News review for week ending Friday 17th August 2018

“The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted,” Psalm 12:8.

Sinn Fein stop and search claims ‘nonsense’, says ex-RUC man

“Which of their claims were ever anything other than ’nonsense’??!!”

Irish unity would bring thousands of job cuts: DUP’s Hamilton

“I have often said that, if it were God’s mercy (and it was) that spared the 6 counties of the north east of Ireland from ‘Home Rule’ in June 1921, then it must be God’s judgment that delivers us under the rule of Dublin!”

William Frazer thanks everyone for support after father’s IRA murder mocked on republican bonfire

Willie Frazer hails support of nationalists over placard

“There is no limit to Irish Republicans’ depraved cruelty!!!”

Omagh bomb took my sight at 15, but I’m a mum with a family now… I can’t let myself be consumed by anger

Michael Gallagher says Omagh bombing has been a ’20 year nightmare’

Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister) unable to attend Omagh bombing commemoration

Omagh: ‘The smell of burning flesh, that’s something I have to live with

‘Tremendous turn out’ to mark 20th anniversary of Omagh bomb

Omagh bombing: Families enduring anguish and how quest for justice still goes on

PSNI chief’s ‘deep regret’ at no Omagh Bombing convictions

Omagh massacre injured still waiting for compensation 20 years after atrocity

Nuala O’Loan (former Police Ombudsman) says Omagh bomb could have been prevented

Claim police could have prevented Omagh atrocity ‘bizarre and traumatising’ for victims and officers, says Chief Constable George Hamilton

Row erupts between PSNI chief and ex-ombudsman over prevention of Omagh bomb

Man who lost wife in Omagh bomb ‘frothing at mouth’ over O’Loan (former Police Ombudsman) anniversary comments

Omagh justice campaigner Gallagher backs O’Loan ‘110%’ over comments

Police Federation: O’Loan has failed to produce proof for her Omagh bomb claim

Alan Simpson: Comments from Baroness were untimely and cruel

Jude Collins ‘beneath contempt’ for claiming Omagh victims not murdered

Widower of Omagh victim calls for BBC boycott if it doesn’t drop blogger Jude Collins

“This republican writer manifests the readiness of many in the Roman Catholic community to ‘whitewash’ the abominable crimes of their co-religionists!!”

Gerry Adams’ cookbook is simply another attempt to spin the history of IRA terrorism

“Death, injury, distress, lies and misery was all that Gerry Adams and his terrorist cohorts could ever dish up!!”

LABOUR ANTI-SEMITISM: Corbyn BLASTED for standing ‘next to’ memorial for Olympic terrorist

Jeremy Corbyn (Labour Party leader) ‘wreath laying’ attacked by Israeli PM

Jeremy Corbyn hits back at Benjamin Netanyahu criticism after clarifying his role at controversial wreath-laying

Northern Ireland (Sinn Fein) MP caught up in Jeremy Corbyn terror wreath-laying row

‘I was present when it was laid. I don’t think I was actually involved in it (laying it)’.
“This mere prevarication! You would think he would KNOW if he had laid a wreath! This man’s past actions will provide any amount of examples of his support for terrorism, from Irish Republican to Palestinians!!”

MP’s concern at NI’s increasing reliance on Republic for electricity

TUV’s Allister furious at Northern Ireland’s ‘perilous dependency’ on Irish government’s power supplier

Dissidents parade through Belfast for anti-internment march

Troubles soldiers Belfast memorial stone stolen

Sinn Fein plea as monument to murdered soldiers stolen

Murdered officers’ names burned on Londonderry bonfire

Condemnation after murdered officers’ names burned on Bogside bonfire

Wife of murdered PSNI officer Stephen Carroll ‘disappointed in Derry’ after husband’s name appears on bonfire

“What hypocrisy for a Sinn Fein councillor to appeal for the return of the monument!

The total inhumanity of many within the Republican community is all too obvious, having shown itself many, many times such as the placing of ‘Poppy Wreaths’, along with the names of murdered police and prison officers, on a bonfire and burning them.

Sadly, many within that community silently acquiesce in this inhumanity as is evident by the support Sinn Fein/IRA received and still receives at the polling booth!!!

Dublin priest steps aside following historical complaint

Masses to be hit by lack of priests in Clogher area

Diminishing priest numbers signal extensive diocesan changes in Clogher

More than 300 US priests abused more than 1,000 children, grand jury report finds

‘The least he can do is apologise,’ says clerical sex abuse victim ahead of Papal visit

Bishop says Catholic Church needs to acknowledge ‘dark’ aspects of history

Pope’s visit: Bishop says church needs to recognise ‘dark aspects’ of its history

“This final article is an example of ‘Blarney Stone, Jesuitry slickness’ at its most deceitful!!”

Alderman John Finlay: My letter to the chief constable about PSNI Pride participation

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Sinn Fein gears up for big push to have vote for Irish President extended to the whole diaspora

Anger following IRA chanting and flags at publicly funded west Belfast festival

Letter from Willie Frazer: There is very little inclusive about West Belfast Feile

Pro-IRA chanting at west Belfast festival is not good for image of the city: Unionists

Belfast City Council unable to say how much cash it gave West Belfast Festival

Nelson McCausland: How thousands of pounds of your money is used to bankroll festival that ends in ‘Ooh, ah… up the ’RA’

Belfast City Council gave contentious festival £357,000 in funding

“Angry or not it won’t stop the funding of these pro-terrorist events. It is more than likely that the City Council will look at it and then look away.

It is politically suicidal to fund those who would destroy you !!!”

Alcohol misuse ‘biggest health problem in Northern Ireland’

“As it is, in truth, everywhere throughout the world!!

Ian Paisley apologises at supporters’ meeting

70 attend meeting to back Paisley and organiser says DUP ‘will support’ MP

Eyewitness says Houses of Parliament crash ‘looked intentional’

Varadkar and Harris  (Irish Government ministers) called ‘godless sinners’ over 8th Amendment

Papal visit to Ireland expected to cost about €32m

“There is a cost that has not been included in that total!! ‘And he (Christ) said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ . . . . . go ye not therefore after them,’ Luke 21:8.”

Pope ‘should meet Irish clerical sex abuse victims’

Sacked by NHS after giving patient a BIBLE: Christian nurse says she was left ‘humiliated’

Manchester Imam ‘called for armed jihad’ at mosque where Arena bomber prayed

“When will the UK waken up to the grave threat within the ranks of the Muslim immigrants it has allowed into it??”

Presbyterian leader to attend Pope’s Irish visit events

Presbyterian moderator hopes to meet Pope in Dublin

Presbyterian Moderator set for historic meeting with Pope Francis

Prebyterian (Sic) Moderator Dr Charles McMullen ‘hopes to meet the Pope’

“‘The Reverend Charles McMullen said he hoped the visit would help to build good relations between the Churches.’ – ‘Slabbering on the pope’s slippers’ will always cause the pope to look upon you more favourably. This poor fool is utterly ignorant or, more likely, utterly unwilling to heed the Word of God or his Church’s ancient creed!!!”

Witches launch Europe’s biggest Halloween party

“‘The SDLP Mayor of Derry said the event showed the city’s fantastic community spirit.’
What this most evil demonstration manifests is the utter ignorance of those who take part in it!!!”

“There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,” Deuteronomy 18:10.

Astonishing and shocking’: New film gives last testament of IRA woman Dolours Price