June 2016

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Some things to be considered regarding the recent decision by the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union.

brexitBy Rev Ivan Foster

I believe that the outcome of the referendum on the EU came as a surprise to many Christians, even though they had hoped for a vote to withdraw. The outcome was not that which was predicted by most newspaper opinion polls and that was not really surprising, given the campaign that the government, led by Mr Cameron, mounted in company with the Labour leader, Jeremy Corbin and those of that ilk.

The decision has brought a measure joy to earnest Christians who saw the miseries that links with the EU have brought about. Many of the immoral changes introduced into UK law had their source in the EU. The laws on sodomy, same-sex ‘marriages’ and abortion were all altered to suit the moral attitudes prevailing within the EU.

However, there are some simple truths which we must not lose sight of in the light of this momentous decision. Read more

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‘Pharaoh’ – a foreshadowing of the Antichrist

That there have been men who in their lives foreshadowed the future Antichrist serves to remind us of a number of important truths.

1. The spirit of iniquity has been at work amongst men since the fall of Adam. The devil’s temptation of man was not a random event but rather the beginning, amongst men, of the devil’s plan to overthrow God!

2. Furthermore, these vile men were merely foreshadowings and not the substance which indicates the restraining power of God upon the devil at work. The devil would like to have made some of them his ultimate agents but was prevented from doing so by the restraining power of God.

3. Moreover, if such wicked men as Cain, Goliath, Judas, and many others were but foreshadowings of the Antichrist, then the final manifestation of wickedness incarnate will be most dreadful indeed.

As a volcano reveals its destructive heart by its occasional eruptions, even so the repeated emergence of evil men, whose ways and words have been a portent of that satanically-controlled being who will emerge to dominate the Roman world, shortly before the return of the Saviour, has been a revealing of the burning cauldron of degeneracy that has long been inhibited by the mighty power of God until it is God’s time to bring to pass “every purpose of the LORD,” Jeremiah 51:29. Read more

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Securing the future by remembering the past, part 1.

Psalm 78

It is clearly stated here in this Psalm what the duty of fathers is regarding teaching children of the merciful dealings of God with them and their forbears.

“We will not hide them from their children, shewing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and his strength, and his wonderful works that he hath done,” verse 4.

The consequences of failure is clearly indicated here also. “And might not be as their fathers, a stubborn and rebellious generation; a generation that set not their heart aright, and whose spirit was not stedfast with God,” verse 8.

We must not just bear in mind God’s merciful dealings with His people in the past and the rich and blessed harvest that was the result, but we must also remember what disobedience and defiance of God by former generations brought upon them. See versus 18-33. Read more

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The day when the tide of immigration will turn

A consideration of the prophecy of Zechariah, chapter 5, and its relevance to the referendum on UK membership of the EU.

“Then said I to the angel that talked with me, Whither do these bear the ephah? And he said unto me, To build it an house in the land of Shinar: and it shall be established, and set there upon her own base,” Zechariah 5:10-11.

There is at work today throughout the earth, a spirit of iniquity and rebellion that will reach its fulness in the days just prior to the Saviour’s return. Read more

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To what extent does the Free Presbyterian church owe its present prosperity to the events of 1966?

A-time-to-be-remembered-coverOn the 6th June 1966, a Free Presbyterian protest march of witness which had been given permission by the police to take place and its route approved, was attacked by Republican rioters in the Cromac Square area of Belfast. The route the parade followed was the main route into the centre of Belfast and there was no alternative route available.


The rioters had prepared themselves for the ambush by collecting railway bolts from a section of a nearby railway which was being demolished and delivering them by lorry to side streets in the Cromac square area. Police were informed of these activities but took very little if any action.

Long before the witness march arrived in the Cromac Square area and before it could be seen, the Republicans had begun to attack the police.

The witness marchers had to walk through a lethal hail of stones, bottles, railway bolts and other deadly missiles. Read more

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There are better men amongst the women!!!!!

Editor’s correspondence with ‘Father’ Patrick McCafferty

Pastor James McConnell and the RC priest Patrick McCafferty with whom he is most friendly
Pastor James McConnell and the RC priest Patrick McCafferty with whom he is most friendly

Back in 2002, I entered into a correspondence in the pages of “The Burning Bush” with a Roman Catholic priest from Belfast. The correspondence arose after I wrote a letter in reply to an article by the priest in “The Belfast Telegraph” of August 24th, 2002.

I was grieved at such a platform being given to the errors and deceptions of Rome and commented on the priest’s article in a letter to “The Belfast Telegraph.”

It will be noted how our two replies to the priest were edited by the ‘Letters Editor’ of “The Belfast Telegraph” before they quickly closed the exchange after two exchanges.

The Word of God was not liked by that ecumenical newspaper back then and it is still the case. Every effort was made to shield and protect the priest of Rome from the rebuke of God’s Word.

