Answer to Mr. Cubitt

September 24, 2021 — It is obvious that this letter is not going to be published in the ‘Belfast Newsletter’.

I have wondered if the various media outlets receive some sort of ‘grant’ to promote the present vaccinations which were produced by the use of foetal tissue and gag any letters exposing the use of tissue from an aborted child in their manufacture .

(Letter submitted to “The Belfast Newsletter” on September 17, 2021)


As one who has refused the vaccinations presently on offer on the grounds that they have been produced or have been tested by the use of foetal material (an acknowledged fact), I see that Mr Cubitt has resorted to the logic of Nebuchadnezzar or indeed a Hitler with regards the forcing of others to submit to his idea of what is right. Both of these evil dictators denied to others the right of conscience.

I am against abortion. That was the position of 99% of the population when I was young. However, I failed to change my view on the subject when church and state persuaded a large number of folk to adopt a ‘liberal’ view of the slaughter of the unborn.

Now Mr Cubitt, one of that ‘enlightened liberal group’, calls for me and those like me to be forcefully vaccinated and that on the pretext that I do not ‘love my neighbour’!!

It has been erroneously said that you can make the Bible say anything. Mr Cubitt would try to have it say that you can engage in support of the murder of the unborn as a display of ‘loving your neighbour’.

Surely Isaiah the Prophet spoke of those of Mr Cubitt’s view.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20.

For some reason, those vaccinations which have been produced without the use of foetal material have not yet come online. I suspect that there is a large lobby which do not like to see the distinction between ‘ethical’ and unethical’ vaccines. The use of tissue from aborted babies in such a process still troubles many consciences.

Personally, I will seek to take every measure to avoid contracting the virus, but I will not adopt a measure which involved the sanctioning of the murder of an unborn child.

I do not believe that anyone should be killed in order to give me some short term and questionable immunity from Covid-19.

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)
Kilskeery, Co. Tyrone
17th September 2021