May 2012

The International Eucharistic Congress 2012. Is this a Christian event?

By Richard Bennett (Berean Beacon). A major news item across the Catholic world for the summer of 2012 is that the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) is to be held in Dublin, Ireland from June 10th – 17th. The Congress is expected to attract 25,000 people a day, including “12,000 international pilgrims representing 99 different countries.” Read more…

What a critic has to say of our report on Ballymena Ecumenical service

Free Presbyterians attend Ballymena ecumenical service for Queen’s Jubilee

…But what was most heart-breaking for many was the attendance at the service of Dr Ian and Mrs Paisley. The man, who for many Christians, was an instructor in righteousness and a guide on the solemn issues of separation from ecumenical apostasy, sat through a service in which a Romanist priest led the congregation in prayer and the Church of Ireland Bishop of Connor, among other things, prayed for the dead!

Among those political figures who attended were Mr. Ian Paisley Jr., MP and his wife, Mr. Mervyn Storey and his wife. Mr. Storey is an elder in Ballymoney Free Presbyterian Church. The Mayor of Ballymena was also in attendance and participated in the service. He attends Ballymena Free Presbyterian Church. Other DUP councillors from a number of District Councils were also in attendance. Read more…

  •  Report of this ecumenical service on the Diocese of Connor website.

Selected news stories

McGuinness claims unionists open to idea of a united Ireland

Reverend Harold Good says Sinn Fein reconciliation talks ‘open and frank’

Remember IRA victims as Adams lectures you on TV

‘Independent’ policing board member is SF councillor

Orange frustration over Covenant centenary failings

NI leaders to unveil gay rights blueprint

Secret files link ‘Gerry Adams linked to ruthless IRA death squad that murdered mother-of-ten they believed to be British spy’

Sinn Fein men accompany convicted double murderer Martin Corey at funeral

15m euros spent on Archdiocese of Dublin abuse cases

Concern over Republic’s plan to cut Protestant school funding

Robinson slams ‘boycotter Ford’

Unionists question Sinn Féin’s commitment to truth and genuine reconciliation

Irish nun quits Catholic church after claiming abuse at hands of priests

Smithwick Tribunal hears RUC source ‘warned of ‘mole’ in Dundalk station

Cameron rebukes Northern Ireland Secretary over gay marriage

Stephen Carroll sentence referred to Court of Appeal

Concern after IRA bombs van and police base

Priest claims schoolgirl Emanuela Orlandi was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties

Sinn Fein now minders for dissidents

Residents outraged as bombs are found in Derry flats

The secret war games terrorists can never win

David Cameron urged to stand up to Europe over prisoner vote row

Northern Ireland Secretary, Owen Paterson says he cannot support David Cameron’s gay marriage plan

Protestants losing out on jobs – report

Smithwick Tribunal handed extension

Evangelicals hit out at bishop in same-sex row

Ministers spent £36,000 (£1,000 per day on hire cars) on US trade mission

Mother charged with directing terrorism in Northern Ireland

Seven in court after Northern Ireland swoop on alleged dissident republicans

Sinn Fein denies Martin McGuinness wants Cardinal Sean Brady to face court

Four remanded over ‘terror training camp’ near Omagh

Two brothers and a cousin of prominent dissident republican Colin Duffy appeared in court on terrorism offences

Free Presbyterian Church leaders horrified by ‘tacky’ musical

Stormont told to release SF papers

Fresh blow for Cardinal Sean Brady as priests snub rally

The Roman Catholic Church has protected evil for too long

Questions which are too hot for OFMdFM to handle

Why a mother took her teenage son to be shot by vigilante terrorists Republican Action Against Drugs

Kennedy “unsurprised” by Smithwick revelations

100,000 forgotten victims of the Troubles

Sinn Fein’s forked-tongue approach just doesn’t cut it

Thatcher ‘advised not to fuel Garda collusion talk’

Margaret Thatcher ‘played down collusion’

Members of IRA ambush squad named during tribunal sitting

I’m not apologising for my £10,000 Stormont postage bill: Ian Paisley jnr

Peter Robinson in bid to keep Stormont advisers row out of the courts

IRA man was ‘bravest of the brave’ – McGuinness

Setting the Scene to Mark the 1916 Rising at Stormont

Jim Allister Calls for Official Marking of RUC Centenary

McGuinness urges people to help police jail RAAD members

‘Sinn Fein intent on removing British tradition’ – McCrea (Why are you in coalition with them then???)

Sam Smyth: SF’s policy is hypocrisy — on both sides of Border

Real IRA brothers use an axe to hack off victim’s fingers

Fury as Sinn Fein oppose soldier’s name going on town war memorial

Gerry Adams is in no position to lecture anyone on abuse

Under-fire church to break from tradition – (Update on ecumenical shenanigans in Ireland!!