We are republishing the correspondence, which continued for eight exchanges, and appeared in “The Burning Bush” from October 2002 until May 2003, because of the publicity given to the ‘warm relationship’ that was manifested between this priest and Pastor James McConnell during the recent trial occasioned by Pastor McConnell’s pulpit statements about Islam. Pastor McConnell asked ‘Father’ Patrick McCafferty to speak on his behalf during the trial.

All this “ecumenical camaraderie” between the pastor and the priest may appear to some to give endorsement of the teachings of Rome and it is for this reason we highlight again the errors this priest, like all Roman Catholic clerics, propagates.

Needless to say, it also highlights the folly of James McConnell!

Read Part 6 of the exchange here.

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Pictures of Christ series

Rev. Ivan FosterRev. Foster is engaged in an ongoing series of studies in Kilskeery Independent Christian School morning assemblies in which he deals with the theme, “Pictures of Christ in the Bible”, i.e. the descriptions and types of Christ given in the Scriptures.

Each new study will be added as it becomes available and you can listen to new studies using the player below.

Previously published studies in this series can be heard here.

Bible pictures of Christ Pt 61
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 62
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 63
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 64
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 65

Please note that there will be no new studies added till school resumes in September DV.

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Latest news stories

Live updates: Boris Johnson rules out Conservative leadership bid

Shocks In Tory Leadership Contest

Boris Johnson announces he will not run for Prime Minister as Michael Gove declares his bid after claiming his colleague ‘cannot provide the leadership’

Somme carnage touched every village in Northern Ireland

How The Somme Made Northern Ireland

Tory leadership: Johnson and May to enter contest

Tory leadership contest enters Big Beast Day

May Launches Tory Campaign With Swipe At Johnson

Corbyn to face Labour leadership challenge from Angela Eagle – (Eagle is a lesbian, coming out in a newspaper interview in September 1997 – Wikipedia)

Horrified Labour MPs receive death threats over refusal to back Corbyn

PM says legal advice is clear – Scotland and NI bound by Brexit vote

If you’re unhappy with Brexit move across the border – Frazer

Europe FINALLY talks on migration: French say UK could have trade deal AND border control

Taoiseach Enda Kenny intervenes on behalf of Scottish government in their bid to stay in the European Union – (Another pointer to the ethnic links between Irish Republic and the Scottish Nationalists!!!)

Ukip brands Enda Kenny as “trouble-making messenger boy” for Scotland talks

Nicola Sturgeon’s hopes of keeping Scotland in EU hit by Francois Hollande and Spanish PM Rajoy

Arlene Foster: No regrets over backing Brexit, but we all need to move on

DUP’s ‘terrorist benefits’ furore

Complaint after BBC ‘fact check’ describes IRA bomber as ‘political prisoner’

Kingsmills inquest: I may not have long to live, says widow pleading for answers

Carrickfergus: Man shot in legs at Dunluskin Gardens


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More news

June 29

Panel member quits ‘doomed’ Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry – (Roman Catholic institutions feature in this enquiry. Scottish Nationalist Party has strong links to Romanism!!)

‘I’m still alive’: Watch the Queen’s brilliant response after Sinn Fein chief Martin McGuinness asks after her health – (That is more than many whose paths crossed that of IRA man McGuinness can say!!!)

Anger over Belfast council worker’s email about ‘horrific Brexit mistake’ sent to all councillors

DUP Minister (Paul Given) Brings Forward Obscene Proposal Equating Terrorist with Innocent Victim – (“And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter,” Isaiah 59:14!)

At least 36 dead in ‘heinous’ suicide attack on Istanbul airport

EU leaders urged to tackle ‘disenchantment’ after Brexit vote

Nicola Sturgeon suffers major setback as Donald Tusk rejects invitation for Brexit talks on Scotland’s future

Ireland to leave EU within five years, expert warns

Eamonn McCann welcomes break with ‘racist, neo-liberal elite of the European Union’ – (!!!!????)

Cavalier, snobbish, aloof, arrogant … ‘Remain’ got exactly what they deserved

Labour crisis: Jeremy Corbyn refuses to resign after losing confidence of 172 MPs as Angela Eagle eyes up leadership challenge

Nigel Farage jeered and booed as he tells MEPs they are ‘in denial’ over Brexit

Cameron and Farage tell EU: Brexit vote is ALL your fault after ignoring migrant fears

No more UK CASH COW: Panicking EU to lose 15 per cent of budget funding due to Brexit

MERKEL’S WORST NIGHTMARE: Germany calls for Referendum as ‘people want to be free of EU

Poland calls for Juncker to QUIT as other nations fume that EU has too much power

Theresa May’s campaign accused of using Government whips to strong arm Tory MPs to vote for her to be Conservative leader

‘Order willing and able to do deal on Ardoyne but CARA backed out’

June 28

EU Referendum: David Cameron rules out border poll on Irish unity

SDLP comes out to reject SF border poll demand

Alex Salmond: Scottish Parliament cannot block Brexit

Brexit: Relationship between DUP and Sinn Fein is now under pressure

No plans to remove memorial – (So much for the DUP’s policy of “Law and Order”!!!)

