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Part 5: Practice what we preach, Pt 1;  Part 6: Practice what we preach, Pt 2;  Part 7: Minister's duty defined;  Part 8: Compassion for the contrite Pt 1;  Part 9: Compassion for the contrite Pt 2;  Part 10: Compassion for the contrite Pt 3;  Part 11: From vexation to victory;  Part 12: Minister's record/achievement, 1

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The way of life and the way of death, pt 2
preached by Rev. Ivan Foster on Sun Aug 22, 2021

The way of life and the way of death, pt 1
preached by Rev. Ivan Foster on Sun Aug 22, 2021

Who is on the Lord's Side??
preached by Rev. Ivan Foster on Sun Aug 15, 2021

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Defense of the Outbreak of Revival in 1859
preached by Rev. Hugh Hanna on Sun Jun 19, 1859

Atheist Stephen Hawking Dies
preached by John Pittman Hey on Sun Mar 25, 2018

Samson -- Shorn, Shackled, Sightless and Subjugated
preached by Rev. Ivan Foster on Sun Aug 2, 1998

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Why were family's IRA killers pardoned?

Here is a story that epitomises the placating of republican terrorists and the injustice done to the innocent over a lengthy period here in Ulster.

Those in authority, politicians complicit in the betrayal and our local police, will have a lot to answer for in ‘that great day’ when all “‭shall give‭‭ account‭ to him that is‭‭ ready‭ to judge‭‭ the quick‭‭ and‭ the dead‭,” 1Peter 4:5.

Such grief is to be remembered in prayer.

Ivan Foster

Dromore woman asks why family’s IRA killers were pardoned

A woman whose parents and sister were murdered in an IRA firebomb attack in County Down 45 years ago wants to know why their killers were pardoned.

Willie Herron, his wife Beth and their daughter Noeline died in an attack on their drapery shop in Dromore in 1976.

All three were in their home above the shop when the building was destroyed.

Joy Bingham has appealed to the UK government to explain to her family why two sisters were granted Royal Prerogatives of Mercy. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-27 a 9:02 pm

Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms - Part 9

We continue with our extracts from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 14 —


We come to Part 9, which covers from the top of page 345 to the end of the ‘note’ on page 349.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

It (the earthly Jerusalem in Millennial days – Editor) is well fitted, therefore, to be the centre of truth, and the centre of governmental influence in the earth; and being sustained in righteousness through grace, it will not fail in its high calling. “In righteousness thou shalt be established.” “Their seed shall be known among the Gentiles, and their offspring among the peoples: all that see them shall acknowledge them, that they are the seed whom the Lord has blessed.” “The children of Jerusalem shall be made princes in all the earth,” and the nations shall at last be regulated according to God. They shall be made glad as with new wine — wine which they had never tasted· before — no longer the wine of the wrath of the fornication of the daughter of Babylon. We can well understand, therefore, why it should be said; “for Zion’s sake, will I not hold my peace, and for Jerusalem’s sake, I will not rest, until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness, and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth . . . . ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence, and give Him no rest, till He establish, and till He make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.”* Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-25 a 1:04 am

A denial and clarification from Mr Sam Wilson MP

I have been in correspondence with Mr Sam Wilson MP and I wish to put on record what he has said in response to my private email to him regarding the dreadful and most offensive words used in the headline of the report of a statement he issued to the “Belfast Telegraph” of August 19th.

The report clearly implied that the words they used in the headline were the words Mr Wilson employed.

I am very glad to receive the following statement from Mr Wilson.

“I assure you I did not use those words I simply quoted what Biden was reported to have said in the daily express or mail can’t remember which one I saw it in and it was those words I pointed out to the BT. I assure you it is not language which I use or have ever done so.”

Having known Mr Wilson for nigh on half a century, it grieved me to see the report and I am pleased with this clarification.

Sincerely in Christ,

Ivan Foster

Posted on 2021-08-23 a 5:55 pm

You are Invited ...

Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church

Lord’s Day 22nd August

Both morning (11:30) and evening (7:00) services:

(Parts 1 & 2)

“And unto this people thou shalt say, Thus saith the LORD; Behold, I set before you the way of life, and the way of death. He that abideth in this city shall die by the sword, and by the famine, and by the pestilence: but he that goeth out, and falleth to the Chaldeans that besiege you, he shall live, and his life shall be unto him for a prey,”
Jeremiah 21:8-9.

Preacher at both services:

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)

We would welcome visitors at these services
or via our live on-line video broadcasts

Click here to see sermon notes

Click here to see sermon notes

Posted on 2021-08-22 a 12:01 am

The growing stench of death from the DUP camp

Blossom End Rot

It seems that each day brings a fresh revelation of the corruption and depravity that has taken over the DUP.

Here are the latest signs of the death of this party!

Ivan Foster

How can any denomination that fears the Lord tolerate within its membership those who support a party which rejoices in that which the Lord abominates and tolerates the use of the foulest of language from one of its leading MPs??

A Question for the Presbytery of the Free Presbyterian Church and members of the whole church.

How can anyone who professes to love and fear the Lord remain in membership of the DUP? Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-20 a 6:12 pm

Defiers of Dublin rule jailed for non-payment of fines

Foster and Gillespie, Paisley and McCrea, Beattie and Poots jailed at weekly intervals

(Report from ‘The Burning Bush’ of February 1988)

On Tuesday 12th January at 10.15am Rev Ivan Foster was arrested at his church and taken to Belfast Prison on the Crumlin Road. The following day, Ald Roy Gillespie from Ahoghill, Co Antrim was likewise incarcerated.

Because they came in on different days they did not meet up with each other until Thursday afternoon. They shared a cell for their last night in prison.

Alderman Gillespie was glad to be in the more respectable (only just) company of Rev Foster as he had spent the previous night with two provos who had been arrested for possession of explosives.

Having been in the Crumlin Road prison on three previous occasions Mr Foster was quite familiar with the routine. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-19 a 8:14 pm

A word from prisoner number 1425

An article by Rev. Ivan Foster 

(Written for a ‘pre-digital’ edition of The Burning Bush shortly after a third spell in jail in April 1986) 

Rev. Ivan Foster was arrested at his church in Kilskeery in Co. Tyrone on Monday 21 April (1986) and taken to Crumlin Road Jail to serve a sentence of 14 days for refusing to pay a fine imposed upon him for his part in a protest against the R. U. C. carrying out Dublin’s orders to ban the Protestant parade in Castlewellan last July (1985). With full remission of sentence, and, because the Prison does not have weekend releases, Mr. Foster was set free on Friday 25 April.

To have a prison record was not exactly the main ambition of my life. Yet it has now happened to me three times.

Of course I could have avoided all three imprisonments but only at the cost of grieving my conscience. In 1966, 1969 and now in 1986 I chose to go to prison rather than willingly comply with the punishment meted out to me by the courts. Each time I forced the authorities to imprison me as a protest against the betrayal of our civil and religious heritage. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-19 a 7:52 pm

Mrs. Ethel Smyth -- Precious in the sight of the Lord ...

Here is a report in today’s “Irish News” of the death of Mrs Ethel Smyth, who was a Christian in her late eighties. She was a lady who fearlessly battled against the evils of Sinn Fein/IRA in her days in politics.

In truth, she was a little too hot for the DUP back when she was active in local politics.

I attempted to take part in the Castlewellan protest mentioned in this report. A friend and I were stopped at a RUC checkpoint and prevented from entering Castlewellan and joining the protest. We were taken to court on the false evidence of a police constable. His evidence against me was utterly demolished by the cross examination of Mr Jim Allister QC. It was so clear that he was telling falsehoods that the Resident Magistrate, trying the case, angrily dismissed him from the witness box. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-19 a 6:50 pm

Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms - Part 8

We continue with our extracts from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 14 —


We come to Part 8, which covers from the top of page 342 to the end of the ‘note’ on page 345.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

The great distinctive characteristic however of Zion, will be, not so much in the glory that is on it, as in the glory which is above it. “Ye shall see,” said the Lord Jesus, “heaven opened.” The heavens were not opened in peaceful blessing over Sinai. Sinai was the claim of God’s unsatisfied holiness and it ended in the heavens being as brass, and the earth as iron. But Zion will be the witness, that the claim of holiness has been satisfied, and that the sweet savour of peace, through the one accepted sacrifice, has ascended into the heavens. The heavenly places therefore, not made with hands, shall be opened towards Zion and the earth, and the Heavenly City of the saints made manifest, in token, that God has by ONE, even by Immanuel, the Son of His bosom, been glorified in the earth, and that He thenceforward designs to give according to the value of that which He hath received. It will be· the hour of descending blessing.

