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Part 50- 3-fold mark of maturity Part 51- The depravity of mankind, pt 1. Part 52- The depravity of mankind, pt 2 Part 53- The depravity of mankind, pt 3 Part 54- New life in Christ part 1 Part 55- New life in Christ, part 2 Part 56- New life in Christ, pt 3 Part 57- Imitating God, Pt 1 Part 58- Imitating God, Pt 2 Part 59- Imitating God, Pt 3

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The Coronavirus Crisis, a Foretaste of what is to come Pt1. Kilskeery FPC, August 9th, 2020. Rev. Ivan Foster

The Coronavirus Crisis, a Foretaste of what is to come Pt2. Kilskeery FPC, August 9th, 2020. Rev. Ivan Foster

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The evil rumour-monger at work today

Of late I have had my attention drawn to some of the many deceptions which purport to set forth God’s truth on the ‘Covid-19 crisis’!

I must say that I have found much that is utterly silly beyond words.

I heard of one who reasoned that face masks should not be used because masks are used in ‘voodoo rituals’! We might add another reason to such an argument against the use of face masks, bank robbers usually wear them!! It should be noted that this form of ‘voodoo’ has been practised in hospital theatres for a very long time!

How foolish are such notions!

I have attempted in the following article to highlight just how gullible man is and how ready he is to swallow every daft idea that the devil sends his way. But, at the same time, the glorious truth of God is rejected as absolute madness. Read more

The personified bitterness of IRA hatred

The following letter was printed in today’s ‘Belfast Newsletter’ in response to a recent statement by one of Sinn Fein’s must splenetic and bitter members. She was guilty of a vitriolic ‘twitter’ attack upon victims of terrorism and the scheme to offer them some form of compensation. She later apologised and removed the comments by order of ‘Michelle O’Neill, her Sinn Fein ‘boss’!

Here is a link to a report of her comments.

Anderson was convicted of being an IRA terrorist conspiring to cause explosions in 1985 and sentenced to life in prison. She was released 13 years later as a condition of the Good Friday Agreement and subsequently became involved in politics for Sinn Féin.
She is seen as one of the most deeply cantankerous and crabbit Irish Republicans. Read more

Appendix: Below is a recording of a report given at the evening service in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church on the Sabbath after the Enniskillen bombing, Lord’s Day 15th November 1987, by the father mentioned in the letter published in the Belfast Newsletter, a copy of which we just sent out to you.

I am sure that you will find it a blessing!

The sermon that I preached that evening entitled, ‘My prayer for the Enniskillen bombers’ is included in the recording.

A breakfast of humble pie

It is clear that Michelle O’Neill and her party have had a most ill-tasting breakfast of ‘humble pie’ this Friday morning.

Not a great start to the day!

However, many trust that it is the start of a bringing down and a reining in of this undemocratic, law-defying bunch of terrorism-supporting malcontents which have plagued our country for a very long time indeed!

Sadly, this has been brought about, not by the party that decades ago boastfully paraded around promising to ’Smash Sinn Fein’ only to go on to elevate that which it promised to smash to a position of government by entering a power-sharing agreement with it. Read more

Michelle O’Neill accused of ‘ignoring rule of law’ and in court for opposing sodomite ‘marriage’!

Below are two reports which are of interest to any who follow events in Northern Ireland with prayerful concern.

Is it not wonderful to see a Judge who seems to be awake on his bench!! One, Mr Justice McAlinden, is the judge in question!

What he said about Sinn Fein Stormont leader is noteworthy in that it is the nearest that I can recall Sinn Feiner Michelle O’Neill being given her rightful pedigree!

How could one who leads a party that most of us believe is the IRA wearing political garb, which has supported, endorsed, sanctioned, eulogised, approved of and celebrated its every act of terrorism and murder, ever be anything other than one who ignores the law! Read more

Half a century since republicans killed first RUC men of Troubles

Below is a report from today’s “Belfast Newsletter” that will bring back sad memories to many of my age group.

It seems as if it was only yesterday we ended each day listening to the 11.55 pm late night local BBC news report. The news often left you to seek sleep praying for another family or families bereaved at the hands of wicked murderers!

Those were terrible times indeed which have been mocked by the actions of today’s politicians entering into a political agreement with those deeply engaged in that time of terror and anarchy!

It will abide as a shame upon our little Province that Unionism granted governmental power to the IRA terrorists as a reward for their cruel wickedness and we continue to daily submit to having our faces rubbed in the dirt as the likes of Sinn Fein leader, Michelle O’Neil, rejoices in and celebrates those heinous crimes of slaughter and butchery! Read more

Northern Ireland’s 100th anniversary

I am attaching below a statement in which Jim Allister, TUV leader, speaks out regarding the disaster taking shape before our eyes, of the form of the 100th anniversary of what God’s praying people 100 years ago considered a mighty answer to prayer, when the six north eastern counties that presently make up Northern Ireland, were delivered from being part of a Roman Catholic dominated 26 counties Irish Free State, later to be renamed as ‘The Irish Republic’.