Man facing terrorist charges linked to attack on PSNI has taken his own life

Work to begin on ‘challenges’ relating to Northern Ireland border with Republic in preparation for Brexit – David Cameron

Northern Ireland not bound by UK’s Brexit vote, says Gerry Adams

Extraordinary times for the Labour Party with MPs ‘in tears’

Labour crisis: As many as 150 MPs expected to vote against Jeremy Corbyn as George Osborne rules himself out of Conservative race

Pope Francis says Roman Catholic Church should apologise to gay people – (Only an antichrist would say God is wrong!!)

Tory leadership: Theresa May overtakes Boris Johnson in poll as George Osborne rules himself out

Johnson could become new UK Prime Minister in just nine weeks’ time

The Queen’s fantastic response to Martin McGuinness when he asks after her health

June 27

Nicola Sturgeon says SNP may try to block Brexit

EU referendum: Theresa Villiers says parliament sovereign

Sam McBride: Brexit creates uncertainty. But some of the wild reactions are alarming

Tony Blair: We can’t rule out another EU referendum

Boris Johnson: ‘History will prove that the British people got it right’

The vote for Brexit is a time of joy and hope but also anxiety

Sinn Fein border poll a stunt, says ex-IRA man

Burning of effigies and flags on bonfires a ‘hate crime’ says SF’s O’Dowd – (Really! What does he call the campaign of murder and terror by which his party came to power???)

EU referendum: Jeremy Corbyn vows to fight for leadership and reshape cabinet

Corbyn vows to fight for leadership after 11 senior Labour MPs quit his team

Labour in turmoil after shadow cabinet exodus

Shadow Home Secretary Hilary Benn Sacked From Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet

EU referendum Labour crisis: Jeremy Corbyn says he will fight on after Hilary Benn coup triggers 11 resignations – with more expected to follow

Man shot in legs on Belfast street

Parliament petitions committee removes over 70,000 ‘fraudulent’ signatures

June 25

Furious Nigel Farage to take control of Britain’s exit from the EU in Brussels after Vote Leave freezes him out

Northern Ireland secretary rejects Sinn Féin call for border poll

No other nationalist parties back SF’s demand for a border poll

Unionists slam McGuinness’ border poll call

Sinn Féin to ‘intensify’ demand for united Ireland vote following Brexit

Northern Ireland’s place in the UK secure despite opposition to Brexit, says Arlene Foster

Brexit: No need to panic, says Arlene Foster after landmark UK vote to quit the EU

Sam McBride: At an unprepared Stormont, all is changed utterly

‘Nationalists who were content until Brexit are now livid’

‘People may not like Brexit vote but they have to live with it’: MP Sammy Wilson

Sam McBride: Northern Irish result was far closer than expected

Ireland faces one of the worst crises in country’s history following Brexit shock

Former Mid Ulster DUP MLA Ian McCrea to sit on flags and culture commission

Republic’s ban on gay blood donors may be lifted

June 24

It is official: the UK is to quit the EU

EU referendum live: David Cameron resigns as UK shocks the world by voting for Brexit

Brexit: David Cameron to quit after UK votes to leave EU

Sinn Féin calls for poll on Irish unity after NI votes Remain

Brexit: Northern Ireland votes to remain in the EU – (The Roman Catholic Republican vote + ecumenical unionists account for that!!)

EU referendum: Scotland backs Remain as UK votes Leave – (Again the influence of Romanism is manifested!!)

SNP says Scotland ‘sees its future as part of the EU’ and Sinn Fein calls for vote on Irish unity after Brexit win

EU president calls for UNITY in crumbling bloc as Euroscepticism sweeps following Brexit

Ex-UUP MLA on ‘abusive messages’ from former colleagues – (So much for the professed tolerance of liberal unionism!!!)

Kingsmills inquest: IRA ‘embarrassed’ about sectarian murders – (‘Embarrassed’ suggests a sense of shame which the IRA never had!!)

June 23

EU referendum: Voting commences across Northern Ireland

Aileen Quinton: I’m rejecting Project Fear and embracing Project Confidence

EU Campaigns Issue Last Rallying Cry – (Nation halts between two opinions!!!)

Same sex marriage: Stormont Finance minister asks officials to work on draft bill – (Sinn Fein, who sanctioned murder is now set on sanctioning this further abomination!!)

Justice Minister’s failure to question RUC collusion claims ‘disappointing’: Jim Allister

Tell-all book claims Hillary Clinton ‘threw a Bible at Secret Service agent’s head’

June 22

EU referendum: Queen asks guests to give her three reasons why Britain should remain in Europe

EU referendum: Leader Mike Nesbitt out of step with party mood, says UUP councillor

Dissidents’ bid to march on Belfast city hall sparks rioting fears

DUP: Party funded huge advertising campaign in paper not circulated in NI

Police investigate possible terror link to Belfast explosives haul

Semtex discovery underlines dissident threat

Rep of Ireland should re-join Commonwealth says Fine Gael Senator Feighan

Kingsmills inquest: Bodies of victims blocked the road, says witness

Ellie Butler murder: Judge who returned girl to EVIL parents ‘ignored string of warnings’

June 21

In a moment of weakness, I joined the DUP, says Patterson – (Obviously a man of deep conviction and principle. He’ll do well in the DUP!!!!)

