Only seeing half the problem!

This is worth a read and some very good points are made, BUT I have to ask the question: How does a man who see the  political ‘moral decay’, fail to see that the decay started in the ecumenical churches, of which he is a member of one the leading ecumenical denominations!

The Bible’s teaching on ’separation’ from sin and heresy has been ignored and rejected by many professing ‘evangelicals’ and THIS has been one of the main, indeed, it is the MAIN reason for the state we are in.

Men in pulpits have gone along with the embracing of immoral perversions, the unbiblical ordination of women as ministers, the rejection of the inspiration of Holy Scripture and many other ‘liberal lies’ and thus led their flocks into that same rejection of God and His truth.

We cannot defy God and not reap disaster and then expect His help in the time of trouble!

Sincerely in Christ’s name,

Ivan Foster


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