A word about the coronavirus

Scripture: Psalm 91:1-16

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I am going to speak today on the outbreak of a disease amongst the nations which is causing difficulties and disruptions the like of which have not been seen since World War II. Schools, shops and all places where people gather have been closed in many countries. Airlines and other such businesses are facing bankruptcy as a result of the many restrictions that the spread of this disease has brought upon nations.

I want to say something regarding this matter for there are many people very frightened about catching this virus.

Firstly, as a general rule, young people have very, very little to worry about. Virtually every healthy adult who may catch it will recover quickly and without any real stress or discomfort.

There are a few, like me, who must take some special precautions to avoid the virus. With care even should I catch it, I should recover.

I want to show you what the Bible has to say on this subject.

1. Sicknesses are the result of man’s fall. Sin brought death into this world but for the Christian death is but the door to heaven.

2. The Lord has sometimes sent disease and sickness as a judgment upon the wicked. Exodus 9:2-6, 9-11, 12:29.

3. In the final years of this age, the Lord will visit the earth with plagues. Rev 11:6 (2 witnesses); 15:1, 16:1-21.
Christians in that day, which I believe is not far off, will see scenes like that witnessed by Israel in Egypt!

4. For the child of God, a comforting assurance is given. Psalm 91:10, Ps 121:7, Pro 12:21, Deut 7:15.

Our Saviour has power over all sickness and disease, Mark 3:10, Luke 7:20-22. To Him we may turn for protection. We may seek the shelter of the blood of Calvary as did the Israelites in the night of the Passover!