February 2012

Many Christians lose homes in Brazilian floods

Veteran Free Presbyterian missionary, Dr Bill Woods, reports great distress amongst many Christian families as a result of the worst flooding in decades in Acre state in Brazil which has affected 12000 in the regional capitol, Rio Branco. Many of the Lord’s people are affected. Dr Woods himself is feeding 37 families who are living in a church building. This is widespread across the city. Another city near the Bolivian border is 95% under water. The photos below were taken several days ago and the water has been rising every day since then. The pictures show the devastation the flooding has caused. The flood waters are expected to continue rising until Tuesday.

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If you would like to help in the appeal that has been launched please contact:

Acre Gospel Mission

c/o Pastor Keith Lindsay, 30 Carnglave Manor, The Spa, Ballynahinch, BT24 8XE.

Phone: (44) 028 9756 3200 or (44) 07710 506939


The things which will announce, accompany and follow after the return of Christ

NEW! Part ten: “The End of the Old, the Beginning of the New”

This is the final chapter in this brief study of some aspects of the events that will take place at the end of this age and usher in the everlasting state of joy and bliss for the blood-washed children of God.

It is our privilege, as believers, to possess a knowledge of how all things pertaining to this present world will end. It is a most desirable knowledge as is indicated by man’s interest in every form of sooth-saying and prediction of the future. However, men refuse God’s revelation of the future. This is because it reveals the doom of the wicked and the triumph of God and His people. The spirit that was in Ahab keeps men from the prophecies of the Bible. “And the king of Israel said unto Jehoshaphat, There is yet one man, Micaiah the son of Imlah, by whom we may enquire of the LORD: but I hate him; for he doth not prophesy good concerning me, but evil,”1 Kings 22:8. How men hate the truth of God and those who proclaim it and own it as true!

Such a knowledge is revealed for our encouragement and comfort —VICTORY IS ASSURED TO THOSE WHO TRUST IN CHRIST AS THEIR SAVIOUR. Read more…

Previously published sections in this study

  • Part one: Why we should watch for Christ’s return.
  • Part two: What the Christian waiting for Christ’s return should look out for.
  • Part three: Why the Saviour warned of deception in the last days.
  • Part four: Events in Israel which will herald the return of Christ.
  • Part five: Signs in the heavens.
  • Part six: The rising again of the city of Babylon.
  • Part seven: Jerusalem besieged by Antichrist.
  • Part eight: The firstfruits of Christ’s reign on earth
  • Part nine: The Conclusion of the Reign of Christ.

Why, why, why…????

There has been a spirit of nostalgia amongst Free Presbyterians of late. Doubtless, the retirement from the pastorate of Martyrs Memorial congregation by Dr Ian Paisley has aroused this. Many have been caused to remember the days of blessing and glory by this event.

It is but good and proper to recall such days and to give thanks unto God for the great mercy with which He visited our little Province, through His servant Dr Paisley and others in the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s, irrespective of our views and opinions of events in more recent days.

But in the midst of our thinking upon those times of mercy and blessing and a desiring of them to return again amongst us there is a vital place for the right use of the little word ‘why’! Read more…

News stories

British Tribunal rules – “Sunday as a day of rest was not a ‘core component’ of Christianity”

Ian Paisley returns home after illness

Allister Expresses Regret at Decision to Shut Out TUV Voice on Centenaries

No history re-write, pledges Robinson – (Have you heard the one about Snow White and the 7 dwarfs??!!)

No point in a truth commission because former paramilitaries would not tell the truth says First Minister Peter Robinson (But truthful enough to form a coalition with !!!!)

Allister Rounds on IRA for Gallagher Death – Raises Issue with First Ministers

TUV tells Secretary of State that it had little expectation that Stormont or Westminster – will ever permit justice for innocent victims, because of the threat that it would pose to the perverse political arrangements whereby the victim makers rule over us

‘Will IRA now admit to Claudy’ – survivor

“Government has a right to change the definition of marriage” – Government minister

Why Catholic unionists still won’t vote for DUP

Hardline unionist George Graham dies at 64

Lack of Vatican co-operation over child sex abuse led to closure of embassy

Richard Dawkins: I can’t be sure God does not exist

Kingsmills families delay walk

Unionist unity in bid to restore Royal portrait

McGuinness faces new truth call over atrocity

Allister Challenges SF minister Cullen on Appointment of Convicted Terrorist

Parents of boy killed by IRA bomb in 1973 believe Martin McGuinness knows who was involved

McGuinness pressed over bomb death

Totally unacceptable for taxpayer to fund IRA memorial – Robinson

‘Catholics need not fear being unionist’ (Is that because the UK is rapidly turning to popery???)

