News review for week ending Friday 11th January 2019

For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. Herein thou hast done foolishly: therefore from henceforth thou shalt have wars, 2 Chronicles 16:9.

QUB (Queen’s University, Belfast) seeks meeting with DUP to clarify freeze on Presbyterian links

Jeremy Corbyn praises ‘trailblazer’ 1916 rebel – but historian recalls her ‘other side’

Corbyn is referring to Countess Constance Markievicz (nee Constance Georgine Gore-Booth) elected 100 years ago as a Sinn Fein MP for Dublin South. She was rebel, an insurrectionist, a terrorist who, like her modern counterparts, supported murder. She was sentenced to death but the sentence was commuted!!

Declassified Files: Future General Mike Jackson savaged ability to counter IRA propaganda in 1990

In many ways, an example of naive establishment thinking! No amount of economic improvement for Roman Catholic republican areas will gain their support and wean them away from supporting terrorism. The spending of £millions over the last 30 years in republican areas amply demonstrate that, since they remain areas which provide shelter and support to republican terrorism and murder!!

(Government) Department withdraws workers from Derry estate after threat

The area involved is a republican area!!!!

Masked attackers use dissident guns to target west Belfast family

This is another republican area!!!!

West Belfast ‘pipe bomb explosion’ goes unreported to police over Christmas holidays

This is an example of the attitude toward law and order in a republican area!!!!

Gang of 150 youths throw bottles and stones at passing cars on Falls Road

Again, the area involved is a republican area!!!!

Kingsmill Massacre memorial service held in the Co Armagh village

Relatives of Kingsmill massacre victims urge killers to admit actions

Anonymous letter claimed British knew of Enniskillen bomb plans

Given that the source of the letter is Dublin, we have grave doubts though the years have taught us the utter unscrupulousness of the political realm!!

Poppy Day victim’s daughter in appeal for a public inquiry

Police probe sinister graffiti attacks at Free Presbyterian church

Sinister graffiti daubed on Northern Ireland church in second attack in space of week

IRA man involved in Fermanagh 1957 raid is buried

Sinn Fein accused of ‘glorification of terrorism’ over Sean South commemoration

Ruth Dudley Edwards: A human rights sector that is interested only in sins of the state can have little credibility

No security force collusion in UVF murder of Roseann Mallon, inquest finds

Fears UDA feud could lead to further bloodshed

Think of them as Ulster’s ‘Mafia’!!!

One-eyed cow worshipped as a ‘miracle of God’ in India

It surely says something about the religious ‘psyche’ of India!!!

Omagh ‘dissident republican’ plaque not authorised by council

The man mentioned in this article and who suffered the loss of his wife in the Omagh bombing is a nationalist. That he should erect this plaque is most significant and shows what many Roman Catholics think of the ‘Dissident IRA’!!

Omagh bomb: Council to consider action over plaque

(Belfast) City to build a permanent memorial to honour Belfast Blitz victims

Republican senators defy Trump by backing bill to end government shutdown without funding for border wall

Governmental chaos is worldwide at present!!!

Waltham Forest stabbing: Moped crash boy, 14, killed

If he was 14, and riding a moped, then this ‘little angel’ was breaking the law and was not insured!!!

Doncaster police pursuit crash suspect, 15, charged

More of the same!!!

South African ten-year-old Sibahle Zwane is a maths whizz

Now for something different!!

Sinn Fein rewriting history again over NI centenary plans

New pro-life party ‘will have seven Northern Ireland councillors’

Nationalist and republican parties now ‘anti-Catholic’

Yep, and the moon is made of blue cheese, no, green cheese!!!!

Sinn Fein’s Patrice Hardy reported over abuse allegations

Over 90% of UUP members oppose Irish language act, new study finds

DUP says backstop the ‘poison’ in Brexit deal

Avoiding a hard border in Ireland requires more than simply saying it won’t happen, May warns

Tory Brexiteers think ‘no deal would be okay’ as PM fails to change minds

May’s NIGHTMARE continues as RECORD LOW support exit deal – SHOCK POLL

‘No deal is way FORWARD!’ MP Kate Hoey tears into ‘outrageous’ Remainer scare stories

Brexit: Conservative MPs’ anger at Speaker John Bercow ruling

BREXIT BETRAYAL: John Bercow grants Remainers chance to cause MORE Brexit chaos

Bercow, an unrelenting ‘Remainer’, is almost universally despised within the House of Commons!!!

Stormont EU ‘veto’ power plans published by government

Brexit backstop: Promise of ‘strong role’ for Stormont ‘meaningless’, says Nigel Dodds

Brexit: Irish youth see unity via the backstop, new polling shows

Pity the DUP could not have done the same before giving their consent to it!!!

EU tricks EXPOSED? Brexiteer reveals REAL reason big business supported Remain

BBC BIAS: Viewers ‘TURN OFF’ as Brexit talkshow FAILS to invite any Leave voting MPs

Sinn Féin has urged EU officials not ‘to blink’ on border backstop

Not hard to know which side they are on!!!

Brexit: Second Commons defeat for Theresa May in 24 hours

Arlene Foster: Theresa May’s Brexit backstop plan is ‘dead’

‘Scrap backstop plan if you want DUP support,’ warns MP

Brexit meeting ‘useful but frank’, says Gregory Campbell

‘Get off your high horse and get some humility’, DUP MP tells Simon Coveney

Voting down Brexit deal risks cancelling Brexit – foreign secretary

More unabashed lies and scare-mongering!!!

Northern Ireland can get £300m from Brexit deal: Bradley promises cash for peace-building if MPs back May

Peace funding: Northern Ireland gets post-Brexit pledge

This poor foolish women is prone to uttering the most deceitful, foolish, preposterous and arrogant malarkey! This statement by her surpasses all previous stupid attempts at bribery simply because it claims ‘it will ensure’ what no government can guarantee – PEACE!!

Brexit no deal could spark RIOTS over food shortage – police call for extra security

Even the threat of Hitler’s invasion of mainland UK in 1940 did not engender such ludicrous, panic-stricken speculation and lies!!!