Three Compelling Reasons to Vote Leave – Statement on the EU referendum by former MEP and TUV leader Jim Allister

UUP councillors Aaron Callan and Richard Holmes write on the EU Referendum

EU referendum: More UUP councillors backing Brexit

EU referendum: Cameron ‘told migration target was impossible’

Win or lose the EU referendum, Cameron has failed test of leadership

Northern Ireland unionists and republicans among Brexit backers

EU Referendum: Leave vote will open door to bright and prosperous future – (A prosperous future depends on more than an economy, Pro 3:5-6!)

Brit arrested at rally ‘wanted to kill Donald Trump’

Grief of pregnant Northern Ireland woman travelling to England for abortion ‘shows precious human life was present’ – John Larkin tells court

New Lodge, Belfast: 1.5kg of explosives found at flats

Yes, so Ireland was occupied – get over it and look at how the invaders spared us a worse fate – (Most Nationalists seem to forget they are the descendants of invaders!!!)

A Chilling and a Gruesome Murder – Jim Allister Comments on Jo Cox

Drugs accused ‘under threat from New IRA’

June 20

‘God is gay’ poem ‘like writings of St Paul’ says bishop – (What a vile organisation the Church of England is!!!)

The killing of Jo Cox does not justify suspending democratic debate over the EU

EU referendum: Trepidation and fear stalks border – (Myth and lies promoted by pro-EU republicans!!!)

US politicians chastise ‘misguided’ Barack Obama for meddling in Britain’s EU referendum

Sinn Féin and SDLP warn of consequences of hard border

Jeremy Corbyn: There is no ‘upper limit’ to EU migration

Michael Gove ‘shuddered’ at UKIP migrants poster – (Just what about it makes him ‘shudder’!!!!)

Nigel Farage responds to Jo Cox question by saying he is a victim of political hatred

‘When you challenge the establishment they go after you’ Farage hits back in poster row

Is Merkel facing a referendum? Germany fed-up with ‘head of EU government’ Juncker

You are facing rendezvous with history, bishop tells EU voters – (This is the very opposite of the Bible’s message regarding the future Europe!!!)

Ireland and the Somme: How a battle united an island divided

Ulster Unionist defects to DUP: Alastair Patterson backs Arlene Foster as ‘leader of unionism’

Sinn Féin criticise council after Carnlough Easter Rising memorial removed

Claim that some Orange halls operate as drink ‘shebeens’

Don’t call girls girls, advise gender neutral headmistresses – (The lunacy that sin produces!!!)

DUBLIN – Two suspected Kinahan gang members arrested ‘on way to hit’

E-mails sent to Kate and Gerry McCann by paedophile Clement Freud may be handed to inquiry

New clues found to unsolved murder of ‘God’s banker’ found hanging 34 years ago

June 18

Jo Cox MP death: Man charged with murder

Jo Cox MP shot: Thomas Mair charged with murder as police reveal far-Right wing links are ‘priority line of inquiry’

Opinion: Brexit best for NI says Allister

Arlene Foster: It’s time we took back the levers of power from EU bureaucrats

EU referendum: Ex-army chief Lord Guthrie switches to Leave

Field Marshal Lord Guthrie: Why I now back the Leave campaign

UUP grandees urge party’s supporters to quit ‘out of control’ EU

Easter Rising row erupts as Council orders republican monument to be dismantled

O’Loan criticises memorial removal

The father of an IRA murder victim has failed in a legal attempt to secure a fresh inquest

Ukip leader McNarry secretly got taxpayers to pay libel bill

Prince William appears on cover of gay magazine Attitude – (Endorsing that which God abominates will bring judgment on Royal House!!)

June 17

Jo Cox MP dead after shooting attack

Jo Cox murder an echo of Northern Ireland’s past – politicians pay tribute to slain Westminster colleague

Jo Cox MP (Labour) critically injured amid shooting reports

Labour MP Jo Cox critically injured after shooting – gunman ‘heard shouting Britain First’

Faith school: Desertmartin PS (Protestant) and Knocknagin PS (RC) to make NI history – (This is what ecumenism plans for the future and it entails the death of Bible Protestantism. How many Christians will be content with this happening???)

‘No such place as the north of Ireland’ – DUP leader Arlene Foster corrects Nolan contributor

EU referendum: NI poll suggests growing support for leave vote

New poll: Catholic voters in Northern Ireland moving from Remain to Leave

Despite misgivings, I will be voting for Brexit

Sinn Fein fails to source claim that UK authorities ‘directed’ massacre

Government rejects SF call to apologise over Troubles

June 16

Manchester IRA bomb: Sinn Fein ‘may apologise’ for attack – (The conditions they lay down indicates their utter insincerity!!)

