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Sacred memories of God’s goodness

A very kind Christian lady who attends a Free Presbyterian Church some distance from us, contacted me after we published three articles on “Sacred Memories of God’s Goodness”, back in February of this year. They were based upon three messages, in which I sought to give a brief history of the Free Presbyterian Church right up to the present day, I preached in Kilskeery on February 11th, 13, and 15th (listen here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

These messages marked the 52nd anniversary of the first Free Presbyterian meetings in Lisbellaw, Co. Fermanagh from which the local congregations all sprung.

The lady said that she with her family would like to make the content available in print free of charge to pass on its historical information, instruction, and inspiration to the present generation and the ones following after.

I have just taken delivery of copies of the 54 page hard back publication and I am delighted with the skill and care the lady and her family  have taken in producing these books.

She has provided me with some 150 copies and retained some for herself and we both plan to distribute them free of charge.

Should any reader wish to have a copy please

email me (


write to me at:

17 Old Junction Road, 
Co. Tyrone, 
Northern Ireland, 
BT78 3RN.

A time to be remembered

50 years ago Lord’s Day October 23rd.

Lord’s Day 23rd October 1966 a ‘Welcome Home’ rally was attended by some 12,000 people to mark the release from the Crumlin Road prison of Rev Ian Paisley, Rev John Wylie and Rev Ivan Foster.


A section of the crowd gathered to welcome home the three ministers

Those truly were the beginning of revival days. Please read the article “A time to be remembered” located below and see something of God’s mercy and blessing upon a reproached people 50 years ago.

“To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen,” Jude 1:25.
A-time-to-be-remembered-coverA feature article commemorating the 50th anniversary of the events that led up to and which followed after the 1966 imprisonment of Rev Ian Paisley, Rev John Wylie and Rev Ivan Foster for a term of 3 months in Crumlin Road Jail, Belfast.This account is compiled from reports in the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster’s magazine, “The Revivalist” and some reports from the “Belfast Newsletter” and the “Belfast Telegraph”.

I have put together this collection of articles which appeared in the Revivalist in 1966 and 1967, and one from 1968, as well as some newspaper accounts of the June 6th protest, led by the late Dr. Paisley. The parade consisted of some 200 Free Presbyterian men, woman and children. It processed from Ravenhill Church to the building where the annual General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church was taking place. The aim of the event was to honour God, contend for the faith and highlight the ecumenical apostasy of that denomination.

Such were the consequences of that night’s protest that the small Free Presbyterian church, hardly known outside of the six counties of Northern Ireland, became the subject of discussion, mostly derogatory, throughout Christendom! But much more important was the moving of the Spirit of God that became evident within the ranks of the Free Presbyterian church from that time.

God was pleased to work mightily amongst us, adding to our numbers many new congregations and hundreds of new converts.


Read morePlease note this is a large file (24mb)

Printed copies of this article are available – £5 + PP.
Contact Rev Ivan Foster
Email :

Recordings now available!

Kilskeery Autumn Prophetic Conference

Theme: THE EUROPEAN UNION – Its Future, Fulness and its Fall

1. “The Embryo of Antichrist’s dominion” Preacher: Dr John Douglas
2. “The Enlarging of Antichrist’s dominion” Preacher: Rev Brian McClung
3. “The Extent of Antichrist’s dominion” Preacher: Mr Stephen Toms 
4. “The End of Antichrist’s dominion” Preacher: Mr Stephen Toms

“And the land shall tremble and sorrow: for every purpose of the LORD shall be performed against Babylon,to make the land of Babylon a *desolation without an inhabitant,”

Jeremiah 51:29.

*The words ‘desolation without an inhabitant’ clearly indicate that this prophesy has not yet been fulfilled but its fulfilment lies in the future.

CD recordings of these messages are available free of charge.

Contact with your name and street address.

A donation for postage would be appreciated.

May 2016

Index to this edition

Foreshadowing of the future – a warning for the EU

A message preached by Dr. John Douglas, in which he expounds the Bible’s teaching on the development of the kingdom of the Antichrist and the role that the European Union will play in that development.

We would ask our friends who do not share in our view of prophecy – premillennialism – to give serious consideration to this message.

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The Return of Christ – Pre-millennial

dawnby Rev Ivan Foster

(This message was given at the first meeting of 2000 of the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony in London.)

“And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever” (Daniel 2:44).

When it comes to the study of prophecy, this subject is a very elementary one, yet it is a subject to which many give little thought. Many Christians have a general view of the return of Christ, that it is going to happen, but they are not well versed on what the Bible has to say about that glorious event. That ought not to be. It is a subject with which God’s people should be well acquainted.

It is clear from the Word of God that the Christians in the days of the apostles were very well taught about the return of Christ. Indeed, when Paul wrote to the Thessalonians, he said he needed hardly to write on this subject as they knew about it perfectly (1 Thessalonians 5:2). It could be thought that those early believers would have had to learn so many subjects; that they were to be taught in doctrine of which they never had the slightest knowledge before the gospel came to them. Paul would have had to deal with the doctrine of God, His Person, His power, the mystery of the Trinity, and the inspiration of God’s Word. Although there was so much to teach, the apostle found time to tell those early believers about the second coming of the Lord and of the end times. Many ministers today would speak as if Paul had so much else to proclaim, that teaching about the return of Christ and the doctrine of eschatology could be left to a later generation. Read more or listen using the player below.

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Digging wells for our children to drink from.

well_bucket(A message preached at a teachers’ day of prayer in Portadown FPC, May 14th, 2016, by Rev Ivan Foster.)

“And Isaac digged again the wells of water, which they had digged in the days of Abraham his father; for the Philistines had stopped them after the death of Abraham: and he called their names after the names by which his father had called them,” Gen 26:18

This portion of God’s Word is illustrative of the ongoing struggle that each succeeding generation of believers must engage, in if they are to enjoy the benefits of the covenant of grace.

