News review for week ending Friday 12th October 2018.

“When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever:  but thou, LORD, art most high for evermore,” Psalm 92:7-8.

‘Gay cake’ row: Supreme Court rules in favour of Ashers

Supreme court victory for Christian bakers in ‘gay cake case’

Christian bakers ‘delighted and relieved’ at court victory in ‘gay cake’ case

Christian bakers who refused to make wedding cake for gay couple win Supreme Court appeal

Ashers judgement: Protestant churches unite to hail protection for Christians

Nelson McCausland: Supreme Court Ashers judgment in ‘gay cake’ case is vindication of Ashers’ right to freedom of belief

£500,000 legal bill for Ashers gay cake case

Dr. Michael Wardlow, Chief Commissioner of the Equality Commission –  Must Go! : Jim Allister TUV Leader.

Ashers photographers booked for ‘gay cake’ case refuse to hand over images

“We must be glad that this decision has been made but how shameful that the Northern Ireland courts could not see the truth of the matter.

We condemn the Equality Commission, the head of which, Dr Michael Wardlow,should be sacked for initiating this case on behalf of the sodomite, Gareth Lee, as should also the two NI judges who found against the Ashers. We are staggered at the brazen hypocrisy of the ‘Ecumenists’ who hail this court decision and yet within their own denominations, they placate those who embrace the very perversions that promoted the court case!!”

Brexit: Jean-Claude Juncker says chance of deal has increased

Hopes of EU deal rise as PM to table new border proposal

Whatever the Brexit outcome, it will be bad news for the DUP

‘Don’t CHAIN US to Brussels!’ Brexiteers urge May to TOUGHEN UP – ‘We must TEST EU’

DUP leader Foster issues Brussels Brexit warning

Arlene Foster reaffirms Brexit deal must not lead to extra trade barriers between Northern Ireland and rest of UK

DUP MEP brilliantly explains to Barnier WHY Northern Ireland needs UK ‘more than EU’

Tories face ‘dire’ election backlash if they stick to Brexit plans, warns Davis

Brexit LIVE: EU BACKS DOWN on Irish border issue in breakthrough in negotiations

Work and Pensions secretary, Esther McVey won’t say if she backs PM’s EU trade plan

DUP threatens ‘serious action’ over Brexit

DUP threat to vote against budget could topple Theresa May

Sammy Wilson: We are alarmed the UK is even prepared to discuss EU border demands

We are not scared of an election: DUP ups ante in Brexit division with Prime Minister

Sammy Wilson: DUP is not bluffing over threat to Theresa May

Great headlines but no foundation: Sammy Wilson says Arlene Foster has DUP backing

Brexit BRIBERY: Theresa May to hand tens of MILLIONS to ensure DUP backing on EU exit plan

Tory Commons leader Andrea Leadsom ready to quit over Theresa May’s Brexit plans

“All we can say is: ‘We shall wait and see’ !!!!”

Narrow Water wreaths attacked for second time in a week

Narrow Water memorial vandalised again for second time this week

Doug Beattie: DUP must come clean on legacy proposals

DUP calls for definition of ‘victim’ shift that excludes perpetrators

Police Federation legacy comments appalling says Sinn Féin’s Gerry Kelly

Northern Ireland needs to get tough on the sort of terrorists who killed dad, says son of David Black

DUP councillor: The need to expose Sinn Fein’s blatant untruths on legacy has never been greater – Letter

Innocent Victims, Orange Order and Police Federation United in Opposition to Legacy Proposals – What’s the DUP Position?

Ruth Dudley Edwards: Apologists in Sinn Fein need to be reminded that the IRA were killers, not victims

Peers: ‘It would be better to fund victims of the Troubles than spend many millions on legacy investigations’

Peers urge Bradley to give £150m legacy cash to Northern Ireland Troubles victims

‘CIVIL RIGHTS MARCH, 50TH ANNIVERSARY’ – October 5: Working class Protestants suffered from poor housing too, says Campbell

Belfast event examines an alternative view on what happened in civil rights in 1968

“This truth has long been buried and forgotten, mainly because Protestants, in their support of the State, did not complain as loudly as Republicans for whom the matter was an excuse to attack the State!!!”