How ecumenical Protestants fare in Roman Catholic Ireland

Differences over “gay marriage” in Conservative Party

Catholic Church is not for respectable people

US election: Mitt Romney leads Republican attack on Barack Obama and gay marriage

Church of Ireland Synod blasted for ‘homophobia’ after vote on marriage

Church of Ireland U-turn on gay row motion

Northern Bank robbery man’s conviction overturned

Man who warned RUC that former Det Sgt Owen Corrigan of Dundalk Garda was an IRA mole, later abducted, tortured and killed by the IRA

Heated exchanges over unmasking of RUC source at Smithwick Tribunal

Cardinal Brady Should Resign

‘No healing until cardinal resigns’, abuse victim Brendan Boland says

Front page of historic Ulster Covenant missing

Police could have stopped Omagh bombers: relatives

Martin McGuinness signals he is ready to meet Queen if Sinn Fein leadership green lights historic U-turn

DUP asleep at the wheel on Higher Education Strategy

Obama touts gay marriage stance at Hollywood fundraiser, as event raises nearly $15M

DUP criticise DPP for dropping Derry Easter rally charge

Catholic Church braced for new child sex abuse scandal in Republic of Ireland

We’re ready to back TUV Bill banning ex-prisoners from adviser roles, reveals SDLP man

Justice Minister Dodges Reporting to Assembly on Police Investigation into Roman Catholic Child Abuse Scandal

A former Garda sergeant was named as a trustworthy IRA informer

Gay backlash ahead of CoI debate on sexuality

Former Christian Brother John McCabe jailed for abusing three boys

Vatican ‘miserably failed’ abuse victims says Martin McGuinness (or the case of the kettle calling the pot black!!!!)

DUP-Sinn Fein tension over advisers

Questions about McGuinness haven’t gone away, you know

Victim says church hasn’t changed and demands Cardinal Brady resign

Dissident republicans ‘have remote detonation capability’

SF advisor’s pay held over ‘security checks’

Salary row over Sinn Fein aide

Association of Catholic Priests discuss Church’s future

Scientists Admit IVF Has High Rate of Abnormalities

Finance department will not pay for McArdle replacement

Dublin archbishop in Brendan Smyth inquiry call

Republican Action Against Drugs admits shooting two men and says it will shoot more

RAAD’s campaign of terror must be brought to an end

Can Good Friday Agreement compare to the Easter Rising?

Cardinal Sean Brady: McGuinness and Gilmore critical

RC Theologian calls on Cardinal Sean Brady to resign

Poots voices concern at Cardinal’s actions – (What about your Department’s killing of embryos, Mr Poots??)

Pope donates $250,000 for disaffected Anglicans

Police urged to probe abuse claims

Cardinal Brady will not resign over ‘abuse failure’

Cardinal Sean Brady vows to remain as former RUC officer says failures let abuse go on

Victim, Brendan Boland calls on Cardinal Sean Brady to resign

Another man abused by Brendan Smyth blasts Cardinal Seán Brady and calls on him to resign

Pressure mounting North and South on Brady amid calls for police to step in

Convicted IRA bomber opened a “harrowing” exhibition about 9/11 victims in Belfast

Martin McGuinness denies contact with Smithwick Tribunal

Allister Hits Out at Anti-Unionist Higher Education Strategy – While DUP are Absent

Cardinal Brady ‘failed to act on sex abuse claims’

Victim of pervert priest says cardinal Brady took notes as he told of vile assaults

Cardinal Brady ‘failed to warn parents of abuse claims’

Vatican adds voice to support for Cardinal Brady

Brady ‘betrayed’ by officials over abuse

Time for Police involvement in Brady Affair

McGuinness is really in charge (Letter to the Editor)

Donegal shooting was paramilitary-style attack

Police patrol may have spooked terrorist team with 600lbs van bomb

PSNI says republicans have lied to tribunal

Smithwick Tribunal told IRA ‘believes evidence deliberately false’

Collusion probe ‘is a significant issue for top republicans’

Stormont accused over pro-Irish student plan

€10 Million of Euro Money to Terrorists

McGuinness calls for end to UK link

Jim Allister slams Sinn Féin over terrorism

Allister Pays Tribute to Army During Newry Bomb Matter of the Day debate – and raises MPs “personal experience”

Unionists pan ‘leprechauns and donkeys’ all-Ireland tourism drive

A Mecca for Terror Tourists

UUP MLA hits out over Robinson speech

Not a ‘City of Culture‘ but ‘A city of murderers’