Gavin Robinson, new DUP deputy leader

East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has been elected as DUP deputy leader

I must respond to the latest news about the DUP.

DUP: Gavin Robinson elected as DUP deputy leader

This is but further evidence of the DUP’s liberalising trend. Gavin Robinson is far away from the views and beliefs that formed the basis of the DUP at its beginning!

He most certainly would not agree with the old slogan of the party: “Save Ulster from Sodomy”.

As it is the DUP needs saving from that perversion. It has become more and more tolerant of the abominable practice until it can be honestly said that the majority of its members would be, at best, indifferent to the direction the party is going in.

This is seen in that the majority involved in the vote for a Deputy Leader, cast their vote for the liberal candidate, Gavin Robinson.

Here are some articles I have written on the matter in the past.

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Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster