Letter to the ‘Belfast Newsletter’

I have just sent this letter to the ‘Belfast Newsletter’.It is a swift reply to the latest article by John Coulter, headed by this title: ‘Women ministers are dedicated and professional – so what’s the problem lads?’

It is written in his usual casual, trivialising style which, along with the garbage in the article, further belittles God and His truth.

It is to the shame of the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ that it publishes this offensive drivel. Doubtless there will be those who welcome it, especially amongst the ranks of apostate ‘Irish Presbyterians’!

Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster

Dear Editor,

Poor John Coulter! He really does make a career of displaying his ignorance of God’s mind and will and revealed purpose.He heads up his latest nonsensical article, for which the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ doubtless pays him and aids him in his propagation of error, with the question: “Women ministers are dedicated and professional – so what’s the problem lads?”

Those who oppose woman ordained as ministers are simply following the apostolic instructions laid down for the early church in its formative years.

“‭This ‭is‭ a true‭ saying‭, If a man‭ desire‭‭ the office of a bishop‭, (interchangeable with the terms ‘elder’ or ‘presbyter’) he desireth‭‭ a good‭ work‭.‭ ‭A bishop‭ then‭ must‭‭ be‭‭ blameless‭, the husband‭ of one‭ wife‭, vigilant‭, sober‭, of good behaviour‭, given to hospitality‭, apt to teach‭;‭ ‭not‭ given to wine‭, no‭ striker‭, not‭ greedy of filthy lucre‭; but‭ patient‭, not a brawler‭, not covetous‭;‭ ‭one that ruleth‭‭ well‭ his own‭ house‭, having‭‭ his children‭ in‭ subjection‭ with‭ all‭ gravity‭;‭ ‭(For‭ if a man‭ know‭‭ not‭ how‭‭ to rule‭‭ his own‭ house‭, how‭ shall he take care of‭‭ the church‭ of God‭?)‭ ‭Not‭ a novice‭, lest‭ being lifted up with pride‭‭ he fall‭‭ into‭ the condemnation‭ of the devil‭.‭ ‭Moreover‭‭ he‭ must‭‭ have‭‭ a good‭ report‭ of‭ them which are without‭; lest‭ he fall‭‭ into‭ reproach‭ and‭ the snare‭ of the devil‭,” 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

Now it would appear that Mr Coulter has no problem casting aside the divinely inspired words of Paul and accepting and arguing for that which is utterly opposed to the will of God.

Mr Coulter, continue on in this frame of mind and one day the Lord will tell you plainly what the problem is!


Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)


19th June 2023