June 2011

Looking back…recalling the battles of youth

An article written by a Burning Bush reader remembering struggles with worldliness and sin in earlier years. This testimony was prompted by the sermon, What is happening in Ulster?

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DUP junior minister acknowledges First Minister’s office administered sodomite funding.

The official report of Stormont proceedings, Hansard, has this record dated 6th June 2011. You can view the official record here. The one line at the bottom of the record (highlighted) has once again made it clear that the DUP were involved in the administering of funds allocated to sodomite organisations. More…


What is happening in Ulster?

This is a transcript of a sermon preached by Rev Ivan Foster in Ahoghill Orange Hall on Wednesday 25th May 2011.

…I am sure that question has been asked by most of us here and asked on many, many an occasion. “What do you think is happening?” And we have asked one another and perhaps after we have discussed it together we have gone away as puzzled as ever. There is only one source of information where we can hope to get a satisfactory answer to a question like “What is happening in Ulster?” and that is the Word of God. God is on the throne you know. No matter what changes we may have seen in our land over the last five years, and no matter how, as we would see it, earth-shattering those changes appear to have been, God is still upon the throne. He hasn’t lost control of things. And we can seek of Him an answer to our needs….

You can listen to the audio of the sermon What is happening in Ulster?.