Boris Johnston — Unprincipled, Amoral and Utterly Without Scruples!

PM Boris Johnson partying – source: ITV News

“Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed,  neither could they blush: therefore they shall fall among them that fall:  at the time that I visit them they shall be cast down, saith the LORD, ” Jeremiah 6:15.

At the cost of countless tens of thousands of pounds, there has been a police investigation and a Civil Service enquiry into loutish and drunken events in the Prime Minister’s official residence at 10 Downing Street, London.

He has today, stated afresh that he takes FULL RESPONSIBILITY for all the gatherings that have been deemed contrary to the ‘lockdown rules’, instituted by Mr Johnston’s own government during the Covid pandemic.

Boris Johnston pictured at one of the gatherings which broke the law as published in Sue Grays’ report.

In other words, he takes FULL RESPONSIBILITY for those events that broke the law of the land and for which others who acted in a similar fashion, were brought before the civil courts and punished.

A brief ‘Google’ search of the Internet will bring up the fate of many who broke Covid regulations.

Here is just one sample: “Former Health Secretary Matt Hancock and ex-London Mayor candidate Shaun Bailey are among those who have resigned over Covid breaches.”

Her is another example: “Police constable may lose job after he admits breaking Covid rules.” 

I will leave readers to do their own further ‘digging’!

The point is this, others, whose actions appear to me to be less culpable than those of Johnston and his boozy cronies, have paid a price for their actions. This poses another question!

Since Mr Johnston has repeatedly assumed responsibility for that which has been reported as a serious, repeated and contemptuous breach of the law, what are the consequences for the Prime Minister for the breaches of the law for which he publicly has assumed responsibility?

If this matter is simply allowed to ‘dies on the vine’ through an ineffective response on the part of those in Westminster, then it will have a detrimental impact upon the nation’s moral outlook and thinking. The Conservative Party is chiefly occupied with a desire to preserve its political status.  The leader of the Labour Party has been content to mouth pathetic challenges and what he may deem ‘witty comebacks’, aimed at tomorrow’s headlines. The rest of the responses are not worthy of a mention or consideration.

The civic response of citizens to this display of total disregard, by ‘governmental officialdom’, of decency and honesty and respect for the law of the land can only encourage the already very evident growing lawlessness in the nation.

Readers, I repeat what I have often said; the spirit of the times just prior to the return of Christ is that of ‘lawlessness’!

Paul writes: “For the mystery of iniquity doth already work,” 2 Thessalonians 2:7. The Greek word Paul uses for iniquity in this passage literally means lawlessness. Therefore, the mystery is one of lawlessness — acting without law or restraint.

That is the ’spirit’ which governs Boris Johnston and the ‘boozy celebrants’ of 10 Downing Street! This ‘spirit’ will but sound the ‘death knell’ of our nation.

“But the transgressors shall be destroyed together: the end of the wicked shall be cut off,” Psalm 37:38.

“He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy,” Proverbs 29:1.


Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)

25th May 2022