News review for week ending Friday 1st March 2019

“But as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass, as it is this day, to save much people alive,” Genesis 50:20.

Brexit: Greg Clark, Amber Rudd and David Gauke issue delay warning

Why May won’t sack Gauke, Clark and Rudd?

The Catholic Church is a vast, complex organisation that needs regular spring cleaning.

The Roman Catholic Church is an abomination that requires utter abandonment and repudiation by its adherents and a seeking of God’s mercy in obedience to the Word of God!!!

George Pell: Most senior Catholic cleric charged with child sex abuse convicted

George Pell: Cardinal found guilty of sexual offences in Australia

George Pell: Who is the cardinal convicted of sexual abuse?

That is easily answered: He is one ‘full of all subtilty and all mischief, . . . [a] child of the devil, [an] enemy of all righteousness,’ Acts 13:10!!!

Australian Cardinal George Pell to spend his first night in prison

In the Closet of the Vatican: are 80 per cent of top Catholics secretly gay?

What a stomach-churning monstrosity the Roman Catholic system is!!!???

Labour’s Corbyn as ‘useful idiot’ for Sinn Fein: Author lifts lid on leader

Labour MP Chris Williamson suspended in anti-Semitism row

Alesha MacPhail killer can now be identified as Aaron Campbell after judge lifts identity restriction

This detestable crime is indicative of the moral plague spreading in the UK as a result of the rejection of God’s Word!!

Cheshire Police: Man rejected for job for being white and straight tribunal finds

When such perverted thinking prevails within law enforcement what hope is there for the nation???

Earth’s atmosphere is far bigger than we had realised, scientists announce

Are we being told that they don’t know everything? REALLY!!!!

ISIS bride Shamima Begum ‘will not change extremist views’, say her neighbours

Left for dead by the IRA: Ex-RUC man on Brookeborough gun battle

Strange to relate, though but in my mid-teens, I recall the incidents and with sadness the names of the RUC men who were murdered.

Abortion should be decriminalised in the UK, says British Medical Association

The murder of the unborn child no longer a crime – how fast the UK is sinking!!

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Sacrifice of UDR members rarely given credit, but the unit saved us from civil war

An unrepentant teenage Jihadi bride does not deserve our forgiveness

Head of 800-year-old mummy stolen from Dublin church crypt

The hoodlums must be running short of victims in Dublin!!!

Momo challenge: Police advise over ‘freaky game’

Mike Nesbitt: Some unionists are now weighing up Irish unity

A political ‘Momo’!!!!

Unionist workers’ voices must be heard, say union members campaigning for united Ireland

Police chief blasts Sinn Fein in row over successor

My aunt and uncle were not killed in a war, they were murdered in the IRA campaign of sectarian hatred in Fermanagh

The murder victims mentioned in this letter, Tommy and Emily Bullock, were murdered in a particularly evil manner!!!

Jim Allister: Legitimate RHI claimants will feel done over by huge cuts

Countless families left without investigation into murder of loved ones say DUP – ‘Comprehensive and proportionate approach needed’

Mary Lou McDonald to visit America for St Patrick’s Day to brief politicians on ‘demand for Irish unity’

Lies are well received by many US politicians!!!

Michael Cohen: Ex-lawyer tells Congress Trump directed lies

Michael Cohen calls president Donald Trump a ‘racist’, ‘conman’ and ‘cheat’ while giving evidence to Congress

Northern Ireland hockey club banned after refusing to play games on a Sunday

Sinn Fein pulled in £10,000 more funding than DUP, figures reveal

Wonder how they managed to ‘pull that off??’

Trump-Kim denuclearisation summit breaks up early with US left ruing lack of agreement

Trump’s overflowing ‘flattery’ did not work!!!

(Irish) Judge orders extradition of John Downey over double murder charges

John Downey: Double murder accused to be extradited to NI

I suspect it is part of the ‘Brexit sweetener’ London is giving to Ulster’s Unionists people in preparation for the sell-out that is just over the horizon!!!

Legacy inquest funding: ‘Truth and justice must be delivered for all’

The truth about the cover-up following the November 1987 ‘Poppy Day Massacre’ will never be told this side of eternity !!!

Revealed: The thousands of attacks on Northern Ireland nurses in one year

Just one more reminder of the violence that is filling the earth, Genesis 6:11, Matthew 24:37!!

Shamima Begum flees Syrian refugee camp after receiving ‘death threats’ (from fellow Muslims!),  lawyer says

So much for the ‘paradise’ Islam offers!!!

Taoiseach confident UK leaves with deal or Brexit is delayed in March

LETTER ; David McNarry: Theresa May must lead us out of the European Union now or resign as prime minister

Labour prepared to back new Brexit referendum

Brexit: Labour will back amendment for second referendum, says Corbyn – Politics live

Theresa May offers MPs vote on no deal Brexit and chance to extend exit date beyond March 29

Theresa May offers MPs Brexit delay vote

The UK is destined to wander in the ‘wilderness’ for some time yet!!!

Rees-Mogg signals more flexible stance on Northern Ireland backstop

Here we go!!!!

Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit vision rejected by MPs

Northern Ireland fishing boats impounded by Irish Navy

We can’t fish in their waters but they can fish in ours – typical Irish sense of justice!!!

Two NI fishermen appear in court after boats were detained