DUP compromise facilitates promotion of perversion

The folly of the DUP in going back in to Stormont and, by so doing, re-activating the means whereby the enemies of righteousness that are the political parties in Ulster (with the exception of the one member of the Traditional Unionist View party, Jim Allister, who sits there) were able to push their evil agenda for the future generation in Ulster, was clearly demonstrated yesterday in a debate on a motion calling on the Education Minister to support ‘compulsory, standardised, inclusive, high-quality, evidence-based and age-appropriate relationships and sexuality education’ (RSE) in schools.

The motion was passed by the Assembly. The DUP may have opposed the motion — though it must be noted that there appears to have been no reference to God’s Word and the moral standards of behaviour and lifestyle which He has ordained and thereby there was a failing to set forth the true and only real basis of opposition to the evil supported by the motion.

In truth, despite their feeble opposition, the DUP made such a debate and such a decision possible in the Assembly by their RETURNING to Stormont and that on the basis of their deceitful claim that they had won the argument on the implementing of a border in the Irish sea (the reason for their withdrawal) which excluded Northern Ireland from the rest of the United Kingdom!

We are still excluded from the UK and the DUP won no victory at all despite their repeated claims of such! A recent report in the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ had the following statement: “Consignments of fresh seafood are being either impounded or sent back to Scotland at Belfast port thanks to the Protocol.”

Parliament Buildings, often referred to as Stormont, because of its location in the Stormont Estate area of Belfast, is the seat of the Northern Ireland Assembly

So much for the DUP’s victory. What a party of lies and chicanery it is!

The motion above was proposed by the Alliance Party, an ecumenical conglomeration of practisers and supporters of the moral perversions which have become the norm for many in today’s society. Advocates of abortion and transgenderism and feminist activists have been pushing for years for a single, compulsory RSE syllabus which includes their desired perverted aims. That campaign was furthered by the debate in Stormont yesterday, thanks to the DUP!

Here is the ‘Belfast Telegraph’s report of the debate.

Calls for probe into minister’s ‘remark’ during debate on relationships and sexuality education

DUP is blasted over ‘shameful treatment’ of Alliance MLA as motion passed

The motion was carried by 49 votes to 33

Mark Bain

Belfast Telegraph, 22nd April 2024.

The Assembly Speaker has been urged to examine an alleged comment from a DUP minister after a gay MLA who felt indoctrinated at school as he struggled with his sexuality was told that “it clearly didn’t work”.

A motion calling on the Education Minister to support compulsory, standardised, inclusive, high-quality, evidence-based and age-appropriate relationships and sexuality education (RSE) in schools was yesterday passed at the Assembly, but not without opposition from DUP MLAs.

It comes after the Government introduced legislation to ensure that pupils in Northern Ireland receive age-appropriate information about access to contraception and abortion services, and how they can be accessed.

Sinn Fein MLA Emma Sheerin

In an often heated debate, the session ended with Sinn Fein MLA Emma Sheerin calling on the Speaker to investigate comments from DUP Education Minister Paul Givan.

Referring to a personal story from Alliance MLA Eoin Tennyson — in which he claimed he had felt indoctrinated at school as he struggled to come to terms with his own sexuality — Ms Sheerin urged the Speaker to consider a comment from the minister in which she alleged he said: “Well it clearly didn’t work.”

Mr Tennyson in turn had taken issue with strong opposition to his party’s motion from DUP MLA Jonathan Buckley, who had accused Alliance of being “regressive and authoritarian”.

“Let parents parent, let teachers teach, let governors govern,” said Mr Buckley.

“And let kids be kids. This is a shameful demonisation of people’s concerns,” he said of the motion, which followed a Department of Education consultation in which Mr Buckley said “73% of parents disagreed with changes” to the current RSE policy in schools.

“I find it offensive that the Alliance Party are so keen to slur parents. This is reckless and dangerous in the extreme.”

Introducing the motion, Alliance MLA Kate Nicholl had said she was shocked at the standard of relationship and sexual education in Northern Ireland schools.

She told MLAs of her own discomfort as a 15-year-old watching a video in school of “some psychedelic kind of sperm” moving across the screen, contrasting with what she said was often “life-saving” education about HIV and Aids in primary school growing up in Zimbabwe.

“The system in Northern Ireland baffled me,” she said.

She later tweeted about “shameful treatment from the DUP benches” of Mr Tennyson, “which I will be writing to the speaker about”.

Alliance MLA Eoin Tennyson

Using his own experience as an example, Mr Tennyson added: “I was at school not that long ago. I have two memories of RSE, so rare it was. The first was when a religious facilitator was brought in to preach abstinence. That was our only choice until marriage. That wasn’t speaking to me. It did not deal with ‘my kind’.

“No young person in 2024 should experience that, but it is a reality.

“The second time a facilitator did try fact-base learning. There was one brief reference to same-sex couples, and met by laughter from teachers and pupils. I was a young person struggling to tell friends and families who I was. That is not good enough.

“My experience was indoctrination, not education. I was not given all the information I needed to make an informed choice. Someone else’s choices were imposed upon me.”

Responding to the debate, Mr Givan said: “Budgetary challenges are tremendous. There are priorities which have already been identified. Today we are faced with a motion which addresses none of these, a vote of no-confidence in schools and governors.

DUP Education Minister Paul Givan

“I trust schools to make decisions which are appropriate for children they know best.

“The rights of parents are important, they should be consulted and engaged. That cannot sit alongside a standardised, compulsory approach.”

He singled out Mr Tennyson for what he called a “sniggering and snarling attitude” towards other members in the Assembly.


“On the issue of violence against woman and girls and coercive control, the Assembly passed legislation criminalising the purchase of sexual services,” he said. “Alliance voted against that. They had an opportunity to stand with women and girls, they didn’t take it. They stood instead with pimps and human traffickers. In September 2020, schools in England were brought into conflict with parents when changes were made.

“ That led to activist groups advising schools and providing them with highly questionable teaching materials.

“In English primary schools, children have been taught they have a gender that depends not on the reality of their bodies, but on how their interests match up with stereotypical boys and girls.

“How many of the thousands referred to the now-defunct Gender Identity Development Service might not have been referred had they not received these lessons?”

The motion was carried by 49 votes to 33.