Christian challenge to the leaders gathered at COP26 in Glasgow

This is a letter from the Public Questions, Religion & Morals Committee of the FREE CHURCH OF SCOTLAND (CONTINUING) to the leaders of the COP26 gathering in Glasgow.

Read the letter here.

In the letter our brethren challenge the propriety of the invitation given to the Pope to attend the conference  They supply multiple reasons why this invitation  should not have been issued.

It is likely that the Bible-based arguments will be dismissed by those to whom the letter was sent, but we commend the contents of the letter to our readers for the true character of popery needs ever to be borne in mind by God’s people.

Earlier today I penned these words to a friend regarding the Glasgow gathering.

“The pride of man is on display in Glasgow! A greater bunch of fools has never been assembled in one place nor will be until that day the Antichrist gathers his host to Jerusalem.”

The Editor.

First Minister, Paul Givan, has a taste for chatting to ‘Ecumaniacs’.

Here he is with ‘Archtraitor’ Justin Welby at the Glasgow gathering.

Likely his appetite has grown since attending at the Armagh Ecumenical service where, in his silent presence, the truth of God’s mercy to Northern Ireland was denied and betrayed!