No commemoration for Manchester bombing

Why was the bomber who attacked Manchester never arrested?

Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott ‘leaning towards’ voting to quit the EU

EU referendum: Leave Tories attack ‘scare stories’

New UUP councillor Trimble: I back Brexit, despite party’s stance

Former Tory leaders and Chancellors accuse George Osborne of ‘ludicrous scaremongering’

Now Switzerland WITHDRAWS its application to join the EU just a week before British vote

Economist who once advised European Commission switches allegiance from Remain to Leave

Court ruling against Robinson could push DUP and SF closer together – (If that was possible!!)

Trevor Ringland: If there is ‘criminal collusion’ the Ombudsman should collate evidence to enable sanction against the guilty

Missionary Bob who survived firing squad captivates royals with harrowing tale

June 15

Portrait of the Queen defaced on a Co Antrim Orange Hall

Why did the IRA bomb Manchester?

Why victims of the Manchester IRA bomb are demanding compensation from Libya

‘I’m still bitter nobody was ever held to account… as an Irish person I am deeply ashamed’

Bomb survivors ‘ignored because they live in GB’

Jim Allister: The perversion of the word ‘collusion’

Peter Robinson breached Ministerial Code over groundskeeper’s grass cutting job: High Court judge

‘Explosive evidence’ on Nama and Northern Ireland politicians due due in weeks

David Cameron pulls out of anti-Brexit event with Irish Taoiseach

Outrage as ‘Britain caves in and ALLOWS Turkey to join the European Union’

Holland BACKS Brexit: Dutch people urge Britons to QUIT doomed bloc and lead EU revolution

Late Sir Clement Freud accused of abusing two girls

Sir Clement Freud exposed as a paedophile as police urged to probe Madeleine McCann links

June 14

Irish Tory politician slates Taoiseach’s ‘desperate’ remain roadshow

Richard Haass’ claim that Brexit could ‘trigger NI violence’ is dismissed as ‘nonsense’ – (Like most of what the ‘eejit’ said!!!!)

The Brits might put manners on Brussels for us – as we can hardly threaten an Irxit

Orlando gunman ‘was a regular at LGBT nightclub Pulse’ before attack ‘and used gay dating apps’ – (Murdered by one of their own – no comment necessary!!!)

Orlando shooter ‘was a REGULAR at gay club he attacked & contacted men on gay dating app’

IRA mainland victims say compensation claims ‘ignored’

EU referendum: Brexit campaign takes lead with just over a week to go

EU CHAOS: Merkel is ready to CAVE IN and GRANT Turkey visa-free travel, ambassador reveals

Can the Tory Party survive this bloody, self-induced civil war?

Paris policeman and partner killed in possible IS-linked attack

Man With ‘Jihad Links’ Murders Paris Policeman

June 13

50 killed in shooting at Florida nightclub in possible act of Islamic terror

50 slain in ‘act of terrorism’ on gay Florida nightclub

50 people killed in worst mass shooting in US history

Omar Mateen: Who was the gunman responsible for the Orlando gay nightclub massacre?

Now Cameron blackmails pensioners. Project Fear has become Project Frightened

Conservative donor withdraws support over David Cameron’s ‘irresponsible’ EU campaign

One of Cameron’s biggest donors WITHDRAWS support over his ‘IRRESPONSIBLE’ EU campaign

The party leaders are Remain, but their core voters aren’t

End of EU rule FINALLY in sight: Leave camp take 19-POINT lead as Britons flock to Brexit

‘Conspiracy of silence’ BBC and police failed to publicise Syrian sex assault case

Scottish Conservative Ruth Davidson accuses John McDonnell of ‘wanting the IRA to win’

Loughinisland massacre findings offers chilling insight into the murky world of Special Branch

Truth a one-way street for evasive Gerry Adams

‘Jerry’s (Garda Jerry McCabe) murder outrageous, savage’ – O’Malley

Danny Kennedy urges Chief Constable to restore ‘badly shaken confidence’ of Kingsmills families

A ray of light for victims at end of very dark tunnel

Manchester bomb: Five key questions that must now be answered – (What sort of ‘Peace’ was it that was bought at the expense of ‘Justice’.

Pressure on Catholic schools to ban Amnesty International – (No objections about its evil propaganda campaigns against Ulster Protestants!!!)

Presbyterian marriage ceremonies must renounce same-sex unions

June 11

Dramatic fall in EU funding to Northern Ireland

Sir James Dyson: We will create more wealth and jobs being outside EU

‘Three Iranians’ Rescued Off Sussex Coast

Two More Riders Killed At Isle Of Man TT Races – (5 killed so far – is this really a sport that ‘Christians’ should support???!!!)

