36 years ago, Sammy Heenan’s father was murdered by PIRA

Sammy Heenan was a lad of 12 when the IRA came to the isolated family home in the Mourne Mountain area of Northern Ireland and murdered his widowed father and left his body for his young son to find.

Sammy is now a Christian and here tells the story on the anniversary of the murder.

Mr. Heenan wrote: “Sinn Fein are relentless in their propaganda as we recently witnessed with their recent terrorist glorification. This little homemade clip is designed to hopefully reach many on Twitter by reminding others of what the PIRA perpetrated against the innocent people of South Down.”

Here is some footage of the aftermath of the murder back on May 3, 1985.


Mr. Heenan gave his testimony in January 2019 at Ballygowan FPC.