That which ensures that there is an ongoing struggle is the unchanging enmity of the enemies of God’s people. Conquered by one generation of believers, they will rise up to challenge the next. Isaac found this to be so. “The Philistines had stopped them after the death of Abraham”.

Here in Ulster, the establishing and successfully running of independent Christian schools is central to that ongoing struggle.

I wish to apply this portion of God’s Word to that aspect of God’s work in Ulster today. Read more

Listen to the message using the player below.

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A word from prisoner number 1425

An article by Rev. Ivan Foster (Written for a ‘pre-digital’ edition of The Burning Bush shortly after a third spell in jail in April 1986)

Rev. Ivan Foster was arrested at his church in Kilskeery in Co. Tyrone on Monday 21 April (1986) and taken to Crumlin Road Jail to serve a sentence of 14 days for refusing to pay a fine imposed upon him for his part in a protest against the R.U.C. carrying out Dublin’s orders to ban the Protestant parade in Castlewellan last July (1985). With full remission of sentence, and, because the Prison does not have weekend releases, Mr. Foster was set free on Friday 25 April. Read more

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The benefits of having the Bible

bible_image[The slightly enlarged substance of a message preached in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church, 31st March 1991 by the then minister, Rev Ivan Foster.
At the service Bibles were distributed to the children of the congregation to mark the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Free Presbyterian Church on March 17th 1951.]

“The entrance of thy words giveth light; it giveth understanding unto the simple,” Psalm 119:130.

As a church we revere the Bible. It is given a prominent place in our services and in our lives. We preach its doctrines and contend for its truths. To mark the fortieth year of our church we can think of no better memento to give to our children than a copy of the Bible.
The word BIBLE comes from a Greek word BIBLOS = The BOOK. This is the BOOK for us in Kilskeery. We hope it will become the BOOK of all the children and young people here tonight. Read moreor listen using the player below.

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NEW BOOK: Encounters with Christ

Encounter_cover_croppedimage“Encounters with Christ”, by Ann Foster, is a Bible-based record of some notable miracles of healing wrought by the Saviour during His earthly ministry. He healed multitudes, giving sight to the blind, casting out devils, cleansing the lepers, causing the lame to walk, the deaf to hear, the maimed to be whole, the palsied to recover and imparting life to the dead. These miracles were always accompanied by earnest prayer, a consciousness of need and faith on the part of the one who sought healing. They also illustrate vital gospel truth. Sinners are spiritually blind, controlled by Satan, unclean, lame, maimed, paralysed and dead as a result of sin and they desperately need the spiritual healing and deliverance which Christ alone can give. They too must come with a deep consciousness of their sin, earnestly seeking salvation and believing that Christ alone can save.

The book also details some notable conversations with individuals. Again gospel truth is illustrated. In the Lord’s conversation with the woman of Samaria, He revealed to her the depth of her iniquity and His identity as the Messiah. The sinner must realise and acknowledge his sin in the eyes of a holy God and recognise Christ as God’s only anointed Saviour. In His conversation with Nicodemus, He stressed the necessity of the new birth even for a self- righteous sinner, spoke of His death on the cross, using the symbol of the uplifted serpent in the wilderness, to secure eternal life for His people.

However, not all who were healed were saved. Some, like Malchus, accepted healing for his severed ear, but rejected Christ’s message. Not all who talked with Christ, like the rich, young ruler, heeded His instruction to leave all and follow Him if he wished to obtain eternal life. Mercifully, Nicodemus was born again, despite all appearances to the contrary, for we find him at the cross with Joseph of Arimathea, carefully removing Christ’s body, wrapping it in spices and fine linen, laying it in the tomb and rolling the stone to the door.

To order a copy click here

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Editor’s correspondence with ‘Father’ Patrick McCafferty

Pastor James McConnell and the RC priest Patrick McCafferty with whom he is most friendly
Pastor James McConnell and the RC priest Patrick McCafferty with whom he is most friendly

Back in 2002, I entered into a correspondence in the pages of “The Burning Bush” with a Roman Catholic priest from Belfast. The correspondence arose after I wrote a letter in reply to an article by the priest in “The Belfast Telegraph” of August 24th, 2002.

I was grieved at such a platform being given to the errors and deceptions of Rome and commented on the priest’s article in a letter to “The Belfast Telegraph.”

It will be noted how our two replies to the priest were edited by the ‘Letters Editor’ of “The Belfast Telegraph” before they quickly closed the exchange after two exchanges.

The Word of God was not liked by that ecumenical newspaper back then and it is still the case. Every effort was made to shield and protect the priest of Rome from the rebuke of God’s Word.

We are republishing the correspondence, which continued for eight exchanges, and appeared in “The Burning Bush” from October 2002 until May 2003, because of the publicity given to the ‘warm relationship’ that was manifested between this priest and Pastor James McConnell during the recent trial occasioned by Pastor McConnell’s pulpit statements about Islam. Pastor McConnell asked ‘Father’ Patrick McCafferty to speak on his behalf during the trial.

All this “ecumenical camaraderie” between the pastor and the priest may appear to some to give endorsement of the teachings of Rome and it is for this reason we highlight again the errors this priest, like all Roman Catholic clerics, propagates.

Needless to say, it also highlights the folly of James McConnell!

Read Part 5 of the exchange here.

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Pictures of Christ series

Rev. Ivan FosterRev. Foster is engaged in an ongoing series of studies in Kilskeery Independent Christian School morning assemblies in which he deals with the theme, “Pictures of Christ in the Bible”, i.e. the descriptions and types of Christ given in the Scriptures.

Each new study will be added as it becomes available and you can listen to new studies using the player below.

Previously published studies in this series can be heard here.