Willie Frazer wants talks with republican over Kingsmills massacre

PSNI: Kingsmills van print should have been matched in 2010

Stakeknife inquiry: UK police pledge to find ‘elusive’ truth

Daughter of woman slain as ‘informer’ welcomes inquiry

IRA and British intelligence have much to hide

The growing myth of loyalist collusion

Stormont’s flagship policy in real doubt as SF reassesses

On the Runs: Shankill bombers ‘not issued comfort letters’, court hears

Outrage as human rights laws used to block compensation to terror victims of IRA attacks funded by Gaddafi

PSNI ‘blind’ to undercover Metropolitan Police officers operating in NI

Man dragged into alley and shot twice in the feet in north Belfast paramilitary style attack

Murder accused associate of Real IRA boss Alan Ryan given bail to go to Spain on holidays – (!!!???!!!!)

Anger as pub told to remove Northern Ireland flag or face being burned to the ground – (Guess who issued the warning!!!!)

Presbyterian Moderator to snub General Assembly over same-sex relationships split – (This highlights the contradictory position of modern evangelicalism – they remain on friendly terms with those who support sodomy!!!)

June 10

Loughinisland: Where is report on SF/IRA collusion, says Allister

Loughinisland massacre: PSNI chief says police should be held accountable

Loughinisland: Special Branch officers could now face criminal charges in the wake of the damning Ombudsman’s report

Union flags causing anxiety in Ballymena estate – O’Loan – (Objections to the Gospel and now the national flag – the pattern of Romanist protest never changes!!)

Man shot in feet was targeted in similar attack a week ago

No civilised society would put up with ongoing savagery of ‘punishment shootings’ – (True yet the nationalist community in NI does!!!)

Stakeknife inquiry will probe IRA top brass as well as agent handlers– (We will believe that when we see it!!!)

Major, Blair, SNP, SDLP and Sinn Fein to Save Union? – (Laughable!!!)

EU referendum: Security minister says Britain better placed to fight terrorists outside EU

Leave won the ITV debate –and Boris Johnson looks like a future Prime Minister

Amber Rudd v Boris Johnson: live on ITV, the Tory party just tore itself apart

Britain will FINALLY have democracy again if it leaves the EU, compelling senior Tory says

June 9

Loughinisland: Ombudsman confirms collusion between police and loyalist killers

Security Forces’ ‘significant collusion’ in World Cup pub murders

Why talk to paramilitaries rather than arrest them, PSNI asked

Major and Blair make joint EU appeal in Northern Ireland – (What pillars of uprightness? One an adulterer and the other a liar!!!)

Sarah Wollaston tells ITV News: Other MPs considering defecting from Vote Leave – (Its a matter of which side your bread is buttered on!!!)

Margaret Thatcher’s defence secretary Sir John Nott suspends Tory membership because of ‘poisonous’ EU campaign

Israel suspends Palestinian permits after Tel Aviv attack

SF and DUP accused of arrogance over moves to restrict Opposition debates – (DUP/Sinn Fein equal in high-handedness anything O’Neill unionists ever displayed!!!)

The screw must keep being turned on paramilitary crime – (Sadly, Stormont wouldn’t know a screwdriver from a tar barrel!!!)

Catholics are victims of majority of dissident republican violence – (And yet they shield them as they did with the IRA!!!)

Orange Order plan to tackle drinking culture at parades – (Why limit it to parades????)

Orange Order bids to tackle drunkenness at Twelfth – (So much for it being a “Christian” organisation!!!)

Paisley quoted UDR file ‘verbatim’ – HET

Coroner says named Kingsmill suspect could be ‘at risk’ but acknowledges free press

How the IRA’s smirking garda killers beat the murder charge

Martin McGuinness tribute to Ex-Red Hand Commando William ‘Plum’ Smith following death – (“Birds of a feather etc., etc!!”)

Euro 2016: Will Sinn Fein’s McGuinness and DUP’s Foster attend Northern Ireland’s games in France together? – (Why not? They are politically joined at the hip!!!)

June 8

NI paramilitaries: Independent panel suggests new decommissioning scheme

School visits by gunmen among measures proposed in report

Police “engage” with paramilitaries, rather than arrest them, report confirms – (That has been the policy for a long time!!!)

Police should stop ‘liaising with paramilitary chiefs during strife’

Jim Allister attacks ‘toothless’ paramilitary report

DUP man hails UDA gunman as ‘outstanding’ in leaked letter

Opposition debates shift ‘slap in face for democracy’

Punishment shootings on the rise, warns expert as latest attack is branded ‘barbaric’

Council row over Gospel preaching at People’s Park – (The objection came from a Romanist!!!)

Jerry McCabe: three of detective’s killers living in Limerick

Sinn Féin under pressure to reveal more details on McCabe fugitives

Garda Jerry McCabe memorial told – killers ‘think they are republican heroes’ – (They are the epitome of ‘republican heroes’!!!)

Majority of Ulster farmers favour Brexit in straw poll

Dissent voiced as church affirms abortion stance

IRA campaign along border was driven by murderous policy of ethnic cleansing – (How then can the writer, a professing Christian, join in coalition with these perpetrators of genocide??)

June 7

Ulster loyalist’s murder case ‘a cynical attempt to protect police’

Oral Assembly question on Kingsmills rejected – (DUP dictatorship!!!)

