Mary Lou McDonald ‘profoundly shocked’ at Dowdall’s criminal past

If ever there was a two-faced and duplicitous utterance it was that in the this headline in today’s ‘Belfast Telegraph’!

Mary Lou McDonald ‘profoundly shocked’ at Dowdall’s criminal past

The article continues:

“Mary Lou McDonald said that had she known about former Sinn Fein councillor Jonathan Dowdall’s involvement in criminality, he would not have been “anywhere near” the party.Ms McDonald said she was “profoundly shocked” to learn of Dowdall’s role in gangland crime.Last month, Dowdall was sentenced to four years in prison for facilitating the murder of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel in 2016.Dowdall, who turned state witness in the Regency murder trial, was also convicted of interrogating, threatening and waterboarding a man in January 2015.”

When we remember that Sinn Fein is indissoluble linked to the Provisional IRA, that statement just about takes the proverbial ‘biscuit’!

Many prominent members of Sinn Fein were active self-confessed IRA terrorists. Martin McGuinness, Gerry Kelly, Bobby Sands, to name but a few.All of these men were involved in an organisation that was guilty of terrorist murder, bombing, armed robbery and various forms of intimidation!

Sinn Fein councillor Jonathan Dowdall, just jailed in the Irish Republic and about whom Mary Lou McDonald puts on a show of ignorance, fitted in well with such a band of criminals. Such an astounding show of ‘sham shock’ is but one reason why Ulster Protestants must never believe the word of the charlatans and hoaxers who lead Sinn Fein!

Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster