January 2011

Shadow of the AntichristRevelation book re-published online

A revised edition of the The shadow of the Antichrist by Rev. Ivan Foster is now available online. The print edition of the book has been out of print for some years. Now you can read it online, download a copy or print from this e-edition.

To the reader I urge one word of counsel. Read this book with your Bible open at the relevant passage in the book of the Revelation. Follow the example of the Bereans in Acts 17:11.  May you grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. – Ivan Foster, from the foreword.

I dare call it murder

By Rev. Ivan Foster (Minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church) Being a speech made in the Northern Ireland Assembly on Wednesday February 29th, 1984.

Sixty years . . . . A cause for remembering.

A few new year thoughts by Rev. Ivan Foster as the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster approaches its 60th anniversary.

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I dare call it murder

By Rev. Ivan

I dare call it murder


By Rev. Ivan Foster (Minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church)

Being a speech made in the Northern Ireland Assembly on Wednesday February 29th, 1984.


Foster (Minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church)

Being a speech made in the Northern Ireland Assembly on Wednesday February 29th, 1984.

December 2010

God’s surprise for the Pope and all leaders of false religions.

The BBC headlined a report on the Pope’s “Thought for Today” broadcast on its Radio 4 programme on December 24th, by using some of the Pope’s own words: “God is faithful to his promises but often surprises us by how he fulfils them”. The man rightly described by the Westminster Confession of Faith as “ . . that Antichrist, that man of sin and son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the Church against Christ, and all that is called God” never spoke a truer word though the full meaning of his words will have escaped his attention.

Click here for a copy of the Belfast Newsletter’s report of Rev. Foster’s comments on the Pope’s thought for the day.

Christmas: the facts and fiction

‘Christmas’ – a Roman Catholic term referring to a celebratory Mass in honour of Christ – is that section of the year in which pagan activities are freely and unashamedly indulged in and all in honour of the incarnation of the Son of God.

New minister ordained and installed in Kilskeery

On Friday November 26th Dr. Stephen Pollock was ordained and installed as the new minister of Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church. He began his ministry there on the following Sunday. Click here to listen to his first message as minister.

You can listen to the ordination and installation service by clicking on the links below:

Christ’s birth – When and where?

The substance of a sermon preached on Lord’s Day 23rd December 2001, in Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church by Rev. Ivan Foster.

The rise and fall of a-millennialism, by James Payne.

This article was published in the October – December, 1983 edition of Watching and Waiting, the magazine of the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony.

November 2010

New Calvinists and the Reformation

They’re No Puritans! Profiles in New Calvinism from Driscoll to MacArthur.

Pastor Ralph Ovadal (Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, WI) and guest Rev. Stephen Hamilton (LeHigh Valley FPC) profile the leaders of the New Calvinist movement and their defining errors. This conversation took place on Pastor Ovadal’s Heart of the matter broadcast. Click on the player below to hear their discussion. (68 minutes)

[audio:http://www.ivanfoster.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/2010.10.22.R-Theyre-no-Puritans-Pastor-Ralph-Ovadal-1022101212210.mp3|titles=They’re no Puritans – Pastor Ralph Ovadal]

This is the Heart of the matter edition for Oct 22-10. You can download the file here.

Please note: In the course of this broadcast Pastor Ovadal refers to two videos in connection with Dr. John MacArthur. Click on the links below to see just what he is referring to:

Video 1: The “Johnny Mac rap”

Video 2: Only rock stars and John MacArthur get to use the shekinah glory doors…



Get Britain out of Europe. Click here to read an article in the Daily Express which calls for Britain’s exit from the EU in response to the latest debt crisis in Ireland affecting the euro zone. The article contains a link to an online petition to get UK out of EU.

September 2010

Articles from the September 2010 e-edition.

Biblical Protest and Witness Await Pope’s UK Visit By Richard Bennett

Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster opposition to the Pope’s visit to Great Britain

  • The papal visit: Why we oppose it. A booklet explaining our opposition to the state visit of the Pope to Great Britain. Click on the link to read or download and print.

Free Church of Scotland welcomes Pope to Scotland and eulogises his writings.

To listen to a recording of Rev. David Robertson welcoming the Pope, click on the icon below.

[audio:http://www.ivanfoster.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/FCoS-minister-interview.mp3|titles=FCOS minister welcomes the Pope]

Video of protest against the Pope.

The following video clip of the Protest against the Pope’s visit to Westminster Abbey is during the very stage when the pope drives past the protesters in his Popemobile and gets out of the car and walks into Westminster Abbey. The Protest gets a bit lively at this key moment with Protesters shouting “Anti-Christ” at the Pope and a large number of Roman Catholics who had by this stage mingled with the protest group were shouting or cheering for the pope. None of this large protest was shown on the main media news about the visit despite the protest being directly in front of the media stage.

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