The truths that pertain to Israel  (for to them belong the promises and the covenants)* have not been inoperative during the time that the nation of Israel has been scorning them. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-18 a 6:10 pm

Police in Northern Ireland Biased and Partial

Bobby Story funeral parade

It has been headlined in the ‘Belfast Telegraph’ of today (17/8/21)

PSNI to refund fines handed out to Black Lives Matter protesters

This is the second time within a few days that the leadership of the police here in Northern Ireland  has been shown up as being utterly biased and pro-Irish Republicans!

On 10th August, police arrested a man for preaching in the open-air in Larne, Co. Antrim. A short time after his arrest he was de-arrested because the arresting officers had obviously made a mistake. The video of the arrest made the arresting officers to appear stupid and thick. It would appear they acted upon the complaint of one person because the preacher had made a brief mention of ‘homosexuality’.

This attitude stands in very stark contrast to the PSNI’s decision to ignore that defiance of the law by the entire Sinn Fein leadership and thousands of its members when they paraded at the funeral of convicted IRA terrorist, Bobby Storey on 30th June 2020. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-17 a 11:20 pm

You are Invited ...

Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church

Lord’s Day 15th August

47th Anniversary of the Opening of the First Church Building

 (17th August 1974)

Preacher at a Special Afternoon of Prayer, 3.00 pm

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)

(There will be no 7.00 pm meeting)


“‭Then Moses‭ stood‭‭ in the gate‭ of the camp‭, and said‭‭, Who [is] on the LORD’S‭ side? [let him come] unto me. And all the sons‭ of Levi‭ gathered‭‭ themselves together unto him.‭ ‭And he said‭‭ unto them, Thus saith‭‭ the LORD‭ God‭ of Israel‭, Put‭‭ every man‭ his sword‭ by his side‭, [and] go‭‭ in and out‭‭ from gate‭ to gate‭ throughout the camp‭, and slay‭‭ every man‭ his brother‭, and every man‭ his companion‭, and every man‭ his neighbour‭.”
Exodus 32:26-27.

All are welcome to join us at this meeting.

Click here to see sermon notes

Posted on 2021-08-15 a 12:01 am

DUP mayor launches 'Gay Pride' event in Londonderry

This shameful support of a celebration of sodomy by the DUP mayor of Londonderry, Alderman Graham Warke, MUST require every Christian member and supporter of the DUP to condemn the action and withdraw all support from this political party governed by utter hypocrisy!

No equivocation or excuse-making can cover for this defiance of God’s truth and the testimony of the Reformed Faith.

The Free Presbyterian Church must surely look seriously at the continuing membership of any who maintain their membership of the DUP.

Failure to do so brings into question the allegiance of the Free Presbyterian Church to the Lord and raises the question as to the future membership of the God-fearing within its ranks!

Ivan Foster

Foyle Pride will run from Monday, August 23, until Sunday, August 29

Details of this year’s Foyle Pride have been released as the team launched their packed programme.

Derry Mayor Alderman Graham Warke joined Kathleen Bradley, Festival Chair, and Martin McConnellogue at the launch of the 28th Foyle Pride Festival programme this week.

Mayor Warke said: “I’m delighted as Mayor to play a small part in this fantastic annual event, and I want to congratulate the organisers who have put together a wonderful online programme with loads to look forward to.

Read the whole article here.


Posted on 2021-08-13 a 5:55 pm

Hell’s defiant cries against God, His truth and His people!

The ‘air’ is ever more filled with the sounds of Hell’s defiant cries against God and His truth and His people!

Today, my attention was drawn to a number of events which clearly denote the advance of wickedness.

1. Read the dreadful announcement by the Scottish Government:

“Scotland will let pupils change gender aged FOUR without their parents’ consent – and tells teachers not to question a child’s request to choose a new name or use a different toilet”

2. Read the shameful report of the NI police in Larne when they wrongly, it would appear, arrested a man for preaching in the open-air:

“LGBT row: Peter Tatchell rejects PSNI arrest of preacher on anti-gay ‘hate speech’ allegation”

Here is also a letter I submitted but yesterday to the ‘Belfast Newsletter’. My questioning whether or not it would be published seems to have spurred on its publication!


I am one who has refused the currently available vaccines for combatting Covid-19 infection, not because I am against vaccines but because in the manufacturing of them use was made, in one way or another, of foetal material, either in their production or testing.

I am not too hopeful of this letter being published because such a view is considered ‘unhelpful’ by all who are part of the official drive for vaccination.

However, there are Christians in the various branches of the health service who will come under increasing pressure to be vaccinated with one of the currently available vaccines, all of which as we have said have made use, in one way or another, of foetal material.

We do not allege that there is any foetal material in the actual vaccine, something constantly denied by way of an answer to any query raised on the subject. This response is mere sophistry and evasion! The vaccine manufacturers which have made use of foetal material in the production of their products, have openly acknowledged that fact.

Just when are ethical vaccines such as ‘Valneva’, ‘CureVac’, ‘GSK/Sanofi Pasteur’, which it is claimed by government sources that millions of doses have been ordered, going to be made available to Bible believers?

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)
Kilskeery, Co. Tyrone.
12th August 2021.

Posted on 2021-08-13 a 5:43 pm

Yvonne Dunlop murder: Justice Minister Naomi Long blasts ‘heavily edited’ story of IRA hunger striker Thomas McElwee

Thomas McElwee grave

A ‘Belfast Newsletter’ article today (11/7/21) carried the following headline.

Yvonne Dunlop murder: Justice Minister Naomi Long blasts ‘heavily edited’ story of IRA hunger striker Thomas McElwee

Justice Minister Naomi Long has accused Sinn Fein of launching a ‘heavily edited’ film about a hunger striker which omitted that he was jailed for a firebomb which burned a young mother-of-three to death.

The Justice Minster was correct in condemning Sinn Fein’s film on the hunger-striker who committed suicide as part of the Sinn Fein/IRA ‘blanket’ protest some 40 years ago.

The film content would have been made with Sinn Fein’s own bloodthirsty and sadistic supporters in mind. Glorifying McElwee as a ‘Hero of Ireland’, a ‘Martyr for the cause of Irish freedom’ and one who killed ‘Brits’ would be what they wanted to hear.

They would not be interested in the fact that he murdered a mother of three children, Mrs Yvonne Dunlop, when she was burned to death by a firebomb, in her father’s shop in Ballymena,  for which McElwee was jailed. She was a Protestant and a British citizen, therefore Sinn Fein supporters would have neither concern or compassion for her or her family. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-11 a 9:55 pm

Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms - Part 7

We continue with our extracts from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 14 —


We come to Part 7, which covers from the top of page 336 to the end of page 341.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

The distinctive spiritual characteristics of Christianity, therefore, will not alter in the Millennium : on the contrary, it will be the sphere in which they will be exhibited more perfectly than they ever have been.

In this present Dispensation, the corporate testimony of Christianity early failed. The Church at Jerusalem was scattered — the Gentile Churches retained not their separateness-the corporate testimony of Christianity ceased to bear witness for God — and that of individual Christians has been isolated and feeble in the midst of abounding evil. “Because iniquity shall abound, the love of the greater part shall wax cold.” But when the corporate testimony of Christianity has been transferred to Israel, it will never again fail, or be dishonoured. Christ, as the Head of Israel, will discipline and sustain them. They shall have “teachers who shall not be removed into a corner any more” — “their eye shall behold them” — “the Spirit shall be poured out upon them from on high” — they shall hear a voice, that shall say, “this is the way, walk ye in it.” Their Church-position is symbolised in the Scripture, by one golden candlestick fed perpetually by golden oil — a candlestick never to be removed. (Zech. iv.) Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-11 a 9:50 pm

What the Bible has to say about 'Climate Change'!

Yesterday, a report on ‘climate change’ was released amidst great ‘breast-beating’ amongst evolutionists and those blind to what the Bible reveals to us of the future of God’s Creation!

Basically the report stated ‘that global warming could make parts of the world uninhabitable’. The world will face drought in many parts and flooding in other areas with rising temperatures resulting from ‘greenhouse gas emissions’ the cause of it all.

World leaders including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson have called the report a ‘wake-up call to the world’.

Sadly, it is a call to ‘wake-up’ to the lie and deception of evolution! Man will remain blind and indifferent and ‘fast asleep’ to the Word of Truth.

Just what does the Bible reveal to us regarding ‘climate change’ for it does mention it many times. What the Scriptures say, for the Christian, takes total precedence over the ‘bletherings’ of any UN spokesmen on any subject.


That is made clear throughout the Scriptures. I will quote just a few verses to show that this is so.

“Who giveth rain upon the earth, and sendeth waters upon the fields,” Job 5:10.

“To cause it to rain on the earth, [where] no man [is; on] the wilderness, wherein [there is] no man; To satisfy the desolate and waste [ground]; and to cause the bud of the tender herb to spring forth? Hath the rain a father? or who hath begotten the drops of dew?” Job 38:26-28. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-10 a 7:23 pm

Sinn Fein lies which whitewash vicious murder

Sinn Fein – Gerry Adams & Michelle O’Neill

This week begins, as most weeks begin, with another blast of Sinn Fein ‘disinformation’! The report which follows appeared in the ‘Belfast Telegraph of  August 09 2021.

The words of Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill are to be condemned as most of her utterances likewise are. What the Saviour said of the utterances of the devil, may be fairly applied to the words of all Sinn Fein’s spin doctors.

“Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it,” John 8:44.

It is hardly enough to call O’Neill’s words ‘Hurtful’ as did Alliance Party councillor Sorcha Eastwood. Such ‘mealy-mouthed’ criticism is typical of the Alliance Party and its pusillanimous stance on Sinn Fein’s support for terrorism.

O’Neill’s words are above all ‘LIES’! What she admiringly says about the murdering terrorist, Thomas McElwee, and whose death at his own hands she is seeking to honour, are utterly false. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-09 a 5:21 pm

A quarter of all pregnancies in England and Wales now end in abortion


Around 207,000 of the 821,000 pregnancies conceived in 2019 were terminated, the Office for National Statistics said. 

(Today’s Daily Mail)

This regime of wholesale slaughter of the unborn in England and Wales will soon be practised here in Northern Ireland, thanks to the immoral dictum of the Westminster parliament and that at the behest of all politicians here with the exception of most of the DUP members and of course, Jim Allister and his party colleagues. It would appear that amongst the ranks of the DUP there are those who support abortion.

I believe that there is nothing in the affairs of the nation which offends God more than this slaughter.

Yes, sodomy is deeply offensive to heaven as are the variety of perversions which come under the headings of LGBT+!

The nation has increasingly embraced, defended and embedded these evils within the framework of the nation, even making it an offence effectively to criticise and characterise these practices as devilish, which they are!

But surmounting these profoundly immoral activities is that of the violently putting to death of the unborn at the whim of modern social thinking and trends. It has to be noted that amongst the followers of Islam and Buddhism etc, there is much less embracing of abortion. For that reason, the birth rate of those often referred to as ‘immigrants’ is much higher than the birthrate of those who who term themselves ‘native’ citizens. An article headed: ‘The Impact of Migration on UK Population Growth’ states: “Population estimates show that net migration was a major component of population growth over the past two decades making up 56% of population growth from 1991 to 2018.”

That means that a small percentage of the overall population contributes 56% of the overall birthrate.

That has serious implications for the future religious and social complexion of the UK! Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-06 a 6:52 pm

Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms - Part 6

We continue with our extracts from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 14 —


We come to Part 6, which covers from the top of page 332 to the end of the ‘note’ on page 336.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

The spiritual blessings of each individual Israelite, and of every other Believer who lives during the Millennium, will be essentially the same as ours in this present Dispensation :— our distinction being, that we are “first-fruits,” (Rom. xi.) — those who have first trusted in Christ”. Indeed we may give as the description of our Dispensation, that it forestalls the spiritual blessings of Israel in the Millennium—we having those blessings in the midst of tribulation and sorrow, whereas they will have them when all the outward circumstances of life around them will be circumstances of tranquility, peace, and joy—Satan being bound, and the Prince of Peace reigning. We have already been brought under that New Covenant, which will then be made with the House of Israel, and with the House of Judah. It is a covenant of grace, primarily designed for them, which they for a season have despised ; but we, through abounding mercy, have already been brought under its provisions. Every blessing that we receive as saints, we owe to the being graffed into their olive tree, from which they, for a season, have been broken off. But they are again to be graffed in, to receive in more unhindered power than we, of the freshness of its sap, and of the riches of its fullness. Every vessel of the Tabernacle that typified to them the blessings of redemption, is a type already fulfilled to us. From the Altar to the Mercyseat, all is ours. But it will be equally theirs. Often therefore, from the language of their future thanksgiving, we borrow the expressions of our present joy. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-04 a 12:01 am

Survey shows huge backing for integrated schools


A report in today’s (3/8/21) ‘Belfast Telegraph’, began with this headline and these opening sentences: —

Huge backing for integrated schools to be main system of education 71% of people surveyed want their children taught in mixed classroom

Almost three-quarters of people in Northern Ireland believe integrated schools should be the main model for our education system, a poll has found.

Support has increased since the last survey of its kind eight years ago — up from 66% to 71%.

‘Integrated Schools’ are the birth child of Ecumenism! It was seen as a means to further the ‘integration’ of Romanism and the apostate Protestant denominations.

It must be acknowledged that it has been accomplishing its purpose. This survey, if it is to be believed, shows that to be so. Of course there was little opposition to the efforts made by the ‘integrators’. Indeed, it is quite some time ago that the DUP favoured ‘Integrated Schools’! Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-08-03 a 6:59 pm

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Hearing the Word
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Defense of the Outbreak of Revival in 1859
preached by Rev. Hugh Hanna on Sun Jun 19, 1859

Atheist Stephen Hawking Dies
preached by John Pittman Hey on Sun Mar 25, 2018

Samson -- Shorn, Shackled, Sightless and Subjugated
preached by Rev. Ivan Foster on Sun Aug 2, 1998

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Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms - Part 5

We continue with our extracts from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 14 —


We come to Part 5, which covers from the last line of  page 328 to the end of the ‘note’ on page 332.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

The destruction of Antichrist and those who are associated with him, is distinguished, both as to time and as to circumstances, from the destruction of those who retain the nominal profession of the name of Christ. Nominal Christians as represented in the parables of Matthew by “Tares” sown among the Wheat, and by “bad fishes” mingled with the good in the gospel-net, are not destroyed by judgments poured on them in the earth, but are removed by holy angels from the earth, that their souls might await in an unseen prison-house and in punishment the final judgment of the great day.

On the other hand, all those who shall be gathered under Antichrist, to serve and to worship him, will be visited with visible judgment here. “Their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth.” Zech. xiv. 12. They will be trampled in the winepress of the fury and wrath of God here (see Rev. xiv. 19); their bodies will then be revived, they will be cast into Tophet and their eternal torment will begin. See Rev. xiv. 8. The “Tares” will be gathered by angels ; the Antichristians destroyed by the Lord Himself. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-07-28 a 9:16 pm

"Attack on Bible Christianity" - Five sermons from 31 years ago

Starting in December 1989, Rev. Ivan Foster began a series of messages dealing with the controversy with the Bishop of Kilmore, Dr. Gilbert Wilson. See this week’s featured sermon at the top of the main page of the BB.

See all five sermons here: Attack on Bible Christianity

What was said in the messages is still relevant today. The devil’s lies never change!

Below are pages from the Burning Bush of January 1990 in which articles appeared on the same controversy. (Click on page images to enlarge.)


(1) Leading article of the Burning Bush of January 1990 which dealt with the issue of the Bishop of Kilmore’s attack upon the gospel of Christ.

(2) A letter from Rev Ivan Foster which was sent to “The Impartial Reporter” the day after he preached his first sermon on the issue.

(3) An article which appeared in the ‘Burning Bush’ alongside the one dealing with the Bishop of Kilmore’s attack on the gospel.

(4) Rev Foster’s reply to the Bishop’s letter in response to his initial challenge.

Posted on 2021-07-26 a 6:12 pm

Hearing the Word - Rev. David Creane

Kilskeery FPC was privileged to have retired FP minister, Rev David Creane preach at today’s services.

His morning message was, to my mind, wonderfully instructive and encouraging and an echo of the preaching of former years.

“Hearing the Word” was the subject upon which Rev David Creane preached. His text was Nehemiah 8:13.

“‭And on the second‭ day‭ were gathered together‭‭ the chief‭ of the fathers‭ of all the people‭, the priests‭, and the Levites‭, unto Ezra‭ the scribe‭‭, even to understand‭‭ the words‭ of the law‭.‭”

It is a most excellent message and most appropriate for today.

We commend it to all. 

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Belfast Newsletter: Collusion claims try to divert attention

This editorial from today’s ‘Belfast Newsletter’ is worth a read.

Collusion claims try to divert attention

In her interviews to the media given by the Ombudsman, Mrs Marie Anderson, gave expression to her Roman Catholic background (she states that she was educated in a Convent School – see Ombudsman Marie Anderson

in the tone of the voice she adopted at times as she alleged there was collusion between members of the RUC (the former name of the police force in Northern Ireland) and loyalist paramilitaries in the murder of 17-year-old Damien Walsh in 1993.

Her report has rightly been described as a “Catalogue of innuendo” by a former police officer.

Catalogue of innuendo in police ombudsman murder report

What is said in this ‘Belfast Newsletter’ editorial is worth considering for it highlights the almost forgotten, the buried, the ignored facts concerning the actions of the IRA which was supported by and large by the Roman Catholic community as is seen in the record of polling for Sinn Fein/IRA candidates in various elections over the 50 years and more.


The RUC has an exemplary Troubles record.

Smeared by consistent claims of collusion, which aim to divert attention from the fact that by far the worst killers were republican terrorists (2,100 dead out of 3,600), the RUC killed only 55 of those who died, yet saw 302 of its officers murdered. Collusion claims seek to divert attention from these stark statistics and try to implicate police officers in the 1,100 loyalist murders, when in fact loyalist intelligence was poor. Fewer than 50 of their murder victims were republican terrorists. Click to read more…

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Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms - Part 4

We continue with our extracts from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 14 —


Part 4 which covers from half way down page 324 to page 328.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

It is thus that the Day of the Lord commences in the earth. It will commence by signs in the created heavens (Luke xxi.); by the withdrawal of all natural sources of light; by the descent of the Lord, accompanied by the holy angels, into the air; by the trumpet being blown; by the dead saints rising from their graves in glory, and by the living saints being changed and glorified whilst yet in the earth; by the instantaneous severance, through the instrumentality of angels, of the changed saints “out of the midst” (ε’κ ek ek) of their professing brethren who remain unchanged (see Matt. xiii.); by the taking up of all the glorified saints into the air, to meet and to come with their Lord. For as soon as His saints have been gathered to Him and have fallen into their appointed place in the train of His glory, and as soon as “the tares,” (i.e. those who are found to be mere professors of His name), have been borne away by angels to their place of punishment, the Lord will instantly descend to the earth. “His feet shall stand in that day upon the Mount of Olives. * * * Jehovah, my God, shall come, and all the saints with thee.” Zech. xiv.

His object will be the rescue of Jerusalem, for the time of her forgiveness and glory will have come. Antichrist will have gathered all the strength of the Ten Kingdoms to Armageddon, not knowing, or not believing, that he will gather them there “for the war of the great day of God the Almighty,” See Rev. xvi. 14. Whilst encamped at Armageddon, he will assail and capture Jerusalem, which will have rebelled against him, will carry half of the people into captivity, (see Zech. xiv:1) and will destroy the two witnesses of God (Rev. xi. 7) when they shall have finished their sackcloth testimony. But not satisfied with this, he will further seek, in union with Moab, Ammon, and others of the ancient enemies of Israel, to crush Israel utterly, and to blot out their name from the earth. “They have said, Come and let us cut them off from being a nation ; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” Ps. lxxxiii. 4. Click to read more…

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Nations in Rebellion!!

The developing situation in our world requires constant comment!

In every sphere of social activity, political, medical, sport, entertainment – there are those who send forth information and evaluation of what is going on in their field of ‘expertise’!

How much more important is a constant flow of observation and information on the eternally vital subject of the Providential dealings of God in this world!

We offer our limited and meagre attempts at monitoring and highlighting significant events in this world as this age draws closer to its conclusion.

May you find these reflections useful and profitable.


“And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire. And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory. And the fifth angel poured out his vial upon the seat of the beast; and his kingdom was full of darkness; and they gnawed their tongues for pain, and blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds,” Revelation 16:8-11.

Monday 19th July was heralded as ‘Freedom Day’ throughout England for ‘About-Turn’ Boris Johnston and his government had set that date as the day there would be a lifting of many of the restrictions imposed upon the country, because of the Covid pandemic.

With the recent increasing rise in infections and the number of people in various professions being required to isolate (including the Prime Minister and the Health Secretary) due to their coming into contact with someone testing positive for Covid, many were calling it ‘FreeDumb Day”!!

In the United States, there are growing fears that a fourth wave of the virus had already started. The pandemic continues to rage in many countries, though such news is kept out of the headlines! The tourist industry is facing chaos as a result of those countries which were recently declared safe to travel to, now reporting a rise in the infection rates. Many travellers found themselves facing ‘isolation’ when they returned home as a result of this change of status of the holiday destinations they had eagerly travelled to.

The joy of a ‘sunny foreign holiday’ soon evaporated in the face of this turn of events. Click to read more…

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A Prophetic Word From 2010 for Today!!!

The following article appeared in ‘The Burning Bush’ some eleven years ago. Given the betrayal of the Ulster people by successive political leaders in London with their constant yielding to the demands of Sinn Fein/IRA, the effective removal of Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom by their ‘Brexit Protocol’, agreed with the EU, their enforcing of new and unacceptable abortion guidelines which entail the permitting of abortion up to the time of birth and their recently announced amnesty for terrorist murderers, gives this article an almost ‘prophetic’ significance!

Furthermore, this being the centenary of the founding of Northern Ireland, we have all been given a vivid picture of the bondage into which the Democratic Unionist Party sold us with their ‘power-sharing’ deal with Sinn Fein/IRA in that the supporters of murder refused to ‘grant’ approval for as much as a rose bush being planted to commemorate that wonderful event!

See the following articles.

Thorn in the side for Sinn Fein

Unionism needs to recalibrate

It surely indicates that the direction in which things were moving regarding the future of Ulster was not hidden to all in this Province for the article was read with approval by many believers and challenged by no one!

For this reason we are remounting the article on our website.

The Union with today’s Great Britain holds out no hope for the Ulster Protestant

By Rev Ivan Foster (Kilskeery)

Written at the request of the Belfast Newsletter and published in its edition of August 13th 2010.

Given that few unionists in Ulster would have believed at the beginning of 2006 that, before the year was out, the DUP would have embraced the murderous IRA’s front men as partners in government, to contemplate what the next eleven years might bring to our land is to look through a very dark glass indeed.

That which motivated the opposition of the majority of our forefathers to “Home Rule” in the 1880s was a love for the gospel and its mercies. They believed that it would entail the enthroning of Roman Catholicism and undermining of their civil and religious liberty. Their fears were summarised by the maxim – “Home Rule is Rome Rule!” and expounded in the “Ulster Covenant” of 1912. Click to read more…

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A message from 35 years ago . . .

This article is the substance of a message preached at the Annual Easter Convention in Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church on 29th March, 1986. It was remounted on our website in 2010. Now 11 years later we remount it once more.

It contains information and Biblical instruction which is even more relevant today. I challenge any minister to openly refute the principle that the Bible teaches the need for Christian schools. The moral and spiritual climate of our Province and the United Kingdom has sunk further down over the intervening years and the children of Christians have suffered as a result.

There is a mention of the opening of Clogher Valley Christian school at the end of the article. Sadly, I understand that its school management committee has just taken a decision to close the school.”

Ivan Foster.
15th July 2021.



In 1978, the Presbytery of Ulster of the Free Presbyterian Church heard a request from Rev Ivan Foster to consider the need for Christian schools. Following a discussion, a delegation of ministers and elders met officials of the Department of Education. The outcome of that meeting was a recommendation to Presbytery that permission be granted to any church that wished to start a school. The Presbytery agreed in principle and appointed a Presbytery Education Board, chaired by Rev Foster, to supervise the new missionary enterprise. In September of the next year, Kilskeery Free Presbyterian Church started the first Free Presbyterian school. Mrs Ann Foster B.A. was its Principal and only teacher. It had 13 pupils. Today, the Free Presbyterian Church has schools attached to its churches in Newtownabbey, Ballymoney and Bangor as well as Kilskeery with a total enrolment of 125 pupils. These schools are served by 8 full-time teachers and 6 part-time staff. In the case of Kilskeery school, it provides a full range of primary and secondary subjects. Last year a number of pupils sat CSE and GCE ‘O’ level examinations, obtaining marks above the national average. Two pupils sat and passed, with very good marks, 11 ‘O’ level subjects each. The other schools are also moving into secondary education with Newtownabbey and Bangor already providing first form and first, second and third form tuition respectively. Click to read more…

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Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms - Part 3

We continue with our extracts from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 14 —


We come to part 3 which covers page 318 to a suitable place to end this extract, half way down page 324.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

The condition of the earth at the period of the Lord’s descent into the air is to be regarded in four aspects.

First, there will be the Jews partly in their own Land, as at the time of the Crucifixion, partly scattered throughout the nations, and many of them in captivity.

Secondly, there will be the Ten Nations of the Roman World — all owning Antichrist — all apostate from God — their armies gathered around Antichrist at Armageddon, and advancing upon Jerusalem. (Rev. xvi. 16; Joel iii.).

Thirdly, there will be many countries still sunk in the darkness of heathenism — countries, of which it is said, that up to that moment they have not heard the fame of Jehovah, nor seen His glory. (Isaiah lxvi. 19.) Click to read more…

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The Gospel message endorsed by a million witnesses!!

“And Jesus answered and spake unto them again by parables, and said, The kingdom of heaven is like unto a certain king, which made a marriage for his son, And sent forth his servants to call them that were bidden to the wedding: and they would not come. Again, he sent forth other servants, saying, Tell them which are bidden, Behold, I have prepared my dinner: my oxen and [my] fatlings [are] killed, and all things [are] ready: come unto the marriage. But they made light of [it], and went their ways, one to his farm, another to his merchandise: and the remnant took his servants, and entreated [them] spitefully, and slew [them]. But when the king heard [thereof], he was wroth: and he sent forth his armies, and destroyed those murderers, and burned up their city. Then saith he to his servants, The wedding is ready, but they which were bidden were not worthy. Go ye therefore into the highways, and as many as ye shall find, bid to the marriage. So those servants went out into the highways, and gathered together all as many as they found, both bad and good: and the wedding was furnished with guests,”

Matthew 22:1-10.

The little phrase “The kingdom of heaven is like unto . . . .” appears many times in the gospels. It highlights just how illustrative of the gospel are the common events of life taking place around us and the flora and fauna visible to every eye  in the fields of this world!

Yet how man fails to understand the simple principles of the gospel so wonderful set forth by Christ and exemplified all around. It is plain that the God of Creation brought the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars into existence to provide men with graphic pictures of the truth of the revelation in His Word.  The whole process of sowing, birth, life, growth, ripening and harvest to be seen yearly in the fields, the garden, aye, even the window boxes of the city dwellings, endorse and ratify what is written in our Bibles.

As the form and system of life repeatedly enacted all around us from the planting of the flower seeds, the building of nests, the gambolling of the delightful lambs each spring, all shout aloud the message of the gospel – “YE MUST BE BORN AGAIN”!! Man who by nature is “dead in trespasses and sins,” (Ephesians 2:1) as a result of mankind’s fall in Adam’s transgression, must be infused with new life before he can ever enter heaven. So said the Lord Jesus. “Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God . . . . .  Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and [of] the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God . . . .  Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again,” John 3:3, 5, 7.

Here is this passage the Lord Jesus likens the kingdom of heaven to an event which few adults will fail to have some experience and understanding of — preparations for a wedding! The reference to it being the son of a king who is getting married serves only to remind us of the exalted character of the One at the centre of the story of the gospel. It is the God of Heaven Who is here set forth as the One issuing invitations to an event He has prepared for all to come and enjoy. Click to read more…

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The void left when the Lord departs!

“I beheld the earth, and, lo, [it was] without form, and void; and the heavens, and they [had] no light,” Jeremiah 4:23.

The word translated ‘earth’ (ץרא ‘erets eh’– rets) is translated as ‘land’ twice as many times as it is ‘earth’ in the Old Testament.

I believe that here it is not a reference to the global earth but the land of Israel. It is possible the Authorised Version translators were influenced to use the word ‘earth’ rather than ‘land’ because of the similarity to the words of Genesis 1:2. “And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness [was] upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters,” Genesis 1:2.

I believe the context would confirm that the Lord is talking about the ‘global earth’ in Genesis 1:2 whereas, in Jeremiah 4, it is the land that is spoken of. In chapter 4, the Hebrew word, ץרא, is translated as land in verses 5, 7, 20, 23, 27. The context clearly indicates that it is the land of Israel that is spoken of.

Therefore, understanding that our text is referring to Israel, we see the consequences which follow the Lord’s withdrawal of His presence and power from a people.

In Genesis 1:3, the formlessness of the earth ended when the Spirit of God began to move and His voice was heard.

I. From this we may conclude that a withdrawal of the moving of God by His Word and His Spirit results in formlessness, voidness.

As Matthew Henry says: “In a graceless soul, one that is not born again, there is disorder, confusion, and every evil work: it is empty of all good, for it is without God; it is dark, it is darkness itself: this is our condition by nature, until Almighty grace works a change in us.”

This explains the spiritual and moral barrenness that rules in the lives of those into whose hearts the gospel light has not shined. Click to read more…

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The only hope for liberty in America

4th July Message by Pastor Ralph Ovadal, Pilgrims Covenant Church, Monroe, Wisconsin, USA.

The only hope for liberty in America

Posted on 2021-07-07 a 5:56 pm

Three very blatant lies

The local BBC news site had this story on its main page.

Andrew Rawding: Minister quits ‘homophobic’ Church of Ireland

The Reverend Andrew Rawding has been a Church of Ireland minister for a decade


First lie: Rawding calls the Church of Ireland – “structurally, culturally and socially homophobic”.

Nothing could be further from the truth. This apostate denomination, has long been in fellowship and cooperation with the ‘Church’ of Rome, a religious body which the traditional Anglican ‘39 Articles’ condemns in the strongest of terms. We need only quote from Article 31, which says of that central doctrine of Romanism, The Mass “Wherefore the sacrifices of Masses, in the which it was commonly said, that the Priest did offer Christ for the quick and the dead, to have remission of pain or guilt, were blasphemous fables, and dangerous deceits.”

Despite this declaration of faith, Anglicanism, of which the Church of Ireland is a part, has for over 100 years been in open and close fellowship with Rome as a denomination. Click to read more…

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Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms - Part 2

As we continue with our extracts from Benjamin Wills Newton’s book, Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms, the chapter 14 —


we come to pages 317-320.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

Mr Newton frequently had notes and comments attached to the bottom of many of the pages of his book. These comments are linked to some statement he had made in the main text. The notes often spread over the bottom portion of a number of pages while the main text continued at the top of the pages.

That is the case with this week’s extract. He makes some remarks on a sentence found on page 317, which continues on the bottom of pages 317- 320.

What I have done is copied this comment  and left out the ongoing main text of the book that is found on pages 317-320.

I will return to the main text found on those pages in our next extract.

He also has Greek words in his quotations. What I have done is to use Greek words, the transliteration and the phonics version of the Greek words as they are found in the ‘Online Bible Greek Lexicon’.

I trust that does not prove confusing.

The first visible intimation which the earth receives of “the Day of the Lord” having commenced in heaven is conveyed by the signs in the heavens, mentioned in the gospels. “There shall be signs in the sun and moon and stars.” “The sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken, and then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven.” These signs will be the immediate precursor of the descent of the Lord Jesus into the air. All the holy angels will attend Him when he descends from heaven into the air; but His saints will not be with Him, because it is said, they shall be taken up “to meet Him in the air.” (1 Thess. iv. 17.) There His descent will be for a short period stayed. Thence He will send forth His angels to gather together all His believing people — “all who are Christ’s at His coming.” They shall be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, before He has reached the earth — and when He descends from the air to the earth, they come with Him, and surround Him when His feet stand on the mount of Olives. That is the moment of which it is said in Zechariah “The Lord my God shall come, and all the Saints with Thee.” * Click to read more…

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How times have changed in old Ulster!

(“Belfast Newsletter” article, 3rd July 2021)

First on the list is a visit to Bushmills Whiskey Distillery, the home of one of the world’s oldest sources of that which cursed and blighted the lives of millions and brought them down to hell!

This “Belfast Newsletter” article shows how times have changed in old Ulster! Such a headline or article would never have appeared in a newspaper when I was a boy. It would have been seen instinctively as bordering on blasphemy and in utter denial of the words of the Lord Jesus and His gospel!

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you,” Matt 6:33.

“For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come,” 1 Timothy 4:8.

Christians should understand just what such a headline means in what is considered the ‘Protestant and Unionist newspaper’ in our Province! Denoting as it does an ignorance and a spirit of careless indifference to the Word of God, it is in truth a fulfillment of the revelation of the final days of this age, as given to Christians by the Lord through His inspired writers.

“That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour: knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as [they were] from the beginning of the creation,” 2 Peter 3:2-4.

Surely, the spirit of this headline is depicted here! It presents a spirit of ‘scoffing’ at eternity and the need of all to seek God for His mercy and salvation, rather a tour of places of very questionable interest, which will in a coming day, be reduced to ashes under the fire of God’s judgment! Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-07-04 a 12:48 am

Paula Bradley’s outrageous apology

Following the appearance last night of reports in the media of Paula Bradley’s outrageous apology for the DUP ‘treatment of the LGBT community in the past’, I sent the following letter to the ‘Belfast Newsletter.’

See UPDATE below letter.


Under the headline — “DUP deputy leader Paula Bradley apologises for party’s past treatment of LGBT community” there has appeared in the press a report of how the DUP deputy leader, “apologised for the ‘absolutely atrocious’ comments made in the past by some in her party against the LGBT community.”

It would be interesting to know if this apology has the support of all members of the DUP, especially their leader, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson!

When Paula Bradley says: “I am not going to defend some of the things that have been said over the years because they have been absolutely atrocious, they’ve been shocking,” she said. . . .

She added: “I think that the vast majority of those people who made those comments are no longer there and the ones that are there have said that they have learnt their lessons that their language at times has not been right.”

Does this mean that those like Ian Paisley Jr and West Tyrone MLA, Thomas Buchanan, who are on record as strongly condemning the LGBT lifestyle, have changed their opinions and now associate themselves with this apology by their deputy leader?

May the two gentlemen in question please bear in mind that ‘silence gives consent’!!

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)
Kilskeery, Co. Tyrone.
1st July 2021.

Update: Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has come out in support of Paula Bradley’s apology to the ‘LGBT community’ – DUP Leader backs apology

Posted on 2021-07-02 a 9:09 pm

Methodists who still speak out against wickedness

Methodists who speak with a different voice from the apostate English Methodist Church and the ‘mealy-mouthed’ response of the Irish Methodists, who say they ‘continue to deliberate’ the issue of ‘same-sex marriage’.

This suggests that defiance of God’s Word is still an option for Irish Methodists!

The following links to Asian and African Methodists’ response (there are some 243,000 members in these denominations) to English Methodism’s decision to sanction ‘same-sex marriage’ was sent to me by Dr Paul Ferguson, pastor of Cornerstone Church, Singapore. Paul is the son of Rev Gordon Ferguson.

Methodist Churches in Singapore Affirm that Marriage can only be between one man and one woman

Methodist Church in Malaysia holds to stance of marriage between man and woman

Nigerian Methodists part ways with British counterpart over “Gay Marriage”

Methodist College Grammar School, Belfast – a partaker in the sodomite corruption!

One of the Governors of the school is the author of the ‘mealy-mouthed’ response of the Irish Methodists to the decision on sodomite marriage by English Methodists, Revd Dr Heather Morris’!!

Methodist Board of Governors

Posted on 2021-07-02 a 6:38 pm

Prospects of the Ten Kingdoms - Part 1

Today, we begin to mount on our site a series of extracts from a wonderful book on prophecy by Benjamin Wills Newton (1807 – 1899).

The book in question is entitled: “PROSPECTS OF THE TEN KINGDOMS”.

Click here to see the other articles about this book.

I wish to reprint chapter 14 of that book. The chapter is entitled:


The chapter covers some 52 pages of the most informative and interestingly instructive teaching on this vital of topics.

Mr Newton was converted at the age of 20. He was one of the leaders of the Plymouth Brethren. He adhered strongly to the cardinal doctrines of the Bible. In 1847 he left the Brethren movement and the city of Plymouth. He had differed with J N Darby and his system of prophetic interpretation and his ‘Dispensationalism’.

He continued his labours of preaching, lecturing and above all writing for nearly 50 years.

Many of his works are available on the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony website.

It is to be noted that though he dealt with every aspect of prophecy and that in a most detailed and scholarly fashion, he was never challenged openly nor were any of his Bible-based predictions proved wrong by the passage of time! Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-07-01 a 1:01 am

Sad reading for the true Christian


A most telling and sad headline appeared in the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ of 30th June 2021!

The headline read: DUP MLAs hail major relaxation of NI booze laws.

The article goes on to state: “A bill which has been dubbed the biggest change to Northern Ireland’s alcohol laws in a generation has passed its final hurdle, with the DUP among those hailing its passage. . . . The changes will extend the opening hours for venues, allow people to buy booze in cinemas, and remove restrictions around Easter trading. Early opposition to the bill was voiced by groups as different as the PSNI, Unite the Union, and the Presbyterian Church.

It must be stated that the Free Presbyterian Church did voice its opposition to the plan.

The report continues: “Among those hailing the new relaxed laws yesterday were Pam Cameron and Paula Bradley of the DUP a party which had historically been seen as inseparable from Protestant traditionalism (particularly under Rev Ian Paisley, who famously dubbed alcohol “the devil’s buttermilk”).

It is hardly surprising that Paula Bradley, DUP deputy leader, voted in favour, given the recent report on the ‘BelfastLive’ news site: ‘DUP deputy leader Paula Bradley to take part in LGBT event’.

Endorsing an extension to pub hours is a lesser wickedness than supporting the perversion represented by the the LGBT movement. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-07-01 a 1:00 am

The Ethical Case Against the Available Covid-19 Vaccines

Note: this post was originally published on the Brephos site here. It was written by Mr. Dave Brennan.

I have been involved with a couple of debates in which I presented the ethical case against vaccines which use the cell line HEK-293 derived from the kidney of an “aborted” baby.

As it happens, this includes all the currently available Covid-19 vaccines in the UK.

Here, basically unedited, is the opening speech I gave in both debates:

I wish to make the case that how we respond to fetal cell line vaccines, is how we respond to the practice that produces them: namely, the harvesting of vital organs from human babies – which continues today.

In making this case I thought it’d be helpful to take three of the most common justifications for taking the vaccine, and show where I think they fall down.

The first, is this idea that in the case of this particular cell line, HEK-293…, we’re talking about only a very “remote” connection with evil – it was just one abortion many decades ago. The connection is so slight now as to be insignificant: the vaccine is permissible. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-07-01 a 12:02 am

June 2021

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Wise Up!

‘Wise up’: DUP must get act together in new Donaldson era or face political wilderness, warns ex-leader Robinson

So ran the main headline in yesterday’s (25/6/21) ‘Belfast Telegraph. It offers from former DUP leader, Peter Robinson, a solution which within the realm of politics will appear exceedingly wise. In truth however, it is an old well-used sticking plaster that has lost its ‘stickiness’ and is useless in avoiding the future of which he warns – the political wilderness.

As an organisation, the DUP once owed allegiance to God and His Word. Its early rules required all branch meetings to be opened by the reading of the Bible and by prayer! Then, chiefly under the ‘modernising’ influence of Peter Robinson, it steadily though surreptitiously, abandoned its ties to God and His truth in order to become more attractive to those voters who had no desire to see children’s swings locked up and ice-rinks closed on the Sabbath!

His leadership has been repeatedly credited with bringing the DUP to the position of being the largest Unionist party but it was a success built on the sinking sand of worldly wisdom, prudence and political shrewdness.

As such we are witnessing the great fall that was always inevitable!

The modernising trend saw the DUP turn from protesting against the ‘Sunningdale Agreement’ of 1973, ‘The Anglo-Irish Agreement’ of 1985 and the ‘Good Friday Agreement’ of 1998 to embracing in a political coalition, in 2007, those who had openly supported the IRA terrorism, including some who actually took part in the murder campaign. That led on to the funding of sodomite organisations and the abandoning of such practices as refusing news interviews on the Sabbath Day.

Eventually, its endorsement of moral perversion descended to the point of fraternising with sodomite organisations and entertaining them in Stormont buildings and then, ultimately, approving and recommending to the electorate, an openly practising sodomite as a local council candidate who succeeded in winning a council seat in Newtownabbey. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-06-26 a 9:21 pm

The kettle calling the pot black!

Editor’s note: I have sent this letter to the Editor of the ‘Belfast Newsletter’ this morning.


The article headlined : “Sammy Wilson launches broadside at Sinn Fein after MPs support Northern Ireland powersharing legislation” (23rd June 2021) should really have been entitled: “The kettle calling the pot black!”

Surely Sammy hasn’t forgotten that in 2007 his party, the DUP, embraced Sinn Fein with all their lies and deceit, in the infamous ‘power-sharing deal’ which without question lies at the root of today’s disastrous circumstances.

Sadly, there is a stubborn determination on the part of Sammy (a good friend in former times) and the total membership of the DUP, to refuse to acknowledge their grievous error in 2007.

Ulster has been paying for it ever since and, sadly, will continue paying a high price for there is just no sign of any awareness of the follies of the past within the DUP!

So another chapter of tragedy is about to begin!

Rev Ivan Foster (Rtd)
Kilskeery, Co Tyrone.

Posted on 2021-06-23 a 8:25 pm

God is Still Speaking...

A consideration of an article by Mrs Lindsay Robinson, recently given publicity in a number of media outlets which have given the article a favourable reception.

What a person thinks is not always seen in direct, forthright and bold declarations of their views but it is found in an incidental manner. Such is the case in the article under consideration. Mrs Robinson reveals fortuitously just what it is she believes! I will illustrate that by examining some statements she makes taken from her published article.

I think it is true that Mrs Robinson has in the past gone through a trying time of mental stress. We have sympathy for her in that battle. However, it is no answer to such trials to abandon the Word of God and seek answers from extraneous sources.

1. “I don’t have all the answers as to why (church attendance is falling) and I want to clearly acknowledge that in many areas and on many issues the church does good, hopeful and helpful work – supporting foodbanks, community initiatives, holiday schemes and children/youth activities to name a few.”

That is an interesting summary of what Mrs Robinson considers the ‘good, hopeful and helpful work’ done by churches.

I find it interesting because of what she makes no mention of — the preaching of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-06-21 a 6:53 pm

Another significant political event yesterday!

With all the ‘hullabaloo’ yesterday surrounding the chaos within the DUP ranks it would have been easy to miss another very significant ‘political’ event.

Here is how the BBC headlined the event.

Mrs Justice Siobhan Keegan becomes NI’s first female top judge

It would appear that this lady has been ‘fast-tracked’ to the top. She was educated at St. Clare’s Primary School and Sacred Heart Grammar School, Newry, County Down and then Queen’s University, Belfast.

She recently presided at the inquest into the killing of 10 people in an Army operation in Ballymurphy in west Belfast in 1971. To many her verdict at that inquest was faulty and showed prejudice.

I wrote an article at the time, entitled “A Suspicious Conclusion About Ballymurphy Deaths”.

Here is part of what we wrote concerning Justice Keegan’s conclusions at that inquest.

The central claim of Mrs Justice Keegan in her findings is most astonishing!

What Mrs Justice Keegan, who is a Roman Catholic Judge, said at the conclusion of her Coroner’s Court findings was: “What is very clear, is that all of the deceased in the series of inquests were entirely innocent of any wrongdoing on the day in question.”

Given the circumstances of the events in Ballymurphy on that day, surely those on the street were essentially guilty of being part of a lawless assembly? Anyone who was “entirely innocent of any wrongdoing” would have hastened from the scene of rioting and murderous disorder. Anyone who persisted in being present upon the streets when the Army was defending itself from IRA snipers firing from many positions, often from behind the ranks of the civilians on the streets, cannot be considered as being “entirely innocent”. Rather, at the very least, they were guilty of recklessly endangering their own lives. It must also be considered that they were aiding and abetting a murderous attack upon the lawful custodians of law and order. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-06-18 a 7:23 pm

A pathetic and deceitful pretense of resisting Ulster's enemies!!

“Crisis averted in NI after late night deal on Irish language”, so read the headlines in one of Northern Ireland’s morning newspapers. Another newspaper, one of a republican bent, said: “Crisis averted at Stormont after late night deal on Irish language”.

The nature of the deal referred to is one that is typical of the DUP in the face of Sinn Fein aggression – SURRENDER!

I am sure that I am not the only one who ironically smiled at the words of defiance by various DUP spokesmen from Edwin Poots downward, pre-this ‘agreement’!

As recently as June 16th (but yesterday) it was reported that: “DUP Economy Minister Paul Frew has warned Secretary of State Brandon Lewis to be ‘very careful’ not to do anything that jeopardises devolution as talks continue over the Irish language. Mr Frew said the situation at Stormont was ‘finely balanced’ and it would not be helpful for the Northern Ireland Secretary to interfere. He was speaking as Stormont teeters on the brink of collapse due to a Sinn Fein-DUP row over the Irish language.” (Belfast Telegraph – 1/6/21). Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-06-17 a 5:37 pm

I dare call it murder

In the light of the Westminster Parliament’s forcing of new and liberal abortion laws upon Northern Ireland and the enfeebled DUP response to this imposition, it might be timely to consider just where the DUP once stood on this vital moral issue.

In 1984, Rev Ivan Foster, Free Presbyterian minister in Kilskeery and a DUP member (he resigned from the party in the late 1980s) of the Northern Ireland Assembly for Fermanagh & South Tyrone, introduced a motion in the Assembly which read: ‘I propose: That this Assembly opposes the extension of the Abortion Act 1967, or any like legislation, to Northern Ireland.’

Read Rev. Ivan Foster’s 1984 Speech to the Northern Ireland Assembly

The motion was supported by all members of the DUP and passed. Only one member of the Assembly voted against it. He was the Alliance member for East Belfast, the late Mr. Addie Morrow.

What was said by Rev Foster in opposition to abortion in 1984 is still relevant and applicable over 37 years later!

Posted on 2021-06-14 a 8:03 pm

The Lord is a Protestant -- The 'Time' has come (Pt 12)

There is an article in the ‘Belfast Telegraph’ of June 11th, entitled:

“I am uncomfortable with the terms Catholic and Protestant… I see myself as a Christian: What I Believe with UTV’s Paul Clark” 

The television news presenter thus declares that he rejects the terms ‘Protestant’ and also ‘Catholic’.

I would agree with his rejection of ‘Catholic’ for it carries no meaning in theological terms. Now ‘Roman Catholic’ does carry significance. It describes those who adhere to that form of religion which has the Pope of Rome as its head.

It is commonly referred to by most, even those who claim to be true Christians, as ‘Catholic’! That is to miscall it.

The word ‘Catholic’ simply means ‘Universal’.  Romanists like to use the term and have all to use it of their religion for they would claim to belong to the ‘one, true and universal church.’

For that reason no one who loves the truth of God should ever refer to Romanism as the ‘Catholic Church’! Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-06-12 a 8:52 pm

LOVE AND HATE -- Inseparable Partners

The grass withers…

“Ye that love the LORD, hate evil,” Psalm 97:10.

The custodians of ‘Political Correctness’ have arrogantly laid down rules of thought and behaviour that really have rewritten the social and moral code of right and wrong. It is now perceived to be utterly wrong to declare oneself against practices and attitudes that not so long ago were considered odious.

On the other hand it is totally unacceptable to a growing number within society, led by the nose by the gurus of correct thinking and opinions, to view and speak of as detestable, those things and views which heretofore were respectable and most fitting for they were based upon the teaching of God’s Word, the Bible.

The text of Holy Scripture at the start of the article teaches what is right in the eyes of God on this whole controversy.


It is impossible to both love the Lord and also to love evil. There are many today who would claim that they do. In that they display either ignorance or hypocrisy or both!

The recent controversy within the ranks of the DUP has brought forth opinions that indicate that it is most wrong to be opposed to that which God’s Word deems ‘abominable’! I speak of the various perversions that are embraced, promoted and defended by the ‘LGBT’ (and whatever other initials that are almost daily added to this acronym) community and its sympathisers.

It has become obvious that the DUP, once the forceful opponent of sodomy in all its forms, is now riddled with proponents of this evil lifestyle and those who are prepared to remain silent before the advance of it being embraced within the body politic of the DUP! Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-06-08 a 6:30 pm

British towns that are no-go areas for white people

The following article was copied from ‘The Daily Mail’ newspaper. It makes astounding and frightening reading, especially for the people of England and Scotland. It reveals the invasive character of ‘Islam’ as seen in the spirit manifested in those areas where it begins to dominate.

It is not the religion of ‘sweetness and light’ it is proclaimed to be by both its proponents and the ‘politically correct’ media pundits!

Here is a detailed exposé by one who is a Muslim. He can hardly be accused of racism!
We have reproduced only the text of the article. In the newspaper article there are many photographs which, for the sake of space, we have omitted. We have included the ‘link’ to the article so all may be seen there.

The Editor.

British towns that are no-go areas for white people:

Muslim author’s study of mosques reveals children ‘attacked for being white’, parents making families live under Taliban-like rules and women who can’t leave home without permission

Published in ‘The Daily Mail’, 4 June 2021

• Author Ed Husain visited places of worship across UK for Among the Mosques
• Would turn up unannounced to the largest weekly gathering, Friday prayers
• Spoke to taxi drivers, business owners, Imams and worshipers about religion
• Islam in Britain is dominated by ultra-orthodox sect promoted by the Deobandis
• Control over half of Britain’s mosques, and gave birth to Taliban in Afghanistan
• One person described ‘Bolton, Dewsbury and Blackburn’ as ‘different universe’
• Books for sale detail how women should be banned from leaving the house
• Mosque in Didsbury, in converted church, has a sign for the ‘Sharia Department’
• White men revealed ‘no-go areas’ in Blackburn where they would be ‘jumped’
• White woman in Bradford predicts it will become ‘an apartheid city’ in 30 years

An author who visited mosques across Britain to investigate integration has revealed how parts of Blackburn are ‘no-go areas’ for white men, while ultra-orthodox parents in Bradford make children live under Taliban-like rules. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-06-07 a 12:01 am

Rev. Hugh Hanna's Defense of the Outbreak of Revival in 1859

Here is an extract from a sermon preached on 19th June 1859, during the 1859 revival, by Rev. Hugh Hanna of Berry Street Presbyterian Church in Belfast, some 162 years ago.  It is read by Free Presbyterian minister, Rev. Paul Hanna.

Posted on 2021-06-06 a 8:21 pm

The protest that many Free Presbyterians today would wish to forget!

A report of the run up to, the protest at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland back on 6th June 1966, the court case and imprisonment that followed and the blessed aftermath of it all.

A feature article commemorating the 50th anniversary of the events that led up to and which followed after the 1966 imprisonment of Rev Ian Paisley, Rev John Wylie and Rev Ivan Foster for a term of 3 months in Crumlin Road Jail, Belfast.This account is compiled from reports in the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster’s magazine, “The Revivalist” and some reports from the “Belfast Newsletter” and the “Belfast Telegraph”.

I have put together this collection of articles which appeared in the Revivalist in 1966 and 1967, and one from 1968, as well as some newspaper accounts of the June 6th protest, led by the late Dr. Paisley. The parade consisted of some 200 Free Presbyterian men, woman and children. It processed from Ravenhill Church to the building where the annual General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church was taking place. The aim of the event was to honour God, contend for the faith and highlight the ecumenical apostasy of that denomination.

Such were the consequences of that night’s protest that the small Free Presbyterian church, hardly known outside of the six counties of Northern Ireland, became the subject of discussion, mostly derogatory, throughout Christendom! But much more important was the moving of the Spirit of God that became evident within the ranks of the Free Presbyterian church from that time.

God was pleased to work mightily amongst us, adding to our numbers many new congregations and hundreds of new converts.

Read the free booklet here!

A recent news report about the shooting of an IRA man, Joe McCann, brought back to my mind an article I wrote some five years ago about being imprisoned with Mr. McCann.

Read the full article here: Joe McCann, IRA gunman, and his three months under the gospel

Posted on 2021-06-06 a 12:01 am

Statement on Homosexuality issued by the Free Presbyterian Church

The following statement was issued by the Free Presbyterian Church today.


Government and Morals Committee

Rev Gordon Dane: Convenor
Rev David McLaughlin: Secretary


The Free Presbyterian Church as a Church that believes and preaches what the Bible has to say without fear or favour wishes to reiterate the Bible’s teaching that homosexuality is sin (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13, Romans 1:18, 26-27,1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Jude: 6-7). We do not do that out of any spite or hatred for anyone. We do it out of love so that people will know the standard by which they will be judged when they stand before God. We do this for all sin and proclaim the Biblical message that “all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.’ (Romans 3:23) and we all need to be warned to “flee from wrath to come.’ (Luke3:7)

The contention of many in the LGBT community that they are “born this way” is one that has recently been highlighted in interviews with politicians. If those who claim this are saying that they are born sinners and that they are born with a sinful nature we would agree with them. We are all “born that way”. The claim that is being made however is that homosexuality is in the DNA. That contention is one that does not have any firm scientific basis. The latest scientific literature, does not strongly support the conclusion that there is any genetic causation. The official language from the leading psychiatric or psychological associations will say that we don’t yet know of a definitive causation. So, the reports of a so-called “gay gene” are greatly exaggerated.

The Bible’s emphasis is that because there is something wrong with how we are all born we need to be born again. The Lord Jesus said, “Ye must be born again.” (John3:7). He said that because we all have a nature that is defective and sinful, we need to be converted. We call on people to recognise that we can have a new identity in Christ. We can become new creatures or new creations in Christ by His grace. We would call on all to seek the radical transformation that is found in the Lord Jesus Christ.

“…for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.” Revelation 1 verse 9.

Posted on 2021-06-05 a 12:43 am

It is 'make up your mind time' for those Free Presbyterians in the DUP

Mrs Arlene Foster at the sodomite reception

As the old saying goes: ‘The ‘chickens are coming home to roost’ as far as the DUP is concerned. For quite a few years now they have been compromising on their former position on abortion and also on sodomy.

In 2016 the DUP supported the following motion. “That this Assembly endorses the principle of the extension to Northern Ireland of a number of provisions within the Policing and Crime Bill, by amendment at Lords Committee and Lords Report stage, in so far as they related to UK maritime enforcement powers; UK cross-jurisdictional arrest powers; anonymity for victims of forced marriage and pardons for convictions of certain abolished offences.”

Hidden behind these ‘weasel words’ was a posthumous pardon for all those convicted of violations of the law in the past by their sodomite activity.


And still Free Presbyterians supported this party which was bent on selling out our Biblical heritage.

Shame on those who still, five years later, are in membership of this party of perfidy and those who give support to it.

When a people step onto the slippery path of backsliding and disobedience to God they can only slide further down that path. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-06-04 a 5:59 pm

Perverting Science Against God - the death of atheist Stephen Hawking

Editor’s note: This message outlines the ways in which modern science has been perverted in rebellion against Christ.

It was delivered by John Pittman Hey on the Lord’s Day, March 25, 2018, shortly after the death of Dr. Stephen Hawking, world-famous astrophysicist and atheist.

Mr. Hey is a graduate of Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina, and earned his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Chicago. He preaches every Lord’s Day at Grace Bible Church, a small congregation in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Atheist Stephen Hawking Dies
Perverting Science Against God

Hebrews 11:3; Romans 1:18-22

Professor Stephen Hawking died last week still an atheist. He was famous as a theoretical astrophysicist, working in the areas of general relativity, quantum gravity, and his theories about black holes.

Hawking’s work was directed towards excluding the need for God as the creator of the universe. In the end, Hawking embraced the delusion that the universe created itself out of nothing.

How far has so-called “science” descended from the heights of Newton, Kepler, and others! Newton particularly believed that God is a personal, perfect, all-powerful Creator Who made the world, and indeed, is required to sustain it. Newton’s work was meant to direct all men to understand that a Creator is responsible for all that we see.

But today, much of science has been subverted into vain philosophy, speculation, revisionist history, and mysticism. Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-06-03 a 9:20 pm

Presbyterian Church minister Ian Carton steps down over same-sex marriage policy

Presbyterian Church minister Ian Carton steps down over same-sex marriage policy

So read the headlines in a ‘Belfast Telegraph’ article of June 1st, 2021. A link to the article was sent to me by a friend. I read its contents with no sense of surprise but with a true sense of disgust and shame that the Presbyterian Church in Ireland had come to this.

The Presbyterian Church in Ireland is a church of great preachers of God’s Word stretching back to Patrick for his writings clearly suggest that the church he planted was formed along Presbyterian lines. In its pulpits have ministered great men such as Dr henry Cooke, and Rev Hugh Hanna and more recently, the revivalist, W P Nicolson. His preaching in the 1920s in Belfast did much to quell the sectarian riots prompted by the opposition of Irish Republicans to the formation of Northern Ireland.

The Free Presbyterian Church arose as a result of the faithfulness of a number of elders in Crossgar Presbyterian Church, back in 1951. They declared themselves for the Bible and obeyed God and stood up for His truth against the ecumenism and the anti-gospel spirit that had come to dominate the ranks of their denomination. They were led by a youthful Ian Paisley.

The wisdom and the rectitude of their decision has been evidenced many times over the last 70 years. The article we have reproduced below is but yet another proof of the propriety of that decision.

Click to read more…

Posted on 2021-06-01 a 6:49 pm