January-December 2008

Articles from the 2008 e-edition.

Presbytery letter to ASA

Presbytery statement on ASA ruling against Sandown FPC advert

The Church Advert the Sodomites hate

Free Presbyterian Church advert breached “code”

DUP parrots the old cry of the ecumenists

Baroness Paisley at ecumenical Church of Ireland service

A word to the distressed amongst God’s flock today

The truth concerning funding of sodomites through the Office of the First Minister finally revealed

A little more honesty from the First minister but…!

The silence is shameful

The fallibility of ministers

September-December 2007

Articles from the September-December 2007 e-edition.

The problem of sin in the Church, Pt1

The problem of sin in the Church, Pt2

The problem of sin in the Church, Pt3

The problem of sin in the Church, Pt4

The problem of sin in the Church, Pt5

The problem of sin in the Church, Pt6

The problem of sin in the Church, Pt7

The problem of sin in the Church, Pt8

The problem of sin in the Church, Pt9

The problem of sin in the Church, Pt10

Murder and blatant hypocrisy on display in Ulster

The faith of Dana—not a faith to be recommended

Some comments on the speech of Lord Laird in which he named IRA leaders involved in Quinn murder

Roman catholic Press Office comments on congratulations from the Office of First Minister

Has the Free Presbyterian Church lost its stomach for the fight against idolatry and falsehood?

Newspapers allege Dr. Paisley apologized for Free Presbyterian protest

What Dr. Paisley once said about Rev. Armstrong and the Limavady protest

Is this when Rev. David Armstrong met with Dr. Paisley?

Interview with Ballymena priest who led in prayer at ecumenical service attended by Dr. Paisley

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Presbytery statement of rededication following the election of a new moderator

Questions for the DUP on devolution of policing and justice—Jim Allister MEP

A statement from Rev. Ivan Foster on the stepping down of Dr. Paisley as First Minister and leader of the DUP

The cry of the merchants

Comments on recent political events which every Ulster Protestant should read

July 2007

Articles from the July 2007 e-edition.

Power-sharing with murderers—Right or wrong?

When turning from sin means turning yourself in!

God’s glorious alternative to power-sharing with murderers

Have Irish Republicans really repented or is this another deceit?

The choice for Christians within the Democratic Unionist Party

The devil’s work and who is doing it?

Whither Free Presbyterianism?

“It is never right to do wrong to do right” – Dr. Bob Jones Snr. (1883-1968)

First Minister can’t even sign a letter on his own!

A brief record of some of the victims of the recent times of IRA terrorism

Words from a godly man with application to today

A hot reception for Dr. Paisley at The Diamond

Justice and truth—Magherafelt style!


Cat among the DUP pigeons!

The scandal of government funding for sodomites

Edwin Poots is a disgrace to his church office