December 2012

“Jesus is NOT the reason for the season!!!”

This slogan seems to have become as popular as once did an equally fatuous statement – “Let’s put Christ back into Christmas!” Christ never was in Christmas and the origins of this season of the year have nothing whatever to do with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Many years ago I wrote a little tract called: CHRISTMAS – The Facts and the Fiction. A look at what many believe to be a ‘Christian Festival’. It is still very relevant today. Would that God’s people would give heed.

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We apologise for any downtime that this results in but it is necessary to make sure everything is ok. Please pray for the Lord to protect this witness and, even as we use the means we have to keep the site secure, that the Lord Himself will keep it.

Roman Catholic “Year of Faith” Unfaithful to Christ and His Gospel

By Richard Bennett and Timothy F. Kauffman

The Roman Catholic Year of Faith began on October 11, 2012, and will conclude on November 24, 2013. The intent of Year of Faith is a beguiling deception cleverly presented. Nonetheless, in studying official documents outlining its agenda, it is seen to be a repackaging of the dogmas of Vatican Council II. Consequently, Ecumenical affiliation with Rome is a major factor of the whole endeavor; in fact, the Baptist World Alliance has already been ensnared. In newspapers, magazines, videos, and across the Internet, there are invitations to people to participate. As Christians, it is our duty to withstand these assaults on the Lord’s Gospel of grace. Read more…

Selected news stories


More news…

Ellis pressured to make parliament statement over claims he has links to 50 murders

SF denies British claims from 1982 linking Ellis to 50 murders

Republican terror gang aims to kill more in each attack

The Sinn Fein TD (member of Dublin parliament) who is linked to 50 murders

Sinn Fein rejects claim that TD was linked to 50 murders

Hunger striker and member of party’s old guard

Dissidents determined to launch ‘spectacular’ attacks

Flag protests set to continue

Loyalists to continue demonstrations at Alliance MP’s office

High Court judge criticises same-sex marriage plan

Hospital apologises to 38 families for appalling care that saw a patient starve to death (“ . . in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be . . . . without natural affection,” 2 Timothy 3:1-3, KJV.)

Our leaders hold seven-hour crisis talks on flags… and come up with not much

Leaders’ statement a bland Christmas gift (Compromise catching up with DUP ????)

Protest App creator ‘overwhelmed’ by its success (Protests in the electronic age)

Peace initiative for Irish churches (Same old ecumenical rubbish!)

MP says Bloody Sunday murder inquiry is “misguided” (Jail for soldiers – Government positions for terrorists!!)

Nesbitt: Unionist forum no guarantee of full flag return

Forum receives guarded welcome from loyalists

Lisburn council to review flag policy

Dissidents planned to kill family of Irish soldier serving in British army

Former IRA sympathiser and girlfriend held over murder of prison officer David Black

Jim Allister suggests flag resolution package

IRA Christmas plot to shoot British soldier here is foiled

200,000 have migrated to North

Sinn Fein Mask Slips Again

Sammy Brush in his own words: We’ve had 20 years of this abuse with not one conviction

Sinn Fein facing a big bill for malicious libel

End flag protests say Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness

Same-sex marriage: ‘No mandate’, say MPs

MPs and Peers launch gay marriage rebellion saying Cameron has ‘no mandate’

Reg Empey hits out at Finucane inquiry calls

Tom Elliott bid to ban naming of parks after terrorists

Sinn Fein TD Toibin censured over abortion stand

Trimble slams DUP over flag rowSinn Fein libelled water chiefInternal rows are destroying Ulster Unionist Party

DUP in muddle because it clings to Sinn Fein

Around 1,000 people have taken part in a loyalist flags protest outside the gates of Belfast City Hall.

Families like mine pay more for food to subsidise binge drinking, says David Cameron

Europe is ‘for life’, Francois Hollande tells David Cameron in EU power spat

‘Border Fox’ at funeral of slain gang boss Kelly – (hypocrisy that could only be seen amongst Irish Republicans!!!)

Politicians defend roles in flag protests

Pat Finucane was shockingly murdered, but that doesn’t make him a human rights lawyer

Memorial to three Scottish soldiers murdered in north Belfast by the IRA vandalised

Sinn Fein councillors given police escort after Limavady flag protest 

Poots and Donaldson under death threat

Senior Democratic Unionists received death threats, says first minister

Detective talks ahead of Finucane report

More protests planned despite Nesbitt’s ‘Stop’ plea

Speaker Hay: I will take part in peaceful street protests

Confusion hits UUP as MLA claims party policy supports flying flag for 17 days

No move against Basil McCrea

DUP urged to drop Stormont flag issue amid continued tension

Stormont flag meeting is postponed

Dail suspended as Kenny calls on Adams to tell truth on McConville

Gay weddings not the answer, David Cameron told

Rocket found in car in Creggan, Derry

Hillary Clinton ‘distressed’ by Northern Ireland tensions as two bombs found

Peter Robinson condemns those behind Alliance death threat

Erosion of Britishness and Identity a Long and On Going Process

Riot police under attack as tensions over flag rage on

Major security operation planned

Belfast flag violence: UUP MLA Basil McCrea tells BBC that Alliance were right on City Hall vote

Ulster Unionist trio want Basil McCrea disciplined

No Twelfth flag would be gross insult, says Orange Order

Man arrested during flag protest in Omagh

Loyalist protest outside Enniskillen Townhall

Flag could fly more days at Stormont

Northern Ireland: It’s about sovereignty, stupid

Man charged with murder of crime ‘Godfather’ Kelly

Gay marriage: David Cameron backs church role

David Cameron warned Lords will ‘massacre’ gay marriage laws

Northern Ireland police injured trying to defend office from rioters

Violence is not the answer

Dublin’s gangland in state of violent flux

Gardaí hope to link chief suspect to Kelly murder

SDLP councillor defends IRA playground vote

Minister urged to condemn park name

Droppin’ Well bombing: Atrocity remembered 30 years on

In pictures: Droppin’ Well atrocity remembered 30 years on

Belfast city hall attacked by loyalist demonstrators over union flag vote

Police injured as loyalists riot in Belfast city centre after Union flag vote

15 police officers injured during Belfast City Hall violence

Ford slams DUP and UUP after City Hall violence

No excuse for violence, Peter Robinson warns

Tearing Down National Flag a Shame and Disgrace

Council ignores unionist pleas over ‘IRA playground’

Scouts welcome atheists a century after Baden-Powell demonised them

Scouts and guides consider adopting atheist oaths

Catholics’ beliefs not always by the Book

Northern Ireland councillors end Gaza twinning

US Secretary Hillary Clinton to visit Belfast

Border trail where IRA killed 42 people – (a record of IRA terror around the Editor’s home town)