Direct action

By George H Fromow, The first Secretary of the Sovereign Grace Advent testimony. (This article is taken from Watching and Waiting, October, 1919 and reprinted in the January-March 2019 edition).

I’m reprinting this article (written in the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, the Second World War and the resultant chaos amongst the nations) for it deals with the issue of governmental authority and the Christian’s response.

This is a topic under discussion today in the wake of the Covid Restrictions. Some ill-informed Christian ministers and pastors say these restrictions are to be rejected and resisted by believers. They declare such a restriction is an attack upon gospel freedom and the right to worship when in truth it is no such thing.

The restrictions do not target Christians specifically but all gatherings which lead to the spread of the Covid-19 virus. It is hardly an attack upon Christian liberty to close pubs, dance halls and cinemas in a bid to hinder the spread of the virus!

In truth, the innovations of online videoing of church services has proved to be an means of reaching even more hearers than was the case before the restrictions. Such is the wise and merciful Providence of God. Read more