If the ‘celebration’ of this historic event is left in the hands of the politicians, then it will be truly a disaster!

The Lord will get no mention yet the motto of our forefathers in the battle to remain British was ‘For God and Ulster”! Read more

IRA as evil as any Chinese activities – letter submitted to Belfast Newsletter (August 13th, 2020).


You rightly criticise in your “Opinion” article of today, the response of the ’two leaders’ here at Stormont for their pathetically weak response to the use made by the Chinese representative in Northern Ireland of their ambiguous comment on China’s tyranny in Hong Kong.

However, how can we expect anything more forthright from a Unionist leader who joins hands with those who engaged in a tyranny every bit as wicked as that employed by China in Hong Kong?

The Sinn Fein/IRA campaign which began 50 years ago, may not match in measure the campaign of China but it was just as evil and anti-democratic as anything that China has engaged in. The cruelty, violence, lies, deceit, chicanery and two-faced hypocrisy which mark the Chinese activities in Hong Kong are a mere adopting of the tactics of those with whom Arlene Foster is now in coalition!

It would be difficult therefore for these two ‘ladies’ to condemn that which is a mere facsimile of that which one freely engaged in and the other cravenly capitulated to in order to obtain power and money for her increasingly disreputable party!!

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)

Kilskeery, Co. Tyrone.

An edited form of this letter appeared in print. See it here.

God or the Scientist – Whom do YOU believe????

While I scanned the news reports online recently, I saw the following headline on a BBC article.

Katie Mack: ‘Knowing how the universe will end is freeing’”

I quickly glimpsed through it (as you do when you come upon evil-smelling rubbish) and thought that I must write something in which I would set over against the ravings of this woman the glorious TRUTH of God!

The article tells us that Katie Mack grew up in Los Angeles. That city is home to the ‘Hollywood entertainment industry’, the epicentre of myth and fairytales and every unclean fantasy of mankind! It is in keeping with such an environment that a citizen of that location should propound the nonsense that is to be found in this BBC article.

Here are some of the statements found in it.

“Terms like ‘heat death’, ‘big rip’ and ‘vacuum decay’ don’t sound all that inviting. And they aren’t. They describe a few of the theories scientists have about how our universe will one day die. But when cosmologist Katie Mack thinks about the end of everything, it gives her peace. Read more

John Hume is dead.

The death of John Hume, I find, is a solemnising event. Solemn because I think of what the man stated he believed and the actions he took in his life.

He is now in eternity. All he ever believed, his faith in the lies of Rome, have been tested by the ‘Judge of all the earth’ Who ever does what is right and true!

I cannot but contemplate in silence what that means. However, the deceit that is proclaimed by news outlets regarding the man must be challenged and the truth of God upheld.

That we seek to do in this little article to some degree. May the Lord be pleased to bless it to the hearts of all who read it. Read more

There are always two sides to every story!

A friend compiled the following articles in response to the fawning tributes printed in the press following the recent tragic death of three family members. I felt that I had to share them with you for they give an insight into the true nature of that, which one who loves holiness and truth must face every day in our land!

We are unwilling to meekly and silently accept the attempt to picture one of the victims of the recent traffic accident as a ’lovely, caring’ individual, given his history of terrorist involvement and must protest at this whitewashing of one who in life was an IRA terrorist, one who took part in the 1970s filthy ‘blanket protest’. He was far from what many would have us believe of him, as they eulogise him in death! Read more

God’s truth under attack

I feel compelled to respond to the article referred to below. It seems to me, I may be mistaken, but such newspaper ’scribblings’ seem to go unchallenged to a very large degree!

I would like therefore to offer something by way of a rebuttal to the ungodly tenor of this news report!

There appeared two related articles on The “BelfastLive” news website today, one of which had the headline:

PSNI launches investigation into “homophobic literature” posted to NI homes

This investigation resulted from a complaint by Independent Councillors Barry Monteith and Dan Kerr. They objected to the fact that the Mid-Ulster Christian Helpline, the publishers of the leaflet causing the protest, is listed on the Mid-Ulster Council website. The police are now investigating the matter. The literature was posted to some homes in the Magherafelt area. Another article on the same website related to the subject contained a photograph of the leaflet causing the stir. Read more

Ulster ‘Protestantism’ has fallen on hard times!

What can be said when a professing ‘evangelical Protestant’ is paid to spread popish propaganda in a Romanist newspaper???!!! Ulster ‘Protestantism’ has fallen on hard times!

Fee of £200 to write an article praising pro-life Catholics is a standard payment: Paisley
By Gillian Halliday, July 31 2020 07:30 PM

Ian Paisley has said a £200 payment that he received from a religious publication (The Catholic Herald – IF) to write a platform piece praising pro-life Catholics is a “standard fee”.

The article, which appeared online last month, revealed the DUP MP’s admiration that Catholics who take the stance are not “embarrassed” to stand up for their views on the controversial issue.

The payment was logged on the House of Commons’ Register of Members’ Financial Interests, which provides information about any financial interest a Member has, or any benefit they receive.