SF minister’s Jubilee stance ‘bigoted’

Ian Paisley: There’s life in the old dog yet, says Junior

SF minister approves IRA statue funds

IRA memorial funding dispute

Jim Allister challenges DARD on IRA monument

Disgraced cardinal was guest at Republic of Ireland’s Vatican embassy (Nothing really changes despite all the bowing and scraping !!!)

Border debate is irrelevant – RC priest

A5 road project part of a “united Ireland by road” strategy from Martin McGuinness – UUP councillor

Sinn Fein MLA wants campaign to tackle carjackings (Quite a ‘change of tune’ now that it is dissidents involved rather than provos!!)

Watchdog’s ‘pressure’ on Kingsmills relatives says UUP minister (-DUP silent!)

Abortion is a legalised evil

Abortion rant showed up your own hysteria

Dr Paisley ‘out of intensive care’

Narrow Water bomb evidence ‘interfered with’, Smithwick Tribunal told

Progress on TUV bid to ban ‘killer’ advisers

Stormont ‘sanitised’ of Union emblems (Fruit of DUP sell-out)

My soft parenting has made monsters of my children

Parades Commission places restrictions on Kingsmills march

Pastor faces death threat over Kingsmills march

Inquiry call into La Mon bombing

Relatives’ anger at La Mon report

La Mon bomb massacre files ‘lost’ to protect IRA men now involved in peace process, say relatives

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Rt Hon Owen Paterson holds talks with Pope at Vatican

Fury at Kingsmills march opposition by nationalists

I AM MAYOR FOR ALL (The erosion of the Protestant ethos continues under DUP leadership)

Terror amnesty ‘a reward for murder’

Man in Gallagher President bid row received nearly €3,000 from McGuinness

Man who foiled Gallagher Irish President bid ‘fuelled’ McGuinness’s run

Not everyone in the DUP is happy about A5 road plans

Row over call for Troubles amnesty

UK ministers visit Pope in Rome (Is a visit to Ulster on the agenda??)

What SF Wants, SF Gets

Paisley family’s silent decorum a return to a bygone era

Dissident republican killer Brian Shivers to serve 25 years in jail

Massereene murders: soldiers’ killers still at large

Lord Carey warns ‘Christianity marginalised’

Outrage as formal council prayers are outlawed

Government tells councils to carry on praying despite High Court ban

SF Minister Cullen “not aware” of GAA Grounds or Trophies Named After Terrorists – and Reveals £14 Million in DCAL Funding

Gay ban couple lose court appeal

Farewell to a martyr to political correctness: Bradford headmaster Ray Honeyford – hounded for warning of the perils of multiculturalism – dies a saddened but vindicated man

Trimble criticises Robinson’s liberalism

Empey calls for public release of FAIR report

Concern over ‘alarming drop’ in Gaeltacht’s native speakers

Family at Ian Paisley’s hospital bedside

Dublin premier under pressure over victims meeting

Jim Allister Challenges Arlene Foster on Exclusion of 12th and Ulster Covenant from Showcase

Haunted by the ghosts from our bloody history

MPs in row over IRA ‘genocide’ – the blind ignorance of what happened in Ulster amongst those seduced by the IRA/Sinn Sinn

Anger erupts over EU Maze cash – it will be, as Sinn Fein desired, a ‘shrine to terrorists’

Shameful Maze Shrine a step closer

Stormont spends £5m on spin, figures show

Jim Allister exposes Stormont’s waste of money on “spin doctors”!

‘Father’ and ‘Son’ Ousted from the Trinity in New Bible Translations – “Offensive to Muslims”

North in ‘united Ireland vote by 2016’

Anger over ‘hidden away’ royal pictures

Release IRA tapes says Jean McConville’s daughter

Warm welcome as smiling Robinson gets to grips with Gaelic football

TUV comments on Robinson’s GAA visit

Troubles’ legacy blamed for Protestant migration from south Armagh

Pope unlikely to visit Republic but trip to North may be on the cards