June-July 2002

Articles from the June-July 2002 edition.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese backs out of compensation deal

“What Hath God Wrought?”

Belfast 8-year-olds taking drugs!!

FARC murders bear the hallmark of the IRA

NSPCC continues its campaign of opposition to the teaching of the Bible

“If smacking works, why do we have to keep on doing it?”

The waywardness of some past pupils…no argument against Christian Education

Should Mr. Nigel Dodds, MP, have attended the Queen’s “Golden Jubilee” ecumenical service in St. Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast?

March 2002

Articles from the March 2002 edition.

Bishop’s falsehoods challenged

New Moderator prepared to partake in Romish Worship

Republican rocket attack foiled

“Modern Music” — the popular vehicle to advance ecumenism

A tribute to Miss Melanie Scott

Warnings about “Harry Potter” novels vindicated

The Methodist ‘Evil Book of Prayer’

Kilskeery Independent Christian School’s 22nd annual prize giving

The Lord Jesus Mocked, Maltreated and Murdered