News review for week ending Friday 15th February 2019

“God is jealous, and the LORD revengeth; the LORD revengeth, and is furious; the LORD will take vengeance on his adversaries, and he reserveth wrath for his enemies. The LORD is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the LORD hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet,” Nahum 1:2-3.

Workers at NI’s RoI-owned electricity operator could strike during Brexit date

Border poll calls ‘all part of Project Fear over no-deal’

Talk of border poll is part of ‘project fear’ says DUP chief Arlene Foster

We can do a Brexit deal, says DUP’s Foster after talks with Taoiseach

‘Doing deals’ is what politicians are good at! Living with the results are not always so easy!!

UK cancels contract for extra ferries in event of no-deal Brexit

Brexit ferry contract awarded to firm with no ships is scrapped

The ferry company had no ships and yet was awarded the contract!!! We are in safe hands !!??😳

How Merkel’s Germany is legally ALLOWED TO IGNORE EU rules all other nations cave in to

History repeats itself – the Rhineland retaken in defiance of the Treaty Of Versailles. Germany is good at that!!!

DUP urge Blair and Major to ‘dial down rhetoric’ over Brexit peace threat

Tony Blair warns of ‘devastating’ impact of no-deal Brexit on NI peace process

The ‘LIAR’ has spoken more blackmail!!

Brexit: Tony Blair says no-deal exit will lead to ‘really hard border’ in ‘devastating’ blow to peace process in Northern Ireland

A ‘hard Border’ is a normal border between foreign countries. What is getting up the nose of Blair and his Irish Republican buddies is the idea of the world seeing that Northern Ireland is NOT part of the Irish Republic but is part of the UK!!!!

Gerry Adams calls on Varadkar to ‘stand up to the Brits’ on Irish unity

That is what it is all about – A UNITED IRELAND! The ‘anti-hard border’ unionists have stupidly joined ranks with the likes of Adams on this issue!!!

Brexit threatens Northern Ireland peace, says dad of Omagh bomb victim Aidan Gallagher

Just another sad ‘parrot’ spouting the lie of the enemy!!

DUP plays down reports of divided opinions over Brexit backstop

DUP member says Sammy Wilson should not be allowed to dictate party’s Brexit stance

May to tell MPs she told EU she needs legally binding changes to backstop

Theresa May to urge MPs to ‘hold our nerve’ over Brexit as battle to secure deal reaches crucial stage

That is not something the modern politician has a lot of!!!!

Jim Allister; The Brexit border backstop must go, lock, stock, barrel

No-deal Brexit hit to Ireland would be severe and immediate – Ireland’s Central Bank Governor Philip Lane

No-deal Brexit ‘devastating’ for Irish small employers – Ahern

It is not ‘peace’ but ‘Euros’ that Ireland’s politicians are worried about!!!

MPs accuse Theresa May of being ‘rumbled’ by her own advisor Olly Robbins over her Brexit plans

Brexit: Theresa May suffers fresh Commons defeat

Brexiteer claims no deal is now ONLY OPTION –’British people are not frightened’

Kevin Braney: The inglorious end of an IRA career

Mom arrested after calling a trans woman a man

Boris Johnson attacks police for ‘wasting time’ on Twitter trolls instead of tackling knife crime

The downgrade of the UK!! Figures have been released repeatedly which disclose that the police do NOT follow up on many reported crimes such as burglary yet three officers were available to detain this woman for speaking the truth!!!!

Charles Darwin school musical dropped after complaints

Loughinisland: no officers guilty of wrongdoing but the headlines screamed ‘collusion’

Loughinisland: Detective used as ‘fodder’ to spark fresh investigation

The Church of Rome/IRA propaganda machine at work!!!

Loughinisland: Bogus evidence breathed new life into drive for fresh investigation

Loughinisland: PONI (Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland) conclusions to be ‘drawn on the basis of proven facts’ only

Loughinisland: Officers stung by ‘baseless’ claims of negligence

NI divorces rising again – but where do marriages struggle most?

Nazareth House (RC Children’s Home): £50,000 settlement over historic abuse claim

Protest planned at Northern Ireland church ‘gay cure’ film

Protest at ‘gay conversion therapy’ film at Belfast church

This film is far short of the Bible’s teaching. There is no ‘therapy’ but repentance, confession of sin and a seeking of God’s pardoning grace through Christ. Sodomy is WRONG! It is a wicked sin condemned by God and will be punished everlastingly in the lake of Fire, Revelation 20:14-15.

Ballymurphy inquest hears witness ‘can’t live with the pain’

Ballymurphy Inquest hears there were armed civilians in area

This inquest has heard many lies and fabrications regarding what happened some 40 years ago. It is seen as an opportunity for the ‘get the Brits out’ campaigners to shout!!

Sean Graham shop killings: Police sorry for disclosure ‘error’

Anne Graham: The IRA silenced my lawyer brother, Edgar, but his legacy lives on

Edgar Graham’s sister says Sinn Fein must condemn murder

Facebook ban for P.S.N.I. – photo shared by police adjudged to have contravened community standards

‘Disgust’ at attack on Teebane memorial – police treating as sectarian hate crime

Such is the bitterness that even memorials to Protestant dead are hated!!

Four in five Vatican priests are gay, book claims

What is more amazing is how those who are disgusted by sodomy stay in this ‘church’ or in any so-called Protestant church which desires closer links with this cesspool of iniquity!!

Josepha Madigan: Republic’s culture minister calls on Catholic Church to ordain women

Investigate undeclared Sinn Féin trips to Venezuela urges DUP

Heat turned up on Sinn Fein over MPs’ undeclared Venezuela trips

London knife crime: ‘I don’t know how many people I’ve stabbed’

The acknowledgement by this criminal that ‘tougher sentences’ would ‘prevent people from carrying knives’ is a view shared by most but it will fall on the deaf ears of liberal law-makers!!!

British cardinal John Henry Newman to be made a saint after Pope recognises miracle

‘No details of miracle given?’ – Well it is hard to give details of something that never happened 😊!!!

Murdered Belfast man Jim Donegan had ‘number of enemies’ and was known to police

This man has been reported widely as having links with the drugs trade – often murders of this nature are men ‘reaping what they sowed’!!

St Valentine’s Day: Lovers flock to Whitefriar shrine

The idolatrous character of this popish folly, in which some silly Christians become involved, is thus revealed!

Valentine’s Day call for equal marriage to be introduced in Northern Ireland

The ‘true face’ of this perverted myth!!

Jim Allister: Jihadi teen who fled UK should only return in handcuffs

John McDonnell divides opinion by branding Winston Churchill a villain

A thistle rages against the memory of the Cedar of Lebanon’!! (2 Kings 14:8)

Face of British ISIS bride Shamima Begum as she tells story in her own words

‘She doesn’t regret her decision’ – those are the words to note!! She is still a ISIS supporter!!

Shamima Begum: IS teen’s return to UK ‘could be prevented’

Islamic State group plans to rebound with more attacks – MI6

Enniskillen relatives: ‘Our loved ones were not killed in war, they were civilians murdered by IRA terrorists’

Former Editor of the ‘Impartial Reporter’, criticised in this letter, Denzil McDaniels, refused to print a letter of mine just days after the Enniskillen bombing: Rev Ivan Foster