News review for week ending Friday 18th January 2019

The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good, Proverb 15:3.

‘The Orange State is gone and it’s not coming back’ says (Sinn Feiner) McDonald on 100th anniversary of First Dail

Don’t worry, she is only talking about the luminous colour of her ‘make-up’!!!

Jamie Bryson asked to hand over seized Kingsmill massacre files to coroner

Sinn Féin MLA defends Venezuela inauguration attendance

Doubtless, they felt entirely at home. Vote-rigging has long been the ‘bread and butter’ of Sinn Fein’s election strategy!!!

Republic pupils opting out of Irish lessons to study foreign languages

‘Born again’ Border Fox O’Hare conned me, admits Willie Frazer

Few Christians take any heed to the Saviour’s words in Matthew 7:21: “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

Ex-GAA treasurer facing sex charges to be questioned about other allegations

Ex-GAA official Thomas McKenna faces more sex abuse charges

Alcohol-related deaths in Northern Ireland highest on record

More deadly than cocaine etc and yet its sale is legal and its purveyors deemed as respectable businessmen!!!

Just one family behind 40 personal injury claims worth over €1m

British family suspected of 40 staged crash injury claims in Republic of Ireland

It is very likely they were visiting the Republic of Ireland for that is where they came from originally!!!

Defecting Rosemarie Shields says SDLP ‘has lost its way’

Abortion: Woman ‘refused termination’ at Dublin hospital

Woman ‘refused’ abortion will travel to United Kingdom

Once the home of the modern missionary movement, England is now a haven for the murder of the unborn!!!

Dublin shooting: ‘Lone gunman’ sought after Swords killing

The “death may be linked to a drug feud.

This week Britain faces as grave a crisis as any time in its history – our MPs have FAILED

END OF DEMOCRACY? ‘It’s game over for Brexit’ as MPs plot ‘COUP’ to stop UK leaving EU

May warns of ‘catastrophic and unforgivable breach of trust’ if UK remains in EU

Tory Brexiteers say they will back PM’s Withdrawal Agreement

Brexit: Arlene Foster steadfast over backstop ahead of deal vote

Theresa May to warn MPs more likely to block Brexit than allow no deal

UK more likely to stay in EU rather than crash out with no deal – May

Whether the UK is in or out of the EU – England will, in the future, most certainly be in ‘Antichrist’s Union’!!

Twelve former ministers urge Tory MPs to vote down Theresa May’s deal

Theresa May urges MPs to back Brexit deal ‘for country’s sake’

Every form of propaganda will be mounted in the run-up to tomorrow’s vote!!!

Prime Minister May tells DUP EU backstop assurances have ‘legal force’ – suggests hard border in no-deal Brexit

Her threat indicates that she knows that the DUP, for an inexplicable reason, dreads a ‘hard border’! Alignment with Sinn Fein and big business has caused this notion to ‘rub off’ on the DUP!!

Brexit: Did Theresa May fail to understand the DUP?

Brexit: Vote historic for wrong reasons says Arlene Foster

May facing massive Commons defeat in Brexit vote

Parliament is in the grip of turmoil as never before

Irish interests must be protected in Brexit, says Sinn Fein

The arrogance and hypocrisy of these murder-supporting wretches who for years utterly discarded the interests of thousands of Irish people!!!!

Voting against Brexit deal could lead to united Ireland, warns PM May

The lowest and basest form of blackmail and scaremongering!!

Threat from Trump potentially bigger than Brexit for Irish exporters – economist

Uh Oh!!!!

Brexit EARTHQUAKE: Belgian MEP rejects backstop deadline – ‘Belfast in EU PERMANENTLY!’

Now shell-shocked PM must go back to drawing board

Brexit: Theresa May faces confidence vote after huge defeat

Leo Varadkar steps up Irish Brexit no-deal plans

EU border checks: Dublin’s admission caught on tape

Dublin plays down tánaiste’s talk of border checks

PM survives as no confidence motion is defeated

We’ll help to deliver Brexit, DUP vows as it backs PM in Commons

Sam McBride: PM utterly misread DUP, pushing them away

DUP MP: We would be open to considering time-limited backstop

Maybe more than the PM have ‘misread’ the DUP!!?? Time will tell.

NI economy grows in third quarter of 2018

Despite all the dire predictions of the ‘doom and gloom’ merchants!!!

Brexit deadlock: May pandering to ‘sectarian Protestant DUP’ blasts Tory grandee Ken Clarke

Representative as he is of a degenerate age which has retained nothing of its Protestant heritage or any awareness of the great debt the nation owes to the Gospel, such an outburst against anything remotely linked to ‘Protestantism’ is hardly surprising!!

Brexit: Ken Clarke ‘out of touch’ over ‘sectarian’ DUP comment

DUP’s Foster tries to quash soft Brexit claims from party colleagues

Actors’ union: No-deal Brexit would be catastrophic

What pearls of wisdom one should expect from an amalgam of those who live in the make-believe world of the stage!!!!!