Bible pictures of Christ Pt 52
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 53
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 54
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 55
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 56
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 57
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 58
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 59
Bible pictures of Christ Pt 60

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Latest news stories

Ex-SF MLA facing likely bankruptcy after losing libel legal bid

HIA Kincora inquiry: Security bosses say no evidence of cover-up or involvement by agents

Thousands sign petition over gorilla’s death – (How many of them would sign an ‘anti-abortion’ petition??)

Former Aide To PM Guilty Over Child Images

Glenariff: DUP halts £180k Glens community funding over ‘IRA names on gates’

Birmingham pub bombings: Inquests reopened, as coroner says ‘police missed warnings’

Birmingham bomb hearings will bring no comfort, says ex-IRA man

Three of the surviving Birmingham pub bombers ‘living in Dublin’ – (‘Doing the right thing’ is unlikely for mass murderers!!)

Birmingham pub bombings: Who are the Birmingham Six? What happened in the IRA attack? Everything you need to know

I fear the Birmingham bombings inquest will only bring heartache

Fury at dissident exploitation of children during illegal Lurgan Easter Rising parade

Commentator Jude Collins called to apologise after ‘outrageous’ comments

Media pundit Jude Collins who likened Boys’ Brigade to terrorist groups stands by remarks

Northern Ireland flag chair removed from Tesco stores – (This shows the bitter, intolerant spirit of Irish nationalism and also the cowardice of Tesco!!)


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More news

June 1

Sister of pub attack victim condemns ‘gutless’ bombers

Victim’s sister confronts ex-IRA boss

Former MLA John McCallister tipped for Justice adviser position to Minister Claire Sugden – (Jobs for the boys??!!)

Cllr Raymond Farrell officially back in DUP fold

DUP slam plans for republican monument in Magherafelt

Split row church St Matthias in Knocknamuckley advertises for new minister

MI5 may have bugged RUC interrogation centre during the Troubles

RUC man found own uncle amid Kingsmills carnage

Why Police buried Colm Murphy’s Kingsmill palm print for 40 years

‘To the day Frannie Doyle died, she never got over death of her father at hands of IRA’

Ann Travers pays tribute after daughter of murdered magistrate dies

Police hand over 26 boxes of secret files as Kincora abuse investigation opens

Inquiry told of British state ‘collusion’ in sex abuse at Belfast boys’ home

Trudeau does not defend actions of Canadian ambassador

Businessman Frank Cushnahan arrested by NCA in Nama probe

Nama probe: Two arrested by NCA over £1.2 billion assets sale

EU referendum: 70% of unionists voting for Brexit

May 31

TUV’s Allister ‘relishing’ finance position

Frazer optimistic on £300m Libyan cash for IRA victims

Child abuse inquiry turns to Kincora home and claims of MI5 blackmail

Kincora Boys’ Home: Inquiry to examine abuse claims

Historic abuse inquiry to examine claims about Kincora Boys’ home

First openly gay (sodomite) deputy lord mayor for Belfast to be elected – (What a cursed step this is, Romans 1:21-32 !!)

Protest at Canadian Embassy in Dublin after arrest of Craigavon Two supporter

Politicians and media accused of trying to destroy Catholic Church

Scotland and its Irish-born residents are quietly pro-EU

Dilapidated EU falling down around our ears; it’s time to move to much better place

‘We will multiply our descendants’ Turkey PM says NO Muslim should use birth control

Turkey’s migrant deal with EU is NOT working, Italy says as Ankara holds Europe to ransom

May 30

Twenty people rescued from inflatable boat off UK coast

Fears Over Migrants Crossing Channel By Boat

David Cameron facing leadership coup as Tory MP calls for him to go live on TV

Row erupts as Sinn Fein makes move to ban bonfires in areas where residents are opposed to them

Education Minister Peter Weir: Equality and no favouritism for Irish language schools

Dublin shooting: Man charged with murder of Tyrone dissident republican

12 men arrested after un-notified parade in Lurgan

Condemnation after hoax bomb find outside Co Fermanagh Orange Hall

Former head of IRA intelligence: Claims British mole knew of Birmingham pub bombings ‘very credible’

Trudeau won’t say if Kevin Vickers will be disciplined after tackling an Irish protester

‘You’re not RCMP anymore’: Security experts blast Kevin Vickers for overreacting in tackling Irish protester

Kevin Vickers is a hero, but he was out of line in Dublin

Nigel Farage’s key aide in IRA outrage as he’s revealed as hardline Irish Republican

Can anybody truthfully say that Irish is a necessary language?

May 28

If ministers have real power, then few 20-somethings are suited to wielding it

Why the Kingsmills (1976 IRA massacre of 10 Protestants workmen) inquest is so important

Revealed: Secret Orange offer of Drumcree talks under senior priest

How major Drumcree talks offer was made – and kept secret

Executive rids itself of old guard but are they up to the job?

Sammy Wilson MP claims SF gearing up for fantasy finance plans

Finance minister Mairtin O Muilleoir wants power to borrow money from Treasury – (Spend British money like water – central SF policy!!!)

DUP Councillor fumes after being ‘gagged’ at Mid Ulster Council

RC Archbishop Martin calls for united Ireland – (He is at one with SF/IRA on this issue!!)

Kincora abuse victim loses Historical Institutional Abuse inquiry appeal

DUBLIN’S Kinahan gang want to ‘wipe out’ rivals and have ‘a state within a state’ – (They have learned from Sinn Fein/IRA!!)

Immigration uncontrollable while Britain remains in the EU, says Employment Minister Priti Patel

Immigration: a price worth paying for economic growth? – (The ‘love of many’ will be the deciding factor in this issue!!!)

