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The following news article has been mounted on the BBC news site.

Welsh Tory quits UK government over sex education law

Robin Millar is the Conservative MP for Aberconwy

The man in question is Robin Millar is the Conservative MP for Aberconwy. It is refreshing to see such a conscience amongst a parliament which appears to have little or no conscience!

Would that there was more of such amongst Christians here in Ulster!

He was one of 20 Conservative MPs who voted against the issue on Wednesday.

The rules brought in by the Tory government will make it compulsory for all post-primary schools in Northern Ireland to teach pupils about access to abortion and prevention of early pregnancy.

There have been many comments on this issue here in Ulster from parents with calls for actions of all kinds in response to this evil plan of the government.

All kinds except the ONE action that the Lord would approve of, namely the removing of children from under such instruction and placing them in a school governed by the Bible ALONE!

However, for me the reactions display a mixture of ignorance, apathy and continued carelessness. One Baptist pastor, in a letter to a local newspaper, tells us how he has instructed his children to withdraw from under such instruction.

Thereby he abdicates his parental responsibilities and places upon his children the heavy responsibility to decide what is unacceptable instruction and the action that they should take in response to such, while he comfortably sits at home!

To me the response by many parents is like the reactions of  parents of a son caught drinking and driving and who upon learning of this, hold up their hands in horror and appear utterly shocked and surprised at such a thing happening, while they have for a long time been ignoring the beer bottles in his room and the smell of booze on his breath!

It was in 1979 that a decision was taken by my wife and me to withdraw our children from the state school system because of our growing concern about curricular subjects which were far removed from the morality of God’s Word.

My wife had been a teacher in Fivemiletown High School for 5 years and in 1979 the oldest of our children was about to move from primary to secondary school. Thee prospect of our son being placed under the unrestricted teaching of the then curriculum greatly concerned us. The matter was brought to a head when my wife was asked to stand in for another teacher and supervise a video on ‘health’, which turned out to contain rather explicit statements and scenes on the subject of ‘sex’.

She immediately switched off the film and reported to the deputy headmaster that she would not continue in that class as she considered the video most unacceptable in any circumstances.

This incident, combined with our mounting concern about the teaching of the false notion of ‘Evolution’ and the immoral literature which was being chosen for study by teachers in the English Department as well as the general atmosphere in the state system which was contrary to Christian morality, brought the matter to a head. We decided that since she was providentially trained as a teacher, she would educate our children at home.

Others parents in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian congregation, to which I had been called and installed as minister just the previous year, upon hearing of our decision, requested that their children be allowed to join ours under my wife’s tutelage.

That resulted in a request to our Presbytery for permission to start a Christian school in the Kilskeery church premises. In the wonderful providence of God, we discovered that it was permissible under the legislation then in force to start an independent school with the freedom to set your own curriculum as long as it would provide a proper and sufficient education and also the freedom to appoint teachers of our own choosing. In the early 1980s, the training of our own teachers began.

Thus, Free Presbyterian Independent Christian Schools were born. in September 1979!

Since that date, there has been a constant, detailed pouring forth of explicit, documented warnings of what was taking place within the state school system. Every new departure from the Biblical standards once accepted in the land within the state classroom was highlighted and warnings issued far and wide.

Printed leaflets, church magazine articles, sermons and statements in the provincial press, all carried warnings of the threat faced by children in the state schools.

It has to be said that Christian parents, especially Free Presbyterian parents, largely chose to ignore these warnings and take comfort instead in the assurances given them by teachers in the state system, who were bound by law and by contract to teach what was in the stipulated state curriculum, that all was well and not to be concerned. Such assurances salved the consciences of many.

Only seven Free Presbyterian schools were commenced since 1979 and one of those inexplicably was closed down last year!  The very obvious moral decline within the state system continued until we have reached the point where the morality of Sodom is standard within the state schools.

For parents now to react as many have is, I feel, largely hypocritical and a little bit like the parents of the drunken teenager in my earlier illustration!

It is not too late for Christian parents to still avail themselves of the God-ordained legislated opening to form Christian schools. What is needed is faith to trust God to provide the funding necessary, for there is no state aid available, and it is unwanted if it were, since such aid always comes with binding ‘ties’ where available.

We live still in a very affluent society, despite the groans of many, and in truth whatever cost may incur would still leave parents today with a lifestyle far above that which my parents and those of that era, were happy to endure for the sake of their children.

In passing, let me quickly list some trends that further indicate clearly that our nation is sinking down rapidly into Babylonish depravity!

Grayson Perry receives his knighthood as female alter-ego Claire

The artist, believed to be the first to accept the honour dressed as the opposite sex, said the royals were ‘very cool’ about his attire.

Nigel Farage: Why I might be FORCED to leave the UK.

Christian ministry wins payout over shut bank accounts

These and many more such reported events and happenings, clearly warn all with any knowledge of the Bible of the fatal and destructive course that the nations of the earth are on.

“Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry,”  2 Timothy 4:2-5.

Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster