Men (and women) without the Bible have no answer to life’s perplexities!

A news site reported on April 5th that: “During Monday morning’s Good Morning Britain, host Kate Garraway spoke with Bishop Rose Hudson-Wilkin about the pandemic and questioned why a God could even allow it to happen in the first place. “How could a God allow this to happen to the world, have you had that?” Kate asked the Bishop when discussing the questions she may have faced over the past year.

Bishop Hudson-Wilkin replied: “That’s a tough one and we hear it all the time when there’s a natural disaster or when someone has done something terrible.

“The feedback has always been ‘If God is really there, why did he allow…?’

“And, when we say that we actually forget that we have the freedom.”

And there you have it! That was the answer of this female masquerading as a bishop in an office that the Word of God states should not be occupied by a woman! Read more