Boris Johnson bites back (gently) at Juncker’s EU invitation

EU leaders are planning a post-Brexit future without the UK

Britain will be forced to join an EU ARMY unless we leave, says Armed Forces Minister

May 27

Eurozone RUPTURE: Now SPAIN threatens to tear EU apart as banks LOSE €1.4BILLION in a day

MPs warn voters being ‘conned’ as Brussels keeps plans for EU army secret until after referendum

Arlene Foster slams criticism of Justice Minister Claire Sugden – as newly formed Executive hold first meeting

Sinn Féin and DUP accept they are on their own for the next five years

DUP MP Jim Shannon asked to pay back nearly £14k in staff mileage claims

Republican inmates challenge Prison Service on warders’ ID

Canadian ambassador who took down Islamic terrorist tackles protester at Dublin 1916 remembrance

Justice for the Craigavon Two protester tells how Canadian parliament hero tackled him at 1916 ceremony

How scars of Tullyvallen massacre have never healed

‘Not appropriate’: Sinn Féin rejects invitation to commemorate British 1916 deaths

May 26

Northern Ireland forms new power-sharing executive

Sam McBride: Sinn Fein again outmanoeuvred by Foster’s dominant DUP – (Time will tell!!)

Sinn Fein unveils ministers without IRA past to take up new Executive posts – (They do have an IRA present in that Sinn Fein is under its controls!!!)

SDLP accuse Sinn Féin of giving justice ‘triple lock’ to unionism

Sugden appointment a ‘corruption of Good Friday Agreement’ – Nesbitt

Claire Sugden: Straight-talking wild card in deal with Executive ‘jokers’

Claire Sugden puts faith in the subtle approach as she assumes justice ministry – (You could almost feel sorry for her!!)

From backbench obscurity to top of dissident hit-list for new Justice Minister Claire Sugden

Northern Ireland Executive ministers named: Independent Sugden named Justice Minister – DUP and Sinn Fein choose ministries

‘Depraved’ attack on Belfast war memorial condemned

‘Prince Charles really listened to what I had to say and I felt he understood what we’ve been through’

Hilary Clinton Violated Email Rules, Audit Finds

Cold-blooded IRA gunman ‘blew head off Protestant teenager as he cried for his mother’, sole survivor of massacre tells inquest

Kingsmills inquest: It took me 40 years to weep for my son, reveals elderly mother of slain workman

Army were told to stay away from Kingsmills, claims survivor

May 25

Kingsmills inquest: ‘Who was the godfather?’ asks mother

Londonderry woman Diana King has ‘no regrets’ over buying abortion pills – (Helping to slay unborn children is something which will be more than regretted one day!!!)

NI Executive: Martin McGuinness announces Sinn Féin ministers

Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness to visit Somme and Flanders

McGuinness Somme tribute a stunt – Jim Allister – (Jeffrey Donaldson’s comments are stupidly naive!!!)

Martin McGuinness snubs invitation to attend memorial event for Somme centenary to avoid controversy

The new Belfast Lord Mayor will be DUP councillor Brian Kingston

Prince Charles meets former IRA commander 37 years after terror group murdered his uncle

Charles visits Orange Order museum on trip of diverse engagements

Pair to stand trial on republican parade riot charges

Cops staked out dissident arms dump for a month

Ex-Sinn Fein man nabbed heading to Dubai and quizzed over Regency attack guns – (Sinn Fein/IRA has ongoing links to terrorism and crime!!!)

MEPs On The Move: Madness Of ‘Strasbourg Shift’

Retired Generals Join The Battle For Brexit

Brilliant moment Wetherspoons boss tells UK exactly why PM is NOT telling truth on Brexit

‘STOPPED, DELAYED’ Minister slams EU for interfering ‘day in, day out’ in UK affairs

May 24

Kingsmills inquest: IRA ‘lack courage’ to accept responsibility for murders – (Lacking courage is hardly surprising within such a bunch of craven killers!!)

Sole survivor of Kingsmill massacre tells inquest he lay beneath his dying colleagues as they battled for life

Kingsmill massacre: Taking deep breaths, sole survivor Alan Black stayed composed as 40-year-old nightmare relived

Kingsmills inquest: I will give evidence, says top Garda IRA agent

Atheist Numbers Surge In England And Wales – (Doubters and Deviants in the pulpit can only lead to deniers in the pew!!!)

People with no religion exceeding Christians in England and Wales, says study

No wonder they want us to Remain: Germany fears Brexit because they would lose £35BILLION

Bomb threats made to seven primary schools in Northern Ireland

Associate of Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch shot dead in latest Dublin gangland killing

Mystery of doomed EgyptAir jet deepens amid contrary claims pilot did issue Mayday before crash

Human remains from crashed EgyptAir plane ‘point to explosion on board’

Was terrorism behind EgyptAir plane crash, or not?

No contact with Alliance or Sugden as clock ticks over justice ministry

MLA Claire Sugden: I’m not sure I would accept the post of Justice Minister if I was offered it… but I’m as entitled to the job as anyone

Thatcher a major influence on my leadership, says Arlene Foster

DUP struggling to select a new Lord Mayor for Belfast

May 23

Kingsmills massacre survivor wants ‘the unvarnished truth’ – (That, the poor man, will not get!!!)

Teenage boys attacked in ‘sectarian hate crime’

‘Sectarian attack’ on Woodvale teenagers

SDLP ‘has turned its back on the Good Friday Agreement’ – (This shows how important to IRA/SF and their long term plans the GFA was!!!)

She’s impressive, but DUP and SF might eat her alive: insiders give their views on MLA tipped to become next Justice Minister

Londonderry murder: Youth arrested over murder of man

Reaction: Murder probe underway after death of 24-year-old in Londonderry

UDA duo behind protection racket ‘pair of chancers’

‘Gerrypicking’ the victims of the Troubles

‘I didn’t like the IRA… I couldn’t stand them as people so I became a unionist by default’

DUP’s stance on marriage, abortion may woo Catholic voters

Pro same-sex marriage support in Northern Ireland ‘greater than in the Republic’ – (Thanks to ecumenical, liberal theology of Protestant churches!!!)

