July 2007

Articles from the July 2007 e-edition.

Power-sharing with murderers—Right or wrong?

When turning from sin means turning yourself in!

God’s glorious alternative to power-sharing with murderers

Have Irish Republicans really repented or is this another deceit?

The choice for Christians within the Democratic Unionist Party

The devil’s work and who is doing it?

Whither Free Presbyterianism?

“It is never right to do wrong to do right” – Dr. Bob Jones Snr. (1883-1968)

First Minister can’t even sign a letter on his own!

A brief record of some of the victims of the recent times of IRA terrorism

Words from a godly man with application to today

A hot reception for Dr. Paisley at The Diamond

Justice and truth—Magherafelt style!


Cat among the DUP pigeons!

The scandal of government funding for sodomites

Edwin Poots is a disgrace to his church office