Kingsmill: Survivor Alan Black’s fears of a greater ‘dirty secret’

Unionists react angrily to IRA ‘ethnic cleansing’ border plan

EU referendum: Leave campaign closes gap to narrowest margin yet as latest poll shows Brexit vote will go down to the wire

EU rules stopped Britain deporting murderers, rapists and violent criminals

Senior Tory slams Treasury’s ‘UNRELIABLE’ Brexit forecast in scathing Newsnight attack

Armed forces veterans call for troops to VOTE OUT in a bid that could ‘swing the result’

Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry: Inquiry hears minister never prosecuted despite admitting abuse

Birmingham man, 101, denies 31 child sex charges – (Strange how the law is applied differently within the UK!!!)

Briton Richard Huckle jailed for Malaysia sex abuse

Christian fundamentalist schools teaching girls they must obey men, that homosexuality is unnatural and favouring Creationism over evolution – (These idiot journalists show their ignorance of the Bible!!)

Dead man in suspicious death probe named as Stormont worker

Alliance baulk at joining opposition – (It will never rock the boat. It owes too much to the government!!)

Prominent Catholic priest in north Belfast has said he has been threatened by a criminal gang

Belfast priest under threat from dissidents

New Lord Mayor blasts ‘deluded’ intimidation of priest and community workers

Exclusive: Ian Paisley’s dossier about Kingsmill was ‘doctored’

‘If you walk up to a car and shoot indiscriminately, that is murder’

‘Adams knows who sanctioned Jerry’s murder. The pain never goes away’

Two decades after this killing, Sinn Féin’s leader is still sitting in Dáil Éireann keeping schtum – (How can the people north and south tolerate the likes of Adams and McGuinness masquerading as politicians and what of the DUP’s coalition with them???)

June 6

Daniel Hannan, a Conservative MEP: Vote Remain and kiss goodbye to any reforms

Winston ‘Winkie’ Rea charged with murders of two Catholic workmen – (A reminder of the inevitability of judgment for crime!!)

Loyalist Winkie Rea denies murdering Catholic workmen

MPs ‘considering using majority’ to keep UK in single market

‘Cameron can’t be trusted’ PM blasted as SECRET £2bn EU bill REVEALED

‘Cover-up’ over migrants sneaking into UK as data on illegals is kept hidden

Don’t let the guilty get away with it

I’ll fight for LGBT rights, vows Sinn Fein woman set to be first gay deputy mayor – (What a name for defiance of God Sinn Fein has!!!)

Who is Colm Murphy? – (The man whose palm print links him to the Kingsmills massacre!!!)

Exclusive: IRA plot to ‘ethnically cleanse’ border after Kingsmill

Chief Constable seeks to prevent publication of Kingsmill article

Kingsmill massacre: Even after 40 years there are still those who would seek to keep details secret

Suspects for callous Garda Jerry McCabe killing still on the run 20 years later

Protest held calling for an end to ‘punishment attacks’ on children – (By far, the majority of such shootings are Republicans!!)

Irish interfering with Brexit – Let British decide for themselves

Presbyterians face a stark choice: Adapt or stagnate – (Another apparently clever attempt to have people forsake the Bible!!)

UUP leader Mike Nesbitt calls for SDLP to work as Stormont opposition ‘co-equals’

June 4

New executive is moving towards a one-party system

Sinn Fein ‘campaigning vigorously’ for Remain vote in referendum – (That should help unionists to make-up their minds!!)

Exclusive: Palm print on Kingsmill getaway van belongs to Colm Murphy

Kingsmills killers guilty of war crimes, says former IRA chief – (Must be looking for a Papal knighthood!!)

Deputy prime minister-designate Ahmed Maetig rubbishes reports of payouts for IRA victims – Libya Herald reports

Kincora boy ‘abused by man in police uniform’

Foster: Gay blood ban was never about morality – (Despite what Mrs Foster says, it is all about another step in accepting the God-defying, immoral life style of sodomy as normal!!!)

Gay blood: Foster ‘very happy’ to back lifting of gay blood ban – (Unionism is now more anti-Bible than it was in the days of Terence O’Neill!)

End of gay blood ban should spur gay marriage law: Alliance MLA – (Yet another step toward accepting this unacceptable abomination!!)

Sinn Fein Finance Minister Máirtín Ó Muilleoir’s department trying to keep Robinson material secret – (Thats how close the DUP and Sinn Fein are!!!)

Kingsmills families raise question of ‘police ineptitude on an epic scale’ – (Ineptitude or worse!!??)

Minister laments ‘disdain’ for Sabbath after church closure

Drunken priest suspended after kicking PC and trying to bite paramedic

Ex-IRA man: I’ll tell Birmingham pub inquest what I know if I am granted immunity – (That is the IRA’s notion of doing right!!)

