes to war with EU for ‘making a mockery’ of UK

‘Steely resolve at the 11th hour’ Rees-Mogg praises PM for standing up to EU BULLIES

Journalist’s tweet that British ‘don’t give a monkey’s’ about Northern Ireland riles MEP Nicholson

PM ‘will never agree’ to NI customs border

Ministers urged to ditch Chequers and embrace ‘Brexit prize’ by think tank

Brexit LATEST: Brexiteers unveil ALTERNATIVE Brexit plan to rival Theresa May – IN FULL 

There is no possible compromise between May and her Brexiter MPs

Pound SOARS as May rallies Cabinet and Trump while German growth PLUMMETS

No-deal Brexit ‘could lead to NI electricity blackouts (across Northern Ireland, government officials have warned)’

No-deal Brexit ‘could cause NI blackouts’

Boris Johnson urges Theresa May to ‘chuck Chequers’ and sets out Brexit plan in scathing article

Sinn Féin to take seats on reconstituted Policing Board

“Nothing epitomises what Isaiah 5:20 means (“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”) than this arrangement!!!

People are sleep walking into a Northern Ireland governed by apologists for terror and murder, says sister of Edgar Graham

(Ulster Unionist MLA and Queen’s University lecturer, shot dead at point blank range by the IRA in December 1983 at the age of 29, near the university.)

Northern Ireland legacy proposals run risk of disappointing victims of the Troubles

Legacy Scandal: ‘There is an urgent need for an inquiry into paramilitary beatings of children,’ says Liam Kennedy

Legacy Scandal: ‘Collusion is a meaningless term used to smear security force actions,’ says Doug Beattie

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Silence over Mairia Cahill from the Left and women’s organisations is deafening

Eighth Amendment repealed as Irish President signs bill into law

Ireland to vote on removing blasphemy as an offence 

Arlene Foster: DUP leader denies there was ‘party narrative’ over RHI

RHI inquiry: Foster challenged on green scheme problems

RHI updates: Martin McGuinness knew of RHI whistleblower concerns, Arlene Foster says

Arlene Foster says she was ‘unaware’ if DUP donors’ benefit from RHI

RHI players whose witness statements have just been divulged – Arlene Foster, Richard Bullick, Conor Murphy, Stephen Harron, David Gordon and Ciaran O’Connor

RHI inquiry live: Ministers are ‘thrown in at the deep end’ 

Cash-for-ash: inquiry chair criticises how advisers appointed

Ex-minister told lies over flawed green scheme, says DUP head of press

RHI Inquiry: DUP’s director of communications starts giving evidence

RHI Inquiry: DUP routinely broke law on lucrative Spad jobs

RHI: DUP communications chief Robinson appointed straight out of uni at age 22 – cannot remember if there was application to complete

Ex-DUP Spad Stephen Brimstone heats home with non-domestic RHI

RHI Inquiry: John Robinson contradicts DUP Spad brother-in-law’s evidence

RHI: DUP advisor Brimstone says civil servants were in the dark over his Stormont role

Top DUP man feared Spad probe will ‘not end well’

Former DUP Spad Stephen Brimstone challenged over RHI shed 

RHI: Spad’s (Stephen Brimstone) answer to BBC’s Nolan highly misleading, says chair

RHI: Top DUP official denies seeking to keep flawed green scheme open

RHI Inquiry: Top DUP man Timothy Johnston feared Spad probe will ‘not end well’

RHI Inquiry: Timothy Johnston denies role at top of DUP special adviser hierarchy

Top Spad (Timothy Johnston) privately asked for Foster’s RHI files before scheme was exposed

RHI: Wilson (Sammy, MP) ‘appalled at Bell’s lack of preparation for Stormont meeting’

“The deceit and chicanery uncovered amongst professing Christians in this ‘Enquiry’ brings no honour to the DUP or Ulster and shames all true Christians!!

Sinn Féin sues DUP over whistleblower note claim 

Protestant boxer who believes he missed out on Commonwealth Games because of his religion awarded £8,500

DUP’s Ian Paisley asked council to pay for £1,500 table at dinner – council chief ’embarrassed’ over attendance

DUP man breaks party lines but council votes against lighting up town hall for Pride

Rebel DUP man slams ‘bigotry and intolerance’ faced by LGBT people

Free Presbyterians hit out at proposal to light up town hall for Pride

Letter of the day: Councillors urged to reject discriminatory proposal to light town hall with rainbow colours on Pride Day

“We are thankful for the stand taken by the Free Presbyterian ministers in the Ards and North Down Borough Council area which doubtless helped to see this hideous proposal rejected. The stance of DUP man, Tom Smith, is unbiblical and indeed, antiGod!!!”

€253m still outstanding on (Irish Roman) Catholic Church abuse compensation promise

German (R C) bishop apologises to survivors of clerical abuse 

“Apologies ONLY because they were found out!!!

Girlguiding says girls not at risk from trans inclusion

“This perversion is invading every corner of society, promoted by a determined few”

Protestantism still wielding a big influence on global education: Report

“  ‘ . . . contemporary Protestantism, in contrast to historical Protestantism, does not affect schooling.’ That is a statement every gospel minister and every Christian parent should note and consider!!!”

How British prisons became a breeding ground for Islamist extremism

Fall in strength and fitness of 10-year-olds, study shows

“Evolution at work no doubt!!!!”

Skripal suspect ‘was made Hero of Russia’ by President Putin

Theresa May: Russia ‘flagrantly’ violating international norms

“No lie like a Russian lie!!!”

Legislation providing for abortion goes before (Irish) Cabinet

Gregory Campbell: ‘Compensation system not fair to terror victims’

Tory MPs who back abortion reform visiting Belfast