Bright and shining lights in the Bible #7

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There are so many ‘burning and shining lights’ recorded in the Bible that we must seek to limit our study. When I first considered this I thought of the list of godly people recorded in Hebrews 11. That is where we are turning for the remainder of our studies. In the opening versos FAITH is DEFINED and then in the rest of the chapter it is ILLUSTRATED.

However, before we come to him, I want to say something about the two people not mentioned – Adam and Eve!

Firstly, I believe that they were saved. Their conversion was symbolised in their being clothed in the skins of animals sacrificed, Gen 3:21. “Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God make coats of skins, and clothed them.” That is what we all require! Garments made by God to cover our sinfulness, Rev 7:14-17. Adam and Eve’s garments would have been blood marked.
Secondly, there was no condemning of them to hell. Rather, a Redeemer was to be born of Eve’s line. They did suffer consequences for their sin. Read Gen 3:16-19. Note verse 20. ‘Life’ would yet come of Eve.
Thirdly, they lost access to the Garden but not Heaven. Sin always brings its consequences. How often is that emphasised in the Bible! Gal 6:8.

NONE COULD EVER HAVE HAD THE SENSE OF LOSS AND SHAME LIKE ADAM AND EVE. When David sinned, he undoubtedly had a great sense of shame. Psalm 51:3 shows that! “My sin is ever before me.” He could never get away from the sight of the great sin he had committed when he had enjoyed so many privileges from the Lord! David was never the same man again!
How much more Adam and Eve must have suffered from a sense of the dreadful wrong they had done and suffering they had brought upon mankind!
Consequently, their spiritual lives were almost paralysed with the guilt and burden and sense of failure that they bore. Consequently, there is no record of their holy actions or works of faith.
Boys and girls, history is filled with the sad stories of those who so lost out with God that, even though they were saved, they never accomplished anything great for God. Manasseh -2 Chron 33:9-20.