Growing fears that New IRA planning attack in Britain

Surveillance of New IRA is stepped up by Garda in Republic of Ireland

Senior INLA man was in Sunset House pub when Barr shot dead

EU membership makes UK ‘literally ungovernable’, says David Cameron’s former guru Steve Hilton

Trade wars: memo shows EU is costing UK billions

Armed Forces Minister Penny Mordaunt: ‘The UK can’t veto Turkey joining EU’

EU referendum: Row over Turkey’s membership bid escalates

EU referendum: Tory minister rubbishes Cameron’s claim that Turkey ‘won’t ever’ be allowed to join the EU

PM faces storm for attack on his OWN minister after she spoke out on migration from Turkey

EXCLUSIVE POLL: 12 MILLION Turks say they’ll come to the UK once EU deal is signed

EgyptAir crash: Flight data points to ‘internal explosion’ on plane once daubed with graffiti saying ‘We will bring this plane down’

‘We will bring this plane down’ Graffiti scrawled on doomed EgyptAir plane in spookily accurate threat

May 21

East Antrim’s DUP MLAs blasted after backing SF for Principal Deputy Speaker role

LATEST – Kirk votes to allow gay clergy marriages – (WHAT AN ABOMINABLE AND BLASPHEMOUS DECISION!!)

Big two rattled as rivals will no longer carry can for tough decisions. Let real politics commence

Why Catholics just won’t vote unionist

Martin + Arlene = ‘Marlene’… but who came up with leaders’ new nickname? – (‘Chuckle brothers’ Mark II !!!)

Smoke detected minutes before EgyptAir plane crashed

EgyptAir crash: Black box ‘located’ as new pictures of debris of doomed flight released

Pictures released of EgyptAir crash wreckage

EgyptAir crash: Flight data seems to ‘point towards a bomb’ as first images of debris are released

Security services ‘to play full part in Kincora probe’

Pope has no plans to visit Ireland, claims church amid rumours

Church of Scotland to decide on gay marriage for ministers – (What they are deciding is to publicly call God a liar and sanction what He condemns!!!)

Police appeal after rocks thrown through church windows

Gangland feud in Dublin – Kinahan to meet his mob in Dubai for war council

Sir Richard Dearlove is right, visa waivers for Turks are dangerous

May 20

EGYPTIAN PLANE – Body Part, Bags, Plane Seats Found – Official

NI Executive: Claire Sugden would consider justice minister job offer

Ian Paisley calls for apology from Jim Wells over cigarette packaging remark – (His grandfather, Pastor J Kyle Paisley, withheld church membership from professing Christians working in Ballymena tobacco factory – a stand God honoured!!)

DUP’s Paisley calls on Jim Wells to apologise over cigarette packaging tweet

EgyptAir crash: Investigation continues amid terror fears

‘No Indication’ What Downed EgyptAir Jet

‘Debris’ Found In Sea Not From Missing Jet

EgyptAir flight MS804: Mystery of missing plane as US intelligence says ‘no indication of explosion’ and wreckage still not found

‘David Cameron is like Neville Chamberlain’: Telegraph reader Hubert Cecil gives Charlie Brooks his view on the EU referendum

Brussels chiefs say Britain should build MORE HOUSES to cope with influx of EU migrants

Saudi Arabia bill will ‘open courts of justice to families of 9/11 victims’

SDLP quits power-sharing Executive at Stormont

Population explosion on Opposition benches welcome

SDLP announce they are entering official opposition at Stormont

NI Executive: SDLP will hold ‘government to account’ says Colum Eastwood

Battle looms for NI justice post as Alliance pulls out of executive

Alliance refusal to take up justice post ‘could trigger fresh election’

Alliance ruling body backs Ford to turn down Justice post

Martin McGuinness and Arlene Foster say they are confident challenges can be overcome – (DUP and SF get closer!!!)

Gun attack victim ‘forced’ from home

Pope set for Ireland visit says Archbishop of Dublin

Pope set to include Armagh in expected visit to Ireland in 2018

Kincora sex abuse cover-up a case of systemic failure, court hears

Ex-soldier says ‘Unionists don’t own the Somme’ and have no right to exclude Sinn Fein’s McGuinness – (Are there no grounds for objecting to an IRA terrorist turning up at Somme commemoration???)

May 19

TERROR IN THE SKIES: EgyptAir MS804 plane debris FOUND as crash ‘almost certainly’ attack

Alliance will have sold its soul and given in to political blackmail by accepting the Justice post

NI Executive: SDLP and Alliance Party to hold separate crucial talks

Orange Order: Warm welcome and tough talking as Catholic college opens up to Protestant history

Police ‘are facing severe terror threat from IRA’

Probe launched into ‘illegal’ 1916 memorial which is to officially open in Lurgan

IRA tried to write my mum’s story. I’m here to put it straight

Jerry McCabe widow in Bertie snub claims

Ahern dismisses claims he ignored McCabe’s widow

Close associate of the Monk (Dublin gangster) arrested – meaning two separate fathers and sons being questioned over Regency shooting

Gerry Hutch’s nephew charged with the murder of David Byrne (33) in Regency Hotel Dublin

David Byrne murder: Man charged over Dublin boxing weigh-in attack

Woman who had rapist’s child says ‘something amazing came from that horror’ – (Abortion is advised in such circumstances!!)

