News review for week ending Friday 21st December 2018

“Behold, a king shall reign in righteousness, and princes shall rule in judgment. And a man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land,“ Isaiah 32:1-2.

Brexit news latest: Amber Rudd urges MPs across parties to ‘forge a consensus’ to avoid no-deal…. as five Cabinet ministers ‘consider second referendum’

So the political ‘hopscotch’ continues!!!

Brexit WARNING: MP reveals how Theresa May is going to FORCE MPs to accept Brexit deal

‘We didn’t spend 30 years stopping IRA to allow PM and EU to give united Ireland by back door’ says Labour MP Kate Hoey

New EU referendum would break faith with Britons, May to warn MPs

What she meant to say was ‘New EU referendum would break faith with Britons – YET AGAIN’!!

Maybe Mr May understands his wife, but everyone else just finds her unknowable

Why it is imperative for NI’s long term survival that Backstop is defeated – TUV leader, Jim Allister

DUP calls for more clarity from PM over EU concessions

May’s EU negotiator pictured with papers hinting at new NI border plan

Downing Street challenges Corbyn after his PM confidence ‘stunt’

Brexit: Jim Allister says no-deal now best option for Northern Ireland

Macron’s CRISIS: Popularity hits record low despite desperate efforts to defuse revolt

FRANCE CHAOS: Now ‘BLUE VEST’ protestors cause CHAOS as Macron protests spiral

Iain Duncan Smith launches SCATHING attack on ‘worried’ Verhofstadt – ‘NOT crowing today’

Brexit: Leo Varadkar warns against UK customs changes

Northern Ireland students studying in the Republic could face higher fees post-Brexit

Boohoohoohoo 😩!!!!

Brexit: Border not addressed in no-deal plan as backstop only option

EASY AS THAT: Jacob Rees-Mogg SHUTS DOWN Ireland border row with SIMPLE Brexit plan

Brexit hard border exposed as con trick: DUP

Brexit: Republic and EU’s plans for no-deal proof backstop is trap, says Dodds

‘Britain has SURRENDERED!’ Michael Portillo blasts Brussels for holding GUN to May’s head

Brexit news: ‘Face them down’: Economist says May’s ‘weakness’ makes no-deal more likely

NI same-sex adoption rate lowest in UK

That such a thing is legally possible anywhere in the UK is a dreadful shame upon us all!!!

Irish abortion bill passes in senate

A new and even more depraved era commences in Ireland!!!

Pupils, 8, to be told ‘boys can have periods too’ under new sex education guidelines

Is this not unutterably wicked and the ultimate in child abuse?? It is criminal on the part of those who devised and sanctioned such guidelines

‘I became a Christian and am much the better man for it’

Another example of the ‘faux Christianity’ abounding today which neither requires repentance nor gives birth to true holiness!!!

RHI: Significant criticism of individuals and groups likely

I should think so!!!

Co Tyrone man aims to be first to run 100 miles backwards

Old hat!!! Unionist politicians have been doing that for years!!!!

Dr Graham Gudgin: A united Ireland is far from inevitable… and here is why

(Roman) Catholic police officer cuts ties with some family members and home city of Derry for the job

Londonderry: Catholic police officer forced to cut ties with family

This reveals again the bitter spirit of republicanism inherent within many in the Roman Catholic community!!

Hit-and-run crashes in Northern Ireland rise by 24%

Nothing denotes more clearly the selfish, inconsiderate and irresponsible spirit of this age than this. The Gospel teaches men to ‘love their neighbour as themselves’ but apostasy has cast away such truth!!

Son of Irish soldier murdered by IRA calls on Sinn Fein to give up killers

The misery caused by the IRA murderers spreads far and wide!!

Police to quiz MI5 over what spooks knew of Stakeknife’s ‘crimes’

Stakeknife: Prosecutions to be recommended next year

New forensic evidence uncovered by ‘Stakeknife’ detectives

Cork councillor’s switch from Irish Army to Provisional IRA

Many Irish army troops joined the IRA during Troubles, claims former Defence Forces soldier

Claims of collusion between Irish state forces and IRA must be investigated, says victims’ campaigner

IRA members told police they were present during torture sessions, says Stakeknife probe officer

Not quite sure why this is given a headline denoting ‘surprise or shock’! The IRA were present at thousands of acts of torture, murder and terror. It was their ’stock & trade’. Perhaps these being the words of an English policeman, who would have little first-hand knowledge of life during the 30 years of IRA terror, explains it!!!

Chaotic scenes in Dáil as Varadkar accuses Sinn Féin of ‘letting the balaclava slip’ with reaction to Roscommon vigilante attack

‘Dissident’ gang behind attack at Roscommon house blocked off roads and planned escape across fields

For many years the IRA murder gangs used the Irish Republic as a ‘bolt hole’. Now the chickens are coming home to roost!!

Nelson McCausland: Of course Sinn Fein opposes a memorial to the Belfast Blitz… wasn’t the IRA on Hitler’s side?

Ivor Bell unfit for trial over Jean McConville murder

Have you heard the one about Goldilocks and the three bears??

Legalised abortion enters Ireland’s statute books after presidential sign-off

Pope accepts bishop’s resignation following allegations of misconduct.

NHS to pay for Christmas drunk tanks across England

How can Christians link themselves to such wickedness in the name of of a spurious celebration of the birth of Christ???

Tributes to soldiers murdered 40 years ago in Crossmaglen

Meghan’s dad says daughter ‘ghosting’ him since wedding

What a dysfunctional family the Royal Household has got itself mixed up with!!!!

Labour MP compares herself to Jesus after penalty points conviction

The awful blindness, ignorance and arrogance that grips the hearts of many in society today!!!

DUP councillor Ian Stevenson sentenced for sexual assault

Surely Christians in the DUP must hang their heads shame at what their Party has become!!!

LGBT lights agreed after new Ards and North Down council vote

This odious and revolting decision was made possible by the votes of two DUP Councillors, who came out in their true ‘colours’! We are beginning to see supporters for a perversion cursed by God crawling out of the woodwork of the DUP party. Where now for the FPC ministers, elders and members who continue to give support to this party and its policies of appeasement of evil? DUP leader, Arlene Foster, gave notice of this development when she said that ‘Gays are welcome in the DUP’ (BBC, 28/10/16)!!

Presbyterian college must adopt the same liberal values as Queen’s or be cast aside

That is the price of submission to the ‘Ecumenical’ agenda which has been the position of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland since it joined the WCC in 1948!!!