Gay conversion ban

I have hastened to write this article in response to the report of today’s debate in Stormont on the subject of ‘Conversion Therapy’. The position taken by the Free Presbyterian Church on this issue was set forth in an email circulated before the debate.

“At stake is the basic teaching on conversion to Christ. The motion before the Assembly does not define what conversion therapy is. The term conversion therapy is left deliberately broad by LGBT activists. There could be a move to count praying with someone who has asked for prayer on these matters as “conversion therapy”

The BBC report of the debate is most disturbing for it is clear that there is error both on the side of those opposing “conversion therapy”. and the DUP who is supposed to be defending gospel liberty.

As I say at the end of the article: “What darkness has descended upon our Province, once seen as a bastion of gospel truth. It is that no more!”
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