Willie Frazer’s fury at Martin McGuinness’ Somme invite

Sinn Féin to end ‘average wage’ policy due to rule changes

Sinn Fein staff set for pay cut after introduction of new rules

‘Christ reigns’ – Pastor defiant over Down Baptist Church arson

Church in Co Down damaged in arson attack

May 18

Abortion figures for NI women ‘don’t tell true story’ – (Figures released exceed the total of murders during the IRA terror campaign!!!)

Ulster Farmers Union should take a position on Brexit, says Ian Paisley Junior

Interpol: 800,000 Migrants Ready To Head To EU

Nato risks nuclear war with Russia ‘within a year’, senior general warns

Absurd for SDLP not to join a brave new world

Army veteran with no legs told to prove he’s disabled to get assistance benefit

Mike Nesbitt: Goebbels tweet by UUP leader criticised

Mike Nesbitt responds to Goebbels tweet criticism

Capanagh Forest arms dump: Items found ‘could have made dozens of bombs’

Major arms discoveries ‘very worrying’ says former intelligence officer

Deadly mortars used before by group known as the ‘IRA’

Military spooks sent to Northern Ireland over terror plot fears

Bomb find represents a blow to dissidents

Dublin accused of hypocrisy over call to open UK files on 1974 bombings

Jeremy Corbyn should not be allowed to rewrite the history of his support for the IRA

May 17

Boris Johnson: The EU wants a superstate, just as Hitler did – (Interesting comments on attempts to rebuild Roman Empire through the ages.!!)

David Cameron warns Isil will be ‘happy’ with Brexit as Boris Johnson says PM’s deal is ‘biggest stitch up since the Bayeux Tapestry’

EU referendum: Leaked letter ‘shows how Cameron plotted against Leave’

Man held over murder of takeaway driver Dan Murray

ArleneFoster ‘would not support SF Justice Minister’

Dan Murray’s killers ‘judge, jury and executioner’ mourners told

One person a month shot by paramilitaries

833 Northern Ireland women travelled to Great Britain for abortion in 2015, Department of Health report reveals – (That puts the terrorist murder victims numbers in its proper context!!!)

Evidence from US witness sought in Jean McConville case

Families of GB soldiers who died in NI should always be welcome here

Man on 1997 IRA bomb charge can return to Coalisland

Ex-Sinn Féin MLA Phil Flanagan won’t say if £20k Stormont deal will pay Tom Elliott libel costs – (Tom Elliott need not hold his breath!!!)

1916 Rising had ‘no legitimacy whatsoever’ – ex-attorney general (Irish)

Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness may attend Battle of the Somme 100th anniversary event – (How magnanimous of him!!!!)

Veterans plan Somme event boycott if Sinn Fein’s McGuinness attends – (Rightly so!!)

Capanagh Forest: ‘Terrorist hide’ found in woods near Larne

Capanagh Forest arms find ‘one of most significant in years’, police say

May 16

UK priest wanted over sex abuse claims ‘held in Kosovo’

Catholic cleric wanted over historic sex assault arrested in Kosovo after five-year hunt

Royal College of Midwives backs abolition of abortion law that could see women terminate unborn child at any point

‘We Believe Boris’: EU Poll Blow For PM

EU Referendum: Boris Johnson compares EU’s aims to Hitler’s – (He is more correct than he knows!!)

Boris Johnson: The EU wants a superstate, just as Hitler did

EU referendum: Boris Johnson is trusted by twice as many voters as David Cameron to tell truth about Europe

Arlene Foster’s Brexit comments ‘irresponsible’, opponents blast

Nesbitt leads UUP out into Opposition for five years

Terror threats escalated – Same old story, different faces

Families of four soldier victims of 1984 IRA bomb return to Fermanagh for plaque unveiling

Gerry-built version of history has never stood up to scrutiny

May 13

NI Assembly: DUP’s Arlene Foster rejects Ulster Unionists’ opposition seats plan – (Sitting side by side would be too much for the DUP supporters to stomach. They want to continue to pretend they are the enemies of Sinn Fein!!!)

Foster ‘surprised’ by UUP’s move to opposition

McGuinness’s Opposition attack on UUP is just silly, says Trimble

Kingsmills survivor makes final impassioned appeal for killers to come forward

Kingsmill massacre inquest to go ahead despite postponement calls

IRA victim ‘stunned’ at second health referral to terror memorial centre

Pro-life midwives are being isolated by the Royal College – (Murder of unborn is government policy in most countries!!)

SF man ‘can’t pay’ £50k libel damages to Tom Elliott after losing seat – (“So I’m not going to lose too much sleep over it.” – Insight into republican morality!!!)

Five NW Sinn Féiners tipped as potential Gerry Adams replacements

Dissidents ratchet up terror campaign with one bomb attack a week

IRA gun trail: RUC protected officer’s killer claims son of policeman murdered in Belfast ice cream parlour

Brexit won’t hurt Northern Ireland at all – instead, it will brighten its future

SDLP and Sinn Fein ‘alienating devout Catholics’

Murdered soldiers’ families in Enniskillen for plaque ceremony

May 12

Jim Allister Opposes Nomination of Sinn Fein’s Caitriona Ruane

We face the biggest terrorism threat in our history from both rogue IRA dissidents and ISIS

IRA guns trail conspiracy of silence fuelling family’s fear that Special Branch protected ‘super-tout’

NI Assembly: UUP will go into into opposition at Stormont

Ulster Unionists form first Official Opposition since 1972

Ulster Unionist Party to form first official Northern Ireland Assembly opposition

McCallister: SDLP should follow UUP into Opposition

Northern Catholics want an alternative to Sinn Féin, but it isn’t the SDLP

DUP best represents views of some Catholics on moral issues

DUP’s Newton elected Speaker as first SF man to hold post bows out

Coroner receives ‘significant’ information on Birmingham pub bombings

ITV Choosing Farage For EU Debate ‘Extraordinary’

‘Saudi Arabian government officials supported September 11 hijackers,’ former 9/11 Commission member claims

May 11

PIRA still exists, says North’s police chief – (As they were in 2007 when Unionists were persuaded to back power-sharing with Sinn Fein!!)