Why Hazel Stewart is the most brazen, shameless woman in Northern Ireland

EU debate: Michael Gove condemns ‘job-destroying’ elites and ‘racist’ immigration rules as he appeals to Britons to back ‘Project Hope’

Do not help Albanian migrants camped on Dieppe cliff, says Communist mayor

Nigel Farage admits he ‘didn’t have a clue’ who would win EU Referendum until THIS WEEK

Polish rapist who threw man in front of a bus had slipped into UK unchecked A DAY earlier– (Lawless UK is a magnet for the lawless!!)

Kate Hoey: EU referendum is our chance for PAYBACK against unelected Eurocrats

June 3

(Free Presbyterian) Clergyman vents his frustration as Gran Fondo road closures force church to cancel children’s service

MLA Douglas knocked off bike by car ‘blessed to be alive’ – (Had to cancel his plans to desecrate the sabbath!!)

Social workers told about Kincora sex abuse claims ‘as early as 1967’

Northern Ireland facing “another generation” of dissident republican violence, PSNI chief warns – (And so it will ever be until Unionists surrender!!)

Dressing child up as dissident terrorist to take part in an illegal parade is inexcusable and disgraceful

Michael McGibbon widow’s revulsion at plans for Belfast city tour from ‘dissident perspective’

Teen girl sues DUP’s Paul Frew after ‘he identified her as a hooligan on Facebook’ – (Right to lunacy is what is being demanded!!!)

EU referendum: Cameron savaged in Sky News debate as voters revolt

‘What comes first WW3 or the global Brexit recession?’ Cameron left squirming on EU debate

MPs concern over failure to deport ‘small town’ of foreign criminals

Failure to deport EU criminals will make people consider Brexit, cross-party Commons committee warns

‘End this migration madness’ Livid Nick Ferrari lashes out on LBC

North Belfast memorial to soldiers daubed in graffiti for second time in days

Bigots blamed for latest attack on World War One memorial

Nesbitt needs to worry about defections to DUP

Six PSNI officers arrested over suspected hate crime in Derry

Deluded Jude’s whataboutery reaches new levels of absurdity

Kingsmills: PSNI come clean on palm print – (Can any government agency be trusted to tell the truth today??)

Kingsmills inquest: First man on scene saw ‘bullet casings being collected’

Kingsmills live updates: ‘I went to each body in turn to see if there was anything I could do’, emotional account from first witness to 1976 atrocity

‘Remember blame for Birmingham bombings lies with IRA’: Ulster Unionist MLA, Danny Kennedy

Gay blood donation: Lifetime ban in NI on gay men donating blood is to be lifted

DUP ministers did not oppose lifting of gay blood ban

Catholics more likely to vote to stay in UK than Protestants

Hand over all files on £1.2bn Nama deal, S/F Finance Minister Mairtin O Muilleoir told as arrested pair bailed

June 2

Ex-SF MLA facing likely bankruptcy after losing libel legal bid

HIA Kincora inquiry: Security bosses say no evidence of cover-up or involvement by agents

Thousands sign petition over gorilla’s death – (How many of them would sign an ‘anti-abortion’ petition??)

Former Aide To PM Guilty Over Child Images

Glenariff: DUP halts £180k Glens community funding over ‘IRA names on gates’

Birmingham pub bombings: Inquests reopened, as coroner says ‘police missed warnings’

Birmingham bomb hearings will bring no comfort, says ex-IRA man

Three of the surviving Birmingham pub bombers ‘living in Dublin’ – (‘Doing the right thing’ is unlikely for mass murderers!!)

Birmingham pub bombings: Who are the Birmingham Six? What happened in the IRA attack? Everything you need to know

I fear the Birmingham bombings inquest will only bring heartache

Fury at dissident exploitation of children during illegal Lurgan Easter Rising parade

Commentator Jude Collins called to apologise after ‘outrageous’ comments

Media pundit Jude Collins who likened Boys’ Brigade to terrorist groups stands by remarks

Northern Ireland flag chair removed from Tesco stores – (This shows the bitter, intolerant spirit of Irish nationalism and also the cowardice of Tesco!!)

June 1

Sister of pub attack victim condemns ‘gutless’ bombers

Victim’s sister confronts ex-IRA boss

Former MLA John McCallister tipped for Justice adviser position to Minister Claire Sugden – (Jobs for the boys??!!)

Cllr Raymond Farrell officially back in DUP fold

DUP slam plans for republican monument in Magherafelt

Split row church St Matthias in Knocknamuckley advertises for new minister

MI5 may have bugged RUC interrogation centre during the Troubles

RUC man found own uncle amid Kingsmills carnage

Why Police buried Colm Murphy’s Kingsmill palm print for 40 years

‘To the day Frannie Doyle died, she never got over death of her father at hands of IRA’

Ann Travers pays tribute after daughter of murdered magistrate dies

Police hand over 26 boxes of secret files as Kincora abuse investigation opens

Inquiry told of British state ‘collusion’ in sex abuse at Belfast boys’ home

Trudeau does not defend actions of Canadian ambassador

Businessman Frank Cushnahan arrested by NCA in Nama probe

Nama probe: Two arrested by NCA over £1.2 billion assets sale

EU referendum: 70% of unionists voting for Brexit