Letter to Belfast Newsletter

This letter was submitted to the Editor of the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ back on 7th November.

It was in response to the outrageous statements of Mary Lou McDonald (“Mary Lou McDonald under fire from IRA victims’ relatives after claiming ‘no comparison’ between Provos and gangland violence”)

It has not been published and most likely will not as the news item referred to is somewhat dated as far as the media is concerned. I am therefore sharing it with you.

Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster.


The reports in today’s press regarding the outrageous statements of Mary Lou McDonald brings some encouragement to those who grieve at the ‘elevating’ of this most unpleasant woman and her evil party, Sinn Fein, in the estimate of the Irish Republic’s electorate, according to recent polls.

To read of others, who see the utterly hypocritical views of this woman as she attempts to ‘sanitise’ the evil strategy of terrorism and murder that he party rode to power upon here in Northern Ireland, is most encouraging — late and all in the day as it may be!

This ‘harpy’ and her party, south and north, is but a front for the greatest band of criminals and miscreants that have blighted this island for many a long year!That she should be given credibility by any section of the population, will prove to be an inextinguishable and heinous stain upon the Irish Republic.

However, we take some comfort from the comments presently reported, though doubtless ‘political opportunism’ on the part of some of her political opponents plays a part in the condemnation!

May we see the pattern of God’s retribution that has ever followed hard upon the heels of those of her ilk, who have defied God and His Truth by boasting and calling ‘evil good’, develop and overwhelm this deluded woman and all who support her views. The pattern of divine retribution is wonderfully portrayed in the fate of Sennacherib king of Assyria, 2 Kings 19. So it has been with all such beings since the fall of Cain!

Let all read this chapter for instruction in how God deals with boasters and blasphemers!

Sincere regards,

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)

Kilskeery, Co. Tyrone.