‘Gay cake’ case: Northern Ireland Attorney General says judgement against Ashers was wrong

Delivery driver shot dead in Belfast had been targeted twice before

Killers ‘getting away with it’

Outrage over ‘barbaric murder’ of Belfast fast food delivery driver Dan Murray

Gun victim’s partner brands his killers ‘cowards’

Sinn Fein incensed by ‘disgraceful’ McPhillips speech

Suspected Regency Hotel gunman flees Dublin

‘The nuns poured boiling water on our heads’

UUP: Security picture in NI has not changed in six months – (Why the ‘tamer’ headline in the DUP-backing ‘Newsletter’???)

UUP leader Mike Nesbitt stonewalls over re-entry to Executive

Villiers: DUP and SF need to work urgently to end paramilitary attacks – (What a ludicrous statement!! It is Sinn Fein which has the private army!!)

Alliance has no mandate to be in talks, says Nesbitt

No ‘civil war’ in Mid Ulster after DUP election spat

May 10

Man feared dead after West Belfast gun attackDan Murray murder: Murder victim lured by phone-box takeaway caller

Fake takeaway order lured delivery driver to his death

Record number of families forced from homes by dissidents – (These are Roman Catholic families forced out by RC terrorists!!!)

Arlene Foster says there is no stitch-up on Northern Executive

Defeated Mid Ulster DUP candidate Ian McCrea hits out at ‘Arlene’s choice Buchanan untruths’

Anti-abortion group hails election results as a victory

Sam McBride: With his goal receding, ageing McGuinness faces forlorn future

Cliff Richard sexual abuse claims sent to Crown Prosecution Service

Police officer and former civilian detention officer to be charged with gross negligence manslaughter after man’s custody cell death

Afghan terrorists use migrant route to plot attacks on London, police fear, as Theresa May orders border review

David Cameron caught on camera boasting to Queen about ‘fantastically corrupt’ countries attending his anti-corruption summit

Body of boy, 16, pulled from River Thames by volunteer divers after police halt underwater searches

May 9

Conor Murphy tipped to be Sinn Féin’s first minister at Stormont

DUP in dilemma over whether to take education ministry

PUP man continues to back Hutchinson after feeble election results – (Poor showing by this UVF-linked party speaks well of Unionists deep-seated rejection of terrorism)

Palmer returns to haunt DUP

I’m too young to retire, says Allister as he goes back to Assembly alone

Ban on same sex marriage in N Ireland must go, urges Amnesty International

Unionists overwhelmingly back Brexit: Dodds

‘Compared to IRA massacres N-word row can seem trivial’

Upper Bann: O’Dowd beats Kelly after nail-bitingly close finish – (O’Dowd poor result is indicative of SF’s losing its ‘shine’!!)

Sinn Fein gets outflanked on the Left in its very heartlands

Ruth Patterson to quit politics after disappointing South Belfast Assembly election result

Christian bakers seek to overturn decision in pro-gay marriage cake case

‘Praise Allah’ bus slogans get green light just months after Lord’s Prayer ad gets banned

EU ARMY MOVES STEP CLOSER: MEP says Brussels defence force ‘only way’ to protect Europe

Downing Street accused of ‘manipulating’ spy chiefs after they warn against Brexit

Sadiq Khan attacks Jeremy Corbyn hours after winning London Mayor election

Sadiq Khan uses first major interview as Mayor of London to attack leader Jeremy Corbyn

May 6

NI Assembly election: Counting process set to begin

DUP and Sinn Fein battle it out in North poll

Hunger striker’s family blasts Sinn Fein for turning commemoration into an ‘electioneering stunt’ (Sinn Fein is famous for getting the ‘ dead’ out to vote!!)

IRA victim’s sister Ann Travers slams ‘disgusting’ Sinn Fein tweet

Adams’ n-word tweet: Now his own deputy Mary Lou McDonald and equality watchdog speak out

Inappropriate, ludicrous and no real apology – is there no limit to the propagandist nonsense from Gerry Adams?

Michael Barr: Police arrest 15 men after murdered man’s funeral in Strabane

Unionists welcome ‘swift action’ by police after Mickey Barr funeral paramilitary display

Strabane arrests mark change in tactics from PSNI

‘Dissident funeral arrests not influenced by political pressure’: PSNI

Unionist fury as Housing Executive spends £5,000 on Easter Rising mural

‘Gay cake’ row: Christian bakers ‘praying for just outcome’ from appeal hearing

‘We pray that we will soon see our final day in court’ say McArthurs

Church says homophobic abuse against MLA candidate ‘unacceptable’

May 5

Paedophile priest ‘allowed child access after allegations’

How lure of money defeated Provos’ armed campaign

Unionist parties give full backing to terror victims’ election wish list

Stakeknife probe: Top English officer ‘to lead investigation’

Shining lights into corners

SDLP’s McCrossan silent about fake ‘followers’

McGuinness tried to squash Eastwood, but failed to do so

Widow Joanne McGibbon to leave Belfast after paramilitary murder of husband

Paramilitary fears after two shootings in Maghera and Tobermore inside 24 hours

Adams’ civil rights ‘founding member’ claim rejected

Sinn Fein MEP ridiculed after support for Adams over slavery

BBC denies DUP claims Adams was ‘let off the hook’ over n-word row

Gerry Adams N-word tweet: SF president’s bye-ball an own-goal for Radio Ulster

Adams is a discredited figure yet he does not suffer at the polls – (Sinn Fein voters have happily supported murderers so why not fools!!)

George Bell: The battle for a bishop’s reputation

May 4

Hitler and Zionism: Why the Haavara Agreement does not mean the Nazis were Zionists

Chief Rabbi: Labour has a ‘severe’ problem with anti-Semitism

Computer gap lets ‘tourists’ disappear forever as EU opens door to 127 million

EU was designed to be United States of Europe, Brussels founder claims in shock interview

Fury ERUPTS over German plot to HIDE secret EU army using UK troops till after referendum

Gerry Adams: ‘I’ve never seen myself as white’ – (Black-hearted, most certainly!!!)

Gerry Adams N-word tweet ‘an honest mistake’, says Martin McGuinness – (Honesty is foreign to Adams and all of Sinn Fein!!!)

Civil rights leaders ‘astonished’ by Adams founder member claim – (As already noted, honesty is foreign to Adams!!)

Sam McBride: ‘N****r’ isn’t the really offensive part – Gerry Adams’ explanation is

Gerry Adams’ N-word tweet ‘test of Sinn Féin leadership’ says DUP leader

Gerry Adams’ conceit that nationalist suffering is somehow similar to slavery is absurd

Sinn Fein MEP ridiculed after support for Adams over slavery – (A slave ‘tells lies’ in defence of her master!!)

N-word tweet has briefly silenced the ‘Shinnerbots’

Troubling thing is Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams actually believes own propaganda

SDLP fights for survival in Derry in face of Sinn Féin onslaught

Taking guns from serving Northern Ireland police officers crazy: ex-cop with a weapon but no training

May 3

Former Drumcree minister backs Royal Black in church controversy

SDLP founder backs McCrossan in West Tyrone

Abortion and Brexit divide Foyle unionists – (UUP pro-abortion – that’s what ecumenism does!!)

Labour has secretly suspended 50 members for anti-Semitic and racist comments

Deputy Labour leader, John McDonnell praised terrorists and defended violent protest. (His leadership ambitions are nothing to laugh about)

The EU exists only to become a superstate. Britain has no place in it

Gerry Adams defends use of ‘N’ word on Twitter about Django Unchained

Critics round on Adams over racism row and civil rights claim

Pressure on Gerry Adams grows as attempts to justify n-word sparks further scorn at home and abroad

Sinn Féin TDs say Adams far from racist, but language ‘regrettable’

Latest Gerry Adams Twitter gaffe harder to shrug off – (If he can ‘shrug off’ murder this will be no problem!!!)

Sinn Féin’s lucrative fundraising effort in US will be damaged by an ‘ironic’ gaffe

Adams comparing US slavery with nationalist plight ‘overblown’

Adams line on nationalism and slavery wide of mark

Gerry Adams’s bizarre and creepy Tweets raise questions for Sinn Féin – (What else can a pig do but grunt??!!!)

McCartney sisters attack plan to honour Provo chief Davison

Sitting ducks – terror attack fears as PSNI officers guns withdrawn

Anger as wreaths to dead of Narrow Water are destroyed again

May 2

Ex-IRA man Henry ‘Harry’ Fitzsimons beats Mafia fraud extradition

Gerry Adams: Sinn Féin president deletes n-word tweet and denies racism claims

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams quickly deletes N-word tweet

Racist slur by Adams sparks new SF crisis

UUP’s Kennedy corrects his gaffe on gay relationships – (Professing Christian, Kennedy, Bible view of sodomy is a ‘gaffe’!!!)

CoI report challenges Royal Black Institution

A saint or sinner? The curious contradiction of Mother Teresa – (Rome cannot make anyone a saint. Even from among her own nuns there have come complaints!!!)

Northern Ireland could become a ‘back door route’ for Isil terror plots, security services fear

These parades by people in masks break the law… so what are the police going to do about them?

Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC): Amnesty should focus on genuine human rights, not campaign for abortion

Abortion is the most serious matter that will face Sormont lawmakers

‘Unacceptable’ that families ‘not told of resuscitation plans’

Labour expecting anti-Semitism row backlash at the polls

It is a ‘smear’ to say Labour has an anti-Semitism problem, claims Jeremy Corbyn’s closest ally

Jeremy Corbyn refuses to denounce terrorist ‘friends’ Hamas and Hezbollah

Jeremy Corbyn called convicted ‘terrorist’ an ‘iconic figure’

Irish government will be in place within days, says minister

David Cameron admits EU referendum has damaged his friendship with Boris Johnson

The EU’s defenders are clinging to something that is weakening

April 30

Labour anti-Semitism row: Jeremy Corbyn to launch inquiryJeremy Corbyn facing ‘coup attempt’ over anti-Semitism row as ministers hold talks with plotters

How the Labour Party embraced an ideology that has race hate at its heart – (Writer could have added his support for the murderers of the IRA!!)

Deal reached to pave way for Republic of Ireland minority government

Historic deal to see first FG Taoiseach re-elected

Ireland Agrees New Government After Nine Weeks

Derbyshire police tried to keep Polish rapist’s name secret

Election Diary: UUP and DUP both claim Coulter’s backing – (Rev Robert Coulter is a retired minister of the ecumenical Irish Presbyterian church, he’s well used to facing both ways!!)

DUP candidates in photo row were ‘on a solo run’

Vote for us to Keep SF Out Claim Some – But Will they Give SF Speaker’s Chair in First Act?

SF ex-minister’s tweet on Syria bomb is “ironic”

Feared ‘guns for hire’ now offering services to Hutch gang

(Dublin) Regency Hotel ‘Flat Cap’ suspect flees Strabane home

EU military police carry out ‘extremely WORRYING’ civil unrest crisis training

1,100 bombs and shootings in 10 years: The figures that prove terrorism hasn’t gone away – (“Peace Process” is a wicked sham and a mere means used by DUP to get into power at any price!!!)

If we can’t see the difference between victim and perpetrator, we have lost our way as a society