More encouraging words

I thought that I might share with you these two encouraging emails, just so that you might know that not everyone takes the very antagonistic attitude of those whose emails I have already shared with you.

One is local and one comes from the Czechia (the Czech Republic).

I know from the response of many of our readers that much prayer is going up to heaven for the success of our protest.

Please continue to pray!

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much,” James 5:16.

Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster

Dear Rev Foster

Like your previous correspondent, you are unlikely to know me. Unlike him, I have no desire to upbraid you; far from it, in fact.

I am under 40 and an unprofitable servant of the Lord Jesus Christ but I have long had concerns about dancing. For the last 15 years or so, it seems to have exploded in popularity at FP weddings. While I confess that I do not fully understand the all the minute details behind its prohibition, I have seen enough to know that most modern forms of dance exhibit a sensuality unbecoming of a believer. Therefore, I am saddened that it seems now to be considered socially acceptable even for saved people to engage in this activity.

The reason for this email is that I want to commend you for your courage and faithfulness to the Saviour in the stand you are taking. I realise that you are unfairly being characterised as unloving for calling out Rev Wilson in public but you make a good point of comparison with Paul and Peter. Further, I have seen enough of your previous service to Christ and His church to know that your actions are those of a man who loves the FPC enough to risk unpopularity in the cause of purity.

It is a fearful bellwether of our denomination to hear that some of your ministerial colleagues seem to be more upset over your highlighting this issue than the fact that it actually took place. Sadly I am not, in one sense, surprised when considering the general direction of travel observed in recent years. I have prayed in the past that God would purify the church but am chastened by this reminder that it ought to be a constant prayer. Moreover, I see the urgency of praying for wisdom for our Presbytery who have to grapple with such things.

I ask that you charitably forgive any errors and take no offence at my words. If possible, it would be my preference to retain my anonymity but I have no qualms if you feel the need to disclose the content of this message. You are in my prayers and I trust that the LORD will grant strength and grace as you seek to see His Name alone glorified.

Yours in His love


Dear Mr. Foster,

Yesterday, when I was praying, the LORD laid upon my heart, that I should write you a short message of encouragement in these grievous times, when you are again under attack from within.

I don’t know, how many supporting messages you get right now, but it seems possible to me they are fewer in numbers than negative ones, so I wanted – at least a little – to balance out the scales. It may not be much, but I would like to let you know how I appreciate your stance for the LORD and for the old paths. You are oftentimes in my prayers and thanksgivings. I know it is the same with Mr. XXXXXXX.

I hope you and your wife are both doing well physically (as far as possible given Your age) “even as Thy soul prospereth”, 3 John 2.

May the LORD be with You and strengthen you and your relatives. Please give my regards to everybody . . . . and others who know me personally.

In the LORD Jesus Christ.