RHI Inquiry: Warnings of heating empty sheds and suspicious claims not passed on by Ofgem

Stormont finance chiefs ‘did not understand’ RHI funding as budget spiralled upwards

RHI Inquiry: It’s now crystal clear that Arlene Foster’s Spad knew of key flaw, says civil servant

Mandarin ‘suspicious’ about Jonathan Bell clearing 10 ministerial submissions in 10 minutes

RHI: DUP spads ‘withheld information’ says Andrew McCormick

RHI Inquiry: Mystery over DUP Spads’ email

PSNI offers early promotion in desperate bid to fill posts in troubled Northern Ireland district

PSNI brand dissident republican group ‘drug dealers’ after it encourages attacks on police

‘I’m a born again Christian – I think people are ‘weirded’ out by that’

“I include this article only to highlight the ‘sham Christianity’ that is out there. This man says: ‘As an older man I decided to accept God into my life, so I decided to get baptised.’ There you have it – baptism is how to ‘accept God’ This, along with the language he is happy to imply, shows that he has embraced old-fashioned Popery!!!”

Here is the letter we submitted top the Editor of the “Belfast Newsletter” about this article.

What’s the price of a life? Troubles relatives on the inequalities of compensation

Father-of-two (45) dies following shooting in north Dublin

Garda suspended after ‘falsifying documents for international criminal gang in return for cocaine’

Londonderry: Man shot in both legs in ‘brutal attack’

Reports link gun victim to Gerry Adams’ car attack

Shot man quizzed over Gerry Adams attack

‘Fr’ Gerard McAleer: Ex-Tyrone GAA priest steps aside

Priest ‘voluntarily’ steps down after ‘historic’ complaint reported

Northern Ireland (RC) primary school principal kept silent about childrens’ abuse fears for years

Stormont deadlock: NI Secretary meets Church leaders

Secretary of State Fails to Grasp the Nettle Once Again

“Ecumenical/Romanist backing for NI Secretary’s plans should alarm every true Protestant!!”

Shock poll finds 87% of Northern Ireland leave voters say peace process collapse price worth paying for Brexit

Poll: 80% of Belfast Telegraph online readers reject sacrificing Northern Ireland peace process for Brexit

 “The ‘Belfast Telegraph’ poll consists of the opinions of Ecumenists, Romanists and other ‘ists’ of every form!

The very opposite view in the other poll is because most sensible people recognise that the ‘peace process’ is a total sham that is designed to appease and placate Sinn Fein/IRA!!!”

Scotland Yard deputy commissioner tells inquest he locked himself in a car as he watched Westminster terrorist stab colleague

“That appears rather a shameful and cowardly thing to do!!!”

Skripal attack: Second (Russian) Salisbury suspect a ‘decorated’ officer

Salisbury poisoning suspect Alexander Petrov is really military doctor Alexander Mishkin, investigative website claims

Two-thirds of people in Northern Ireland feel – ‘NI abortion law should be reformed by Westminster’

“This view is chiefly made up of those who belong to ecumenical churches and also those who hold to Sinn Fein’s policy on this matter. It also shows the demise of the former Biblical views of the DUP. But still Christians will support that party !!!”

Sinn Fein says ‘rudderless DUP has no interest in restoring power-sharing’

Decommissioning ‘hinders Troubles investigations’ says PSNI chief

“The police did not support reservations about the ‘decommissioning’ process in 2001.

Instead the then police leaders were too concerned about falling into line behind the two ‘ecumenical cretins’, chosen by the IRA themselves, who supposedly observed the ‘decommissioning of the IRA weapons – Methodist, Rev Good and ‘Rev’ Alex Reid, a Roman Catholic Redemptorist priest!!!”

Trans inmate jailed for Wakefield prison sex offences

Transgender prisoner born a male who sexually assaulted female inmates after being jailed for rape is sentenced to life

“A number of Government agencies are complicit in these horrendous crimes in that they have legalised the perverted and monstrous demands of these corrupt creatures!!”