PATRICK — a true servant of Christ

We moved from our planned subject this morning and turned our attention to the upcoming ‘St Patrick’s Day’, as it is termed.

It has always vexed me that a man sent of God to this land to preach the gospel has been wickedly misrepresented in the message he preached and the witness he established. Patrick tell us in his ‘Confession’ that he placed ‘elders’ or ‘bishops’, terms that are interchangeable in the Bible, in every congregation that was formed under his preaching. This practice is utterly contrary to ‘Episcopalianism’ with its ‘diocesan bishops’, one bishop per diocese, made up of a number of congregations.

Rather, his was the simple practice of Biblical Presbyterianism which, in turn, followed the New Testament model.

I trust that you find the message helpful.

Sincerely in the Saviour’s